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    Datadog provides tracing and logging, whereas Dynatrace focuses on tracing, and Splunk is more of a logging tool. Datadog's advantage is that we don't need two tools.
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    The most valuable features of Zabbix are flexibility and a single interface for different types of monitoring.The solution allows for good integration with other products.
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    The network monitoring and backups of specific devices are really impressive. We've seen very good responses from our staff regarding the backup functionality. You can add a product, such as a switch and, once the product is added, it backs it up for you.
  5. I like New Relic's integration with our own software. It helps us to see what is happening inside the software.It is easier to create new dashboards in the New Relic interface, and it is also easier to query if when I want to monitor a different parameter or time duration on my dashboard.
  6. The ability to quickly identify downtime is the most valuable. The solution is very user-friendly.
  7. My opinion is that this solution is not very expensive.I like the mobility of the PRTG Network Monitor and ITOps Dashboard.
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  9. SevOne has rich API capabilities, giving us the flexibility to control what we collect and customize the collection, creation, and manipulation of now metrics as necessary.
  10. The most valuable feature of Nagios XI is customization. We can customize based on our requirements. We can do modifications and implement a lot of scripts. Additionally, it is easy to use.

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Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

Hi community members,

I have some questions for you: 

What is ITOM? How does it differ from ITSM? 

Which products would you recommend to make up a fully defined ITOM suite?

Donald Bakels - PeerSpot reviewer
Donald BakelsIT operations management (ITOM) software is intended to represent all the tools… more »
6 Answers
Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

What tools do you recommend for SQL server monitoring for an enterprise-level business?

Donald Bakels - PeerSpot reviewer
Donald BakelsI highly recommend 2 products from the SolarWinds ITOM Suite; 1 Server… more »
10 Answers
Henry-Steinhauer - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems Engineer at LifePoint Health
With the security issues associated with SolarWinds - are people switching to other vendors?   Which ones are you switching to and why?
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RobertUllman - PeerSpot reviewer
RobertUllmanThousand Eyes acquired by Cisco, interesting synergies with AppDynamics APM.
11 Answers
Ariel Lindenfeld - PeerSpot reviewer
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!
MichaelDelzer - PeerSpot reviewer
MichaelDelzerThe ability for the solution to correlate data from across the enterprise to… more »
10 Answers
Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees


There are many open-source IT Infrastructure Monitoring solutions on the market. However, large companies often invest in a paid solution. 

What do paid monitoring solutions offer that make them a better choice than open source?

Richard Treadway - PeerSpot reviewer
Richard TreadwayWhen you’re considering infrastructure monitoring, you certainly have plenty of… more »
8 Answers

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Articles

Abhirup Sarkar - PeerSpot reviewer
Abhirup Sarkar
Director, Middle East, East India & SAARC at DMX Technologies
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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Shibu Babuchandran
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
What Is AIOps? AIOps is the practice of applying analytics and machine learning to big data to automate and improve IT operations. These new learning systems can analyze massive amounts of network and machine data to find patterns not always identified by human operators. These patterns can bo...
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Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Shibu Babuchandran
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Future of NOC transformation unifies IT teams NOC transformation could lead to unified IT operations with cross-domain teams, but not all enterprises need radical change when smaller upgrades and modernization do the job. In the technology world, it can be easy to throw around the word transf...
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Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Shibu Babuchandran
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
IT Operations Management (ITOM) refers to the administration of technology and application requirements within an IT organization. Under the ITIL framework, ITOM’s objective is to monitor, control, and execute the routine tasks necessary to support an organization’s IT infrastructure. In add...
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William Linn - PeerSpot reviewer
William LinnI have done the product for 22 plus years, whenever it was called OpC.  Some… more »
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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Topics

Why is IT infrastructure monitoring important?

IT infrastructure monitoring is important in order for IT departments to run at optimal performance and prevent errors proactively before they cause a disruption or affect critical business operations and processes. IT monitoring is essential because it helps resolve problems that could otherwise create a major disaster.

Additionally, IT infrastructure monitoring is crucial because of the growing complexity of IT infrastructure. The different components of an infrastructure (devices, servers, networks, storage, applications, OS, hardware, etc.) all impact one another. If there is an issue, finding the source and fixing it will depend on having an effective infrastructure monitoring tool.

What are the different types of infrastructure monitoring?

The different types of infrastructure monitoring include the following:

  • Agent monitoring: Agent monitoring works by collecting, analyzing, and processing data, and is commonly designed and programmed to interface with a specific platform. For this reason, if you choose to change vendors, it can be very costly.
  • Agentless monitoring: This type of monitoring relays data, statistics, and other information (via protocols such as SNMP, SSH, WMI, or others) to the monitoring software, without using additional agents, and is embedded into the software of a device or as a capability of the manager. Therefore, it does not require separate licensing or installation.
What is an IT infrastructure monitoring tool?

IT infrastructure monitoring tools detect IT infrastructure issues to help you resolve them before they can cause disruptions to your critical business processes. These tools enable infrastructure managers to be aware of how key infrastructure elements (e.g. network, compute, storage and databases) are working. IT infrastructure monitoring tools also help companies gain deeper insight into different systems (physical, virtual, or cloud) and maintain performance. In addition, IT infrastructure monitoring tools help you identify when system upgrades are necessary so you can respond to issues before they cause problems.

Asked what to look for in an IT Infrastructure Monitoring solution, PeerSpot members point to ease of installation, scalability and heterogeneous Operating System coverage as key differentiators. Members express a desire to have “out of the box” support for multiple applications as well as a Unified Monitoring Portal (UMP) and transaction monitoring. For some, a simple implementation of business and infrastructure dashboards is essential. Users like having a single point of configuration.

An intuitive GUI is considered a plus for administrative efficiency. Users want to monitor end user experience in context. For example, they want to be able to create business groups so they can track infrastructure performance by internal IT client.

Architecturally, members suggest that fully-featured, non-java, agent based technology can enable the user to install probes where needed. This is in contrast to trying to monitor everything, an approach used by some infrastructure monitoring vendors. Non-Java matters because it reduces the footprint of the agent on the server and can help with stability. A distributed, highly-available monitoring cluster capability is viewed as a “must have” for enterprises that run geographically distributed sites, especially organizations that have a high cost of service disruption.

According to PeerSpot members, the best infrastructure monitoring solutions do some of the work of forming insights for administrators. Users want granulated data on where traffic latency and bandwidth utilization issues are occurring. Reporting sophistication is also important, some users expressing an interest in infrastructure monitoring packages being able to report on compliance of the cloud environment, for example.

How to monitor your IT infrastructure:

To make sure you get the safety and performance you need, it is critical to monitor your IT infrastructure. Below are 5 steps to do so:

  1. Select what to monitor: It is best to plan what you want to monitor before you begin looking at which tool will be best suited for your organization. Consider which metrics you will want to measure so that you don’t miss any important data.
  2. Track statuses and alerts: IT infrastructure monitoring tools that have a single dashboard are ideal because they present your data in a central location and provide a uniform and comprehensive view. When using multiple monitoring tools, you will need multiple screens, making it more likely for you to miss key information.
  3. Customize alerts: Once you have selected a monitoring tool, prioritize and customize alerts to match your needs and processes.
  4. Review trends: Schedule periodic trend assessments so that you can stay up to date with statuses and attend to issues that require immediate attention.
  5. Design your IT infrastructure: The last step involves designing a robust IT infrastructure to accommodate critical alerts. You can do this by taking advantage of automations that work to speed up response times to problems.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools Benefits

There are several advantages to having effective IT infrastructure monitoring tools. These include:

  • Early detection: IT infrastructure monitoring tools help you proactively rectify any sort of discrepancies of your system beforehand by continuously scanning and monitoring the activity throughout your IT environment.
  • Real-time notifications: Receive alerts when there are performance issues, so you can address and resolve issues immediately.
  • Performance monitoring: IT infrastructure monitoring tools give you a broad view of all IT activities and also allow you to measure the exact performance of your system.
  • Prevent network outages: Monitoring tools prepare you to deal with network outages, whether they are internal or external, by instantly alerting you with key stats and data that might indicate a possible attack.
  • Fix performance issues much faster: IT infrastructure monitoring tools help you fix issues more quickly than if you didn’t have a monitoring solution in place.
  • Identify security threats: IT monitoring is crucial for detecting security threats that can lead to a security breach, data loss, or any other threatening security vulnerability.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools Features

Features you should look for when deciding on an IT infrastructure monitoring tool include:

  • Network device discovery
  • Automated topology mapping
  • Live network statuses
  • Customizable status alerts that warn you when performance drops or resources run short
  • Monitoring of on-premises and cloud-based servers
  • Metrics, data sampling, and log collection
  • Diagnostic and forecasting tools
How to Choose the Right IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool for your Organization

When researching which IT infrastructure monitoring tools would be best suitable for your organization, there are many criteria to consider. It is best to choose a system that has multiple capabilities and can easily trace all of your organization’s services, from your server’s resources to your applications. It is also helpful to select a tool that supports customized alerts for arising performance issues, an application dependency mapping service, as well as integrations for specialist vendor service monitoring. Additional, but not essential, features that you may want to consider when making your decision include a server status monitor that watches resource utilization, root cause analysis, and website performance monitoring that offers availability and response time capabilities. In addition, some IT infrastructure monitoring tools offer a free trial or demo system, which can be valuable as you assess which product will work best for your organization.

Buyer's Guide
IT Infrastructure Monitoring
March 2023
Find out what your peers are saying about Datadog, Zabbix, Auvik and others in IT Infrastructure Monitoring. Updated: March 2023.
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