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    The features we found the most valuable were being able to handle DHCP scopes and handing out DHCP leases. We weren't doing some of the things that we can do, such as DNS query rate limiting. Our usage was pretty standard. We wanted to be able to track our IP addresses to create DNS entries and then create DHCP and manage DHCP scopes. We used the standard features the most.
  2. The pricing is reasonable.The solution's automatic IT asset discovery and inventory functionality are top-notch. The thing I like is that it's open-source. If I need to change them — and they've given me links on GitHub to have them — I can go and change them to pull exactly what I want, as frequently as I want.
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    BlueCat Adaptive DNS vs. Infoblox IPAM
    November 2022
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  4. Its setup is simple. Its interface is simple. It's very easy to manage.The product is user-friendly and valuable.
  5. Adaptive DNS's best feature is DDoS protection, which stops malware and network security attacks.The solution includes automatic management of segments.
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IP Address Management (IPAM) Tools Articles

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Beth Safire - PeerSpot reviewer
Beth Safire
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IP Address Management (IPAM) Tools Topics

How are IP addresses managed?

An effective IPAM will monitor and collect information regarding the IP addresses in your network pool. The IPAM will give you a fully transparent view of your pool, including how your IP addresses are being used now and how they were used in the past. Your IPAM will also be able to identify which subnet your IP addresses are assigned to and whether they are currently in use or be able to determine when they were last used.

Why is IP address management important?

In today’s world, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of devices with access to the internet. Each and every one of these devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, require their own unique IP address. The increased demand and usage of these devices have caused a huge expectation on enterprise networks to be more robust, flexible, and complex to stay productive and competitive. IPAM will monitor all IP address usage in real time and provide an extra layer of security to monitor changes in behavior, misuse, or abuse, quickly identifying any potential security threats to your network. IPAM can also help to ensure various levels of compliance are being met in accordance with regulatory compliance standards based on industry needs. You can also identify specific protocols you want the IPAM to track and easily generate vital reports or logs as desired.

What are the 4 parts of an IP address?

There are currently two types of IP addresses being used today: IPv4 and IPv6. IP addresses that are IPv4 are represented by 32 bits. Because of the substantial worldwide growth of the internet, newer versions of IP addresses are IPv6, which are 128 bits. In an IPv4, each part is represented by 8 bits, called “octets.” Each part is separated by dot-decimal notation. In an IPv6, the sections are separated by colons (:) and allow for 2128 more addresses.

The numbers identify your network and your host or computer. An IP address can generally be broken down into subnetworks and then further into parts. The four parts are known as the network prefix concerning the high order bits (first section), rest field, host identifier, and interface identifier, which makes up the second section. These four parts do not have to be divided equally. Each part will come together in a way that will define your host and network ID and determine the network class assignment.

What is IPAM software?

IPAM software solutions simplify the management of your IP space and can provide complete transparency into the administration of your DNS/DHCP processes, total IP address assignments, and end-user device IP address associations. IPAM software solutions can provide real-time awareness of all your IP address utilization and do so in minutes, rather than hours or even days. IPAM software tools come with out-of-the-box features that are easy to use and deploy very quickly to keep your networks healthy and very safe. An effective solution will proactively identify problems and help identify fixes to avoid any disruption or downtime to your network. Most IPAM software solutions will also offer a host of critical, easily generated reports to monitor and keep your network running smoothly and maintain productivity and profitability at all times.

Benefits of IPAM Management Software
  • Easier management - IPAM management software will simplify the overall management tasks required of your IP space. With improved transparency of IP resources, real-time monitoring, automated configurations, and critical reports created, IPAM can be made very simple and less complex.
  • Trustworthy - The use of an IPAM will help reduce the risk of IP address conflicts, misconfigurations, and other issues that can have a negative impact on your network and add an increased workload to your network administrative teams. The IPAM will show the exact location and domain name of any problematic IP address in your network instantly.
  • Security - IPAM software will facilitate improved monitoring of your network systems by increasing awareness of your organization’s network infrastructure. IPAM software will provide valuable detection tools with regard to data breaches, threats, and unauthorized or misuse of devices on your network. A value-added IPAM will maintain data integrity and keep your network safe at all times.
  • Compliance - You can establish protocols within your IPAM to satisfy any mandated compliance regulations. By using a centralized repository in your IPAM for all your IP addresses, you can create any logs or reports and other important information to keep your organization fully compliant at all times.

IPAM Management Software Features
  • Improved performance - IPAM software will reduce problematic events, such as IP address duplication, IP address misuse, and other issues. Your network will perform efficiently and consistently better.
  • Critical reporting - Improved transparency with your IPAM will allow for the generation of critical reporting of such topics as the number of available IP addresses, IP histories, IP behaviors, IP usage, and DHCP performance.
  • Increased awareness - Your IPAM software will be able to instantly make you aware of issues with your IP space, such as IP behavior anomalies, unauthorized device usage, IP address status changes, and issues that may affect the productivity of your network or cause preventable downtime.
  • Additional security - IPAM can provide an extra level of security by providing real-time tracking of every IP address and every device being used on your network to ensure there is never any misuse or inappropriate unauthorized behavior being conducted on your network at any time.
Buyer's Guide
Infoblox IPAM vs. SolarWinds IPAM
November 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Infoblox IPAM vs. SolarWinds IPAM and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
653,522 professionals have used our research since 2012.