Have you successfully migrated from a best-of-breed enterprise management/monitoring & automation/orchestration platform to the ServiceNow framework?

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Apr 13, 2022

Hi @Michael Stollery

​Difficult to answer w/o knowing what Business Outcomes (Value) are you looking to realize. 

It is NOT as much about migrating from A to B, but more about what incremental or differentiating value are you looking to realize and in what time frame? 

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Aug 3, 2022

@BorisVishnevsky Hi Boris, I'm late to this party but just to add to your response (which I largely agree with) the business outcomes deserve a close look.
Just about every solution "does the basics". Also, just about every solution has it's feature differentiators.
However, it is also fair to say that I have seen a fair number of solutions that were sold on the basis of a "unique feature" and then that feature is not actually used. Customers are paying for features they don't use.
The OP said "the threshold of success being 80%" seems to me like a feature-to-feature comparison.
I think the measure of success should consider much more than just a simple comparison. This is where your business outcomes and value measures are vital.
If I can do 100% of things I must do now at 20% of the cost - that's value.
If I can also do 100% of the things I need to do i the future at 20% of the cost - that's value.
If I can use the new product to do things I don't do - that's not value, that's sales talk.

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