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    They keep improving and updating their apps over time. The ease of installation and configuration is the most valuable feature, especially for VMware and the cloud.
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    Before implementing Turbonomic, we had difficulty reaching a consensus about VM placement and sizing. Everybody's opinion was wrong, including mine. The application developers, implementers, and infrastructure team could never decide the appropriate size of a virtual machine. I always made the machines small, and they always made them too big. We were both probably wrong.
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    March 2023
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    The most valuable feature is that, when you log in, you have customized dashboards. You can add widgets to those dashboards and you can change the density of certain data points in the dashboards. When I log in, I quickly see where the cluster lies, as far as memory and CPU resources go.
  5. Veeam ONE effectively centralizes the view of different tools.The most valuable features are the notifications, which give us failure alerts for some infrastructure within the backup, and the reporting is excellent.
  6. I also like the fact that the solution manages itself. It has one interface where you can basically see all your servers. So, you can manage your servers and see whether you are falling short on space or disc usage. Also, in case your RAM is only using four Gigabytes of memory instead of eight, you can extend out the over-provisioned mail and save your cluster for four Giga of RAM.
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  8. My experience with the solution's technical support was perfect. They are so knowledgeable, all of them. They don't take any chances.
  9. The most valuable features of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager are the non-Windows servers' monitoring and capacity planning.

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Virtualization Management Tools Topics

What is the virtualization process?

Virtualization is the process of creating virtual IT services using resources that are generally bound to hardware. It allows users to use a physical machine’s full capacity by distributing its capabilities among many users or environments.

Software called hypervisors separate the physical resources from the virtual environments. Hypervisors can sit on top of an operating system but are usually installed directly onto hardware. Hypervisors take physical resources and divide them up so that virtual environments can use them.

Users interact with and run tasks within the virtual machine. The virtual machine functions as a single data file that can be moved from one computer to another and continues to work from its new host machine.

When the virtual environment is running and a program requires additional resources from the physical environment, the hypervisor relays the request to the physical system and automatically caches the changes from the physical system into the virtual machine.

What are the types of virtualization?

There are several types of virtualization. They include:

  • Data virtualization allows companies to bring together data from multiple sources, easily accommodate new data sources, and transform data according to user needs at the right time to any application or user.
  • Desktop virtualization allows a central administrator or tool to deploy simulated desktop environments to hundreds of physical machines at once. Desktop virtualization allows users to perform mass configurations, updates, and security checks on all virtual desktops.
  • Server virtualization is the process of creating multiple virtual server instances from one physical server. Each server instance has its own isolated virtual environment. Each server virtual environment can run its own operating system.
  • Operating system virtualization allows virtual machines to run Linux and Windows environments side-by-side. Virtual operating systems can be pushed to computers, reducing hardware costs and saving time on software updates.
  • Network functions virtualization (NFV) distributes a network's key functions, such as directory services, file sharing, and IP configuration, among environments. This reduces the number of physical components that are needed to create independent networks.
What are the key management tasks in virtualization?

They key management taste in virtualization are:

  • Device setup: Sometimes physical devices have to be configured in order to create and implement virtualization.
  • Virtual server and device configuration: A virtual server has to be configured with a domain configuration. The configuration includes specifying a name, which is used to identify the virtual server and its system resources and devices.
  • Virtual server and device operation: Set up life cycle management, monitoring, and resource management.
What are the benefits of using virtualization management tools?

Some of the benefits of using virtualization management tools include:

  • Reduced operational costs: With virtualization management tools, all of the systems in the ecosystem can be monitored and managed using one virtual machine manager.
  • Provisioning: Storage space can be allocated on demand to virtual devices. Virtualization management tools control the allocation and management of physical disk storage connected with virtual machines.
  • System optimization: Virtualization management tools improve performance and prevent system downtime by rebalancing system power. Virtualization management tools scan for and unlock hidden resources.
  • Simplified management: Virtualization management tools provide features for tracking IT inventory, handling unused or physical resources, and investigating bugs.
  • Data collection: Data generated by virtual management software can be analyzed to help admins make better-informed IT-related decisions.
  • System monitoring: Since virtual management software consolidates the entire virtual ecosystem, monitoring is straightforward. You can easily monitor your network and view any type of data you want to analyze. Users can gain insight into the storage allocation for all virtual machines, the applications installed on each machine, and login and operation events.
  • Anomaly detection and resolution: Virtualization management tools detect and resolve issues before they cause damage to the entire system.
  • High availability: Deploy virtual machines in minutes and remotely monitor, configure, and restart your entire virtual environment. Developers and IT experts have constant access to virtual machines from any location.
  • Backup and recovery: Virtual machines can easily be backed up to different physical hardware and data can rapidly be transferred between virtual machines.
  • Simplified DevOps: Virtual machines are useful for creating testing environments.
Virtualization Management Tools Features

When choosing a virtualization management tool, here are some features to look out for:

  • Support for multiple hypervisors
  • The ability to create, modify, and delete virtual machines.
  • Reporting and data collection
  • Monitoring
  • Usage tracking
  • Alert setup
Buyer's Guide
Virtualization Management Tools
March 2023
Find out what your peers are saying about VMware, IBM, Nutanix and others in Virtualization Management Tools. Updated: March 2023.
688,083 professionals have used our research since 2012.