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Top 8 Data Center Networking Tools

Cisco Catalyst SwitchesArista Networks PlatformCisco NexusDell PowerConnect SwitchesExtremeSwitchingJuniper MX Series Universal Routing PlatformsJuniper QFX Series SwitchesEnterasys Data Center Networking Equipment
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    The solution offers great scalability. The most valuable feature is Catalyst's V-line configuration.
  2. The configuration capabilities were good. Arista Networks Platform is comfortable, easy to deploy, and easy to manage, with non-blocking technology. Additionally, it has a useful CloudVision platform and automation capabilities.
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    June 2022
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  4. Cisco Nexus is a stable solution.The most valuable features are extensions and recorded scalability.
  5. Their support has been excellent, and it has been quite stable and easy to set up.It's easy to set up. We can put it in production in a couple of minutes.
  6. Setup was easy. It only took a couple of hours to set up.Our vendors are great and they offer very good support services.
  7. The most valuable feature of Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platforms is its robustness.This solution is easy to manage and the resiliency of the hardware is excellent.
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  9. It's a stable solution. Juniper QFX Series Switches provide a good platform for all of our hardware and are easy to use.
  10. Enterasys Data Center Networking Equipment's most valuable feature is that the data is easy to set up and control. We can manage everything from the cloud and it has been good for our clients.

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Data Center Networking Topics

Why use data center networking?

Organizations and businesses that make it their mission to stay ahead in the world of modern business must be driven by the most current data. The plans that they consider and decisions that they actually enact will necessarily be shaped by their ability to gather, store, retrieve, and process information. It is for this reason that data center networking is a very valuable business practice. Data center networking gives organizations and businesses the power to take the data that is so crucial to their ability to succeed and places it into a secure environment that they can easily access. This practice supplies users with the tools that will maximize their retention and ability to access their data.

What network devices are in a data center?

Data centers are complex facilities that are responsible for the storage and processing of a company or organization’s critical data. It will often be made up of many different networking devices, which can include such devices as routers, switches, or modems.

What is the difference between a data center and cloud computing?

Organizations often have a hard time deciding how they want to store their data. They can use a data center or employ a cloud computing service. These two methods differ mainly in the location where the data is kept. Data centers store data in a physical location on physical servers. Cloud computing services store data on cloud servers that can be accessed from anywhere through the internet. Cloud computing services tend to be more easily scaled up than data centers.

What are data center networking solutions?

Data center networking solutions are a class of solutions that enable users to connect various data center components into a single unified network. Part of what this means is that they help companies manage the flow of data between the data center and other portions of the information technology infrastructure.

Data Center Networking Solutions Features

Features you should look for in data center networking solution include:

  • IT operation simplification through operation automation.
  • Network redundancy capabilities to stave off network failure.
  • A high level of scalability to meet changing user needs.
  • Disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Ability to integrate with other storage and network management solutions.
  • Ability to monitor the overall health of a connected network.
  • Modeling for adjustments made to network components.
  • Ability to analyze threats and uniformly enforce security protocols.
  • Automated compliance protocols enforcement.
Benefits of Data Center Networking Solutions

Companies can enjoy the following benefits if they choose to employ data center networking solutions:

  • These solutions can grant administrators insights into the applications that run on their networks. Organizations can apply the insight that they have gleaned to make decisions about the daily operations of their networks. Protocols that will enable poorly performing portions of the network can be implemented.
  • Automate certain operations to cut costs. Time and resources can be conserved if routine operations are automated. This enables more resources to be devoted to the most critical of operations. Those more routine operations will require very little in the way of oversight. Once the operations are set up they will be able to run perpetually without any interference or input.
  • Automate protocol enforcement and network updates. This will give administrators the ability to maximize the effectiveness of the protocols that they have in place. The automation of protocol enforcement will make it so that every portion of the network is adhering to the compliance rules in a uniform way. If the network updates are automated then the whole network will always run with uniform consistency. There will be no need to rely on people to monitor and administer updates. Once users set the updates they will be initiated at the time that they are set to deploy.
  • More reliable network threat detection. Administrators can better protect themselves by employing solutions that integrate aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their data center networking operations. These would enable the network to learn and quickly identify potential issues. The use of AI and ML would keep the network functioning ahead of everything from simple problems to sophisticated or developing threats. Trends would be easy for the system to identify. This would make it difficult for bad actors or malware to do damage.
  • Simplify issue troubleshooting through the use of network automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) driven analysis. A network that is protected by AI and ML driven software takes a heavy load off of the backs of the system administrators. Any threat that penetrates is automatically scanned and diagnosed. Administrators gain insight into the threat. They receive the information that they need to find the issue. After they have found it they can use their insights to fix the current issue and prevent it from recurring
  • Increase the network's storage power and processing speed through increased integration. These solutions can enable users to integrate their networks with other solutions that will increase their storage capacity. Businesses will have the ability to store more of their information safely in a single location. This in turn would result in the network not having to deal with as much traffic on the same limited amount of processing power. The result would be a network that will run far more quickly than it might otherwise be able.
Buyer's Guide
Data Center Networking
June 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Cisco, Arista, Dell Technologies and others in Data Center Networking. Updated: June 2022.
607,332 professionals have used our research since 2012.