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Top 8 Cloud Analytics

IBM TurbonomicSisenseDatapipe Cloud Analytics for AWSDensifyCloud CruiserOracle Big Data Cloud ServiceOracle Big Data Cloud Service Compute Edition
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    We've saved hundreds of hours. Most of the time those hours would have to be after hours as well, which are more valuable to me as that's my personal time.
  2. The best part about this solution is how easy it is to mash up the data from many sources. Sisense is fast compared to other solutions. This solution is easy to learn how to use.
  3. The initial setup is pretty straightforward.
  4. The Control Console is an incredible way to give a quick view of current capacity utilization allowing technical people to drill down quickly and allowing business/management people to get a quick overview of the environment.
  5. The solution's most valuable aspects are its data integration and data virtualization.The solution's most valuable aspect is the fact that it is open source.
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