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As of June 2024, in the Ethernet Switches category, the mindshare of Aruba Switches is 14.0%, up from 13.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Cisco Ethernet Switches is 21.6%, up from 20.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

Jun 3, 2024
Reasonably priced, provides comprehensive features, and saves costs
We use the solution in the education, manufacturing, and hospitality industries The solution helps us save costs. The technology is equivalent to any other vendor in the market. The tool has comprehensive features. The products and services provided by Aruba are very stable and mature. The tool…
Dec 29, 2020
Flexible with good configuration capabilities but too expensive
We primarily use the solution for our data center and edge switches. Like a lot of companies, we use (in the data center) core switches on Layer 3, and (on the edge) switches in Layer 2.  Cisco as a whole is flexible.  The solution can be configured to our specifications. The solution allows you…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Aruba Central is valuable."
"a value-for-money product and comparatively a very reasonable price compared to competitors like SAP or IBM."
"Aruba is very easy to use, the GUI is very good and the command line is quite similar to Cisco, so it is very easy to configure."
"The most valuable feature is the switches are reliable and replaced for free if anything goes wrong."
"The most valuable features of Aruba Switches are the routing protocol and the basic functionality."
"There is a feature where you can use Bluetooth. You can set up a Bluetooth pairing connection and do the configuration through your phone."
"This solution is really easy to use. It is much easier to use than Cisco. It's got a nice web interface for stepping up and an added warranty."
"Aruba has a good switching solution. It has some basic security features and full switching features for the company. It’s not used as a security device, but it has some basic features like configuring ACL. However, it cannot be used as a complete security solution. The primary thing our clients look for in Aruba, or HPE now since HP acquired Aruba, is cost-effectiveness. Aruba is a good choice if the customer has budget limitations. We recommend Aruba switches because they are less expensive than Cisco but provide the same features."
"This solution is overall a high-grade solution compared to others."
"It is a scalable solution."
"The solution is highly reliable."
"The tool is easy to use, offering numerous options in terms of server connection."
"The power stacking feature in Cisco Ethernet Switches can be considered the most valuable."
"The installation is very straightforward."
"It's for industry products, so it's easy to use."
"We only use the basic features and we find that it works well."


"The customer service could be a bit quicker and the employees could be more professional."
"Aruba does not have local support in our region of Kerala."
"The software materials could be improved."
"I would like to see a lower price on the device."
"The tool must provide a controller-based architecture."
"The product could be a little more competitive price-wise."
"The dashboard could be improved, especially for the CX Switches. It would help to push scripts and configurations via an easy to use dashboard, one which would give us complete visibility of all of our switches in one place. Right now, we have more than one dashboard for Aruba. It would be nice if it was centralized."
"We have needed to upgrade software to fix some challenges we experienced. After downloading the latest version of Aruba, these were fixed."
"It'll also help if it can support more network utilization."
"The solution should offer a method for user-based load balancing."
"To keep up with the market, the solution should have better evolution and innovation."
"If Cisco Ethernet Switches can work both on-prem and in the cloud, it would be an advantage."
"In terms of features, they tick all the boxes as of now. That could be because we tailor the solution around the product. I have not seen anything that pulls me back or is not working well for me. However, there could be better integration with the network monitoring systems. It doesn't mean it is currently not there, but there could be better discoverability with some of the network monitoring systems to be able to have more visibility. When you're setting up a control room, you can have more visibility into what is going on in the network. It has been doing that, but it can do that more."
"They need to offer free replacements until the end of life for devices."
"This may be something that they are already working on, but it would be an improvement if they could add a layer of security to layer two and layer three to protect the server and to protect the data."
"The price could be lower. It's quite expensive."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Comparing with Cisco, and some other solutions, it's a cheap product."
"Cost-wise, you get some good savings as compared to Cisco."
"The tool is a little expensive for customers from other countries."
"Aruba Switches are very expensive."
"Aruba Switches are cost-effective."
"Our customers may want better pricing but we are a reseller and a partner, and the pricing that we get is good."
"The cost is very cheap when you compare it to CISCO."
"Aruba Switches are quite cost-effective."
"The solution can be comparatively cheaper."
"This is an expensive solution, but you are paying for stability."
"The price is a bit on the high side."
"The price of this solution is high."
"Price is a pain point for us. We've lost a lot of bids, and the reason has been that we majorly quoted Cisco devices. Some of our competitors quoted other devices like Ubiquity or Microchip. Some even quoted this Chinese product TP-Link, and they won the bid over us because we quoted Cisco. Meanwhile, the major reason why we quoted Cisco is reliability and stability from day one. They also last longer. The prices could be worked on so that they become more affordable. We had to deploy a city-wide WiFi network, and we were working in conjunction with Google. Because of the price, even Google recommended a product called Ruckus, so we used Ruckus over Cisco. Its price and license were the main reasons. You have to pay to renew the license every year. Even though you also renew the licenses for Ruckus, but they are much cheaper than Cisco. So, while I would recommend Cisco any time, the trouble remains with the pricing."
"Cisco Ethernet Switches are more expensive than Huawei Ethernet Switches."
"It is expensive. There are additional costs besides the license cost."
"It is an expensive product since it is used in a large network where you cannot rely on some cheaply priced solution."
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Comparison Review

it_user82779 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 29, 2014
Benefits of Juniper vs Cisco
Both are decent products. I prefer Juniper for the following reasons: 1) Cleaner separation of data plane from control plane. Higher end Cisco devices are better at this but most of the lower end products still seem to be more integrated than I like. 2) The Hierarchical config design means I can…

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Questions from the Community

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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Aruba Switches?
Aruba Switches are very expensive. The product has many features printed on it, but the problem my company faces with the product is related to the fact that there is a need to reconfigure the solu...
What needs improvement with Aruba Switches?
There were some issues in Aruba Switches, specifically Aruba PoE Switches since working with it in our company damaged our network. The timer and the internal battery in Aruba Switches don't work s...
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Hello Mesfin It depends on the real scenario, the cisco 2960 is a very good device and they usually have routing functions but there are many different models within the same 2960 line, and on the ...
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We researched Cisco but ultimately chose Fortinet FortiSwitch Secure Access, mostly because of the price. Fortinet FortiSwitch is an ethernet switch solution that provides security and performance...
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Our organization ran comparison tests to determine whether Cisco or Juniper Ethernet switches were the better fit for us. We decided to go with Juniper. Juniper ethernet switches are a lesser-known...

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