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Executive Summary
Updated on Aug 14, 2023

We compared Zabbix and Pandora FMS across several parameters based on our users' reviews. After reading the collected data, you can find our conclusion below:

  • Features: Zabbix is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface, scalability, and reliable performance. It provides customizable dashboards, trigger dependencies, SNMP monitoring, and problem tracking. Pandora FMS is highly regarded for its straightforward management process, effective dashboards, and efficient network monitoring capabilities.

  • Room for Improvement: Zabbix could reduce false positives and improve integration, cloud monitoring, and reporting. Users say Pandora FMS could make its dashboards more customizable and improve its integration with other systems. Many also said they would like Pandora to add APIs for integration and offer better out-of-the-box analytics.

  • Service and Support: Users had mixed opinions about Zabbix customer service. Some found it helpful, while others feel it needs improvement. Customers generally rely on online documentation and community forums for assistance. Pandora FMS support received high praise for their expertise, kindness, and fast response time.

  • Ease of Deployment: The complexity of Zabbix's initial setup varies, and it may require an experienced group of administrators and engineers. Most users found Pandora FMS’s initial setup to be relatively easy.

  • Pricing: Zabbix is a free, open-source solution, but users can purchase support services and additional features. Pandora FMS is considered reasonably priced, and the total cost depends on the environment. 

  • ROI: Users say that Zabbix provides a cost-effective solution. Pandora FMS has also demonstrated advantages in terms of return on investment. Users say Pandora FMS has also demonstrated a return on investment.

Comparison Results: Zabbix is a highly customizable open-source solution with a wide range of monitoring capabilities, including the ability to monitor virtual machines and databases. However, Zabbix’s setup can be complex and may require technical expertise. Users like Pandora FMS’s management and monitoring capabilities as well as its dashboards, but the solution has been criticized for its compatibility issues, limited customization options, and slower performance

To learn more, read our detailed Pandora FMS vs. Zabbix Report (Updated: May 2024).
772,277 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"We can manage the entire system across the network and troubleshoot the pain points.""The single dashboard is a valuable feature."

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"What I value most about Pandora FMS is the simplicity of working with it.""Pandora FMS provides us with a general report (graphical) about all of the connected devices, which helps with planning new stations and tracking them.""This product has allowed us to identify and correct certain issues that were affecting our solution.""The most valuable feature is that it is an all-in-one monitoring system.""The solution is so lightweight that with only 4GB of ram, it allows keeping track of up to two hundred agents from a single console.""The most valuable features are auto-discovery and automatic detection of the network topology and network monitoring.""The solution has good dashboards and graphics.""The monitoring system within this solution is very good. It is easy to use and navigate, and makes issue alarms easily viewable."

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"Zabbix is an excellent performance monitoring tool.""The product is very stable.""The initial setup, while not simple, is easier than other products.""It's a flexible solution.""The calculations part is the most valuable.""It is a great product. The SNMP protocol tracking feature is good. I really like how it tracks SNMP. The alerts are also great.""Templates are good. We download them from the official Zabbix site or the community. If the information we need isn't available, we create custom templates based on client requirements.""Dashboard and the customization of the items and triggers are the most valuable features."

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"The technical support needs improvement.""The Wi-Fi side needs improvement."

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"This solution requires proper training to get 100% out of it.""It would be useful if Pandora FMS included an ISO image (or «software appliance») for each big company that leases virtual private machines (VPS), just like in AWS.""An update to the Android app would be appreciated.""When it comes to the definition of local Software Agents for the first time in the open-source version, it can become very tedious.""I sincerely believe that Pandora needs new ideas for functionality closer to advanced device security monitoring.""We would like to see improvement in the mainframe integration that this solution is capable of.""I would like for the solution to be faster and have a better tolerance between parallel servers for Pandora and Pest Control.""I would like to have a dashboard with all assets displayed, with a quick hover-over status."

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"The user web interface is a little bit too basic, we need to link Zabbix to Grafana to have more options, such as graphs and charts. The interface needs to be improved. Additionally, there could be better integration with Grafana API.""Zabbix is powerful, but it is difficult to understand initially. There are many things that can be improved, but we might not be using Zabbix to its fullest extent. The software has more features than we need.""I want Zabbix to improve the UX/UI. Zabbix doesn't use a JavaScript chart for images, and I want them to improve this.""I would like for this solution to be more cloud-friendly.""The user interface could be better.""Zabbix claims that there is an auto-discovery process but my team member was facing difficulty and was told that it's not really automatic, and there are some manual steps.""The documentation gets a bit messy between versions and is not too detailed, which is a bit painful for first-timers, especially when they run into issues.""​I would like to better be able to monitor Oracle processes.​"

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Only one payment and it includes support, updates, new versions, and access to the complete library of plugins except for SAP and z/OS."
  • "Pandora FMS is easy to implement and the pricing of licenses is competitive."
  • "You get the license and it includes updates, new versions, and access to the complete library of modules."
  • "My rule of thumb would be that if you need more than thirty agents, and you lack an automation tool such as Chef or Puppet, you will save a lot of time and money going to the Enterprise edition."
  • "In terms of money, the Enterprise version is the cheapest that I have found after a market study."
  • "The open-source version offers 100% functionality and the hardware requirements for a solution like this one are very modest."
  • "Growing the solution or migrating to the Enterprise version is easy, and various plans are available."
  • "The Open Source Community Edition is great to just explore the software, or use it on medium-sized infrastructures."
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  • "It’s free of cost."
  • "It is a true open-source solution, so there are no licensing costs."
  • "The product is an open source and free solution."
  • "It's free software released under the GNU/GPL license."
  • "There are no licenses."
  • "We’re using the free version, which covers all our current needs."
  • "It is free, which allows us to reduce costs."
  • "I was using the free, Community Edition."
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    772,277 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Comparison Review
    Anonymous User
    I have researched a quite a few network monitoring tools which can be used for various monitoring purposes of not only the servers, but the intermediate routers as well. There are majorly three types of these softwares. Ones which are completely open-source, you can do almost anything you want using these, but they require quite some expertise before you can use them. Then there are the ones that are not open source, the enterprise softwares and cost you some money, but on the other hand, they are extremely easy to set-up and learn. You can have them up and running in a matter of minutes. And then there are those which are completely cloud based. They can be free of cost or charge some money depending on the software. The good thing about these is that you don’t have to install any extra software, and it can be managed completely online but then again these have limited features and you cannot exploit them to the full extent as you can do with the open-source and to some extent the enterprise software, so I won’t suggest you to use these, because these are generally not the complete solutions and require other support software to achieve the same. Below I have listed the outstanding pros and cons of the various Network analyzers that you can look into Nagios Pros: Nagios offers an extensive set of collector plug-ins that allows users to gather performance and availability data from a broad range of operating systems, including  Windows and Netware Nagios… Read more →
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:We can manage the entire system across the network and troubleshoot the pain points.
    Top Answer:The product is not expensive. I rate the product’s pricing a seven out of ten, where one is cheap and ten is expensive.
    Top Answer:The Wi-Fi side needs improvement. In most warehouse environments, there are shortfalls in such conditions. We often face… more »
    Top Answer:Features I have found most valuable with Pandora are the personalized metrics and the simplicity of data.
    Top Answer:Pandora is reasonably priced, and the cost depends on the environment.
    Top Answer:I would like for the solution to be faster and have a better tolerance between parallel servers for Pandora and Pest… more »
    Top Answer:The template system in Zabbix is very beneficial as it saves time in configuration.
    Top Answer:Zabbix's licensing and pricing are good for our needs.
    Top Answer:To improve Zabbix, adding more features to support the monitoring of modern workloads like containers would be… more »
    Learn More

    Juniper Mist Premium Analytics is a comprehensive network analytics solution that provides organizations with valuable insights into their network performance and user experience. The primary use case of this product is to enable IT teams to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their network infrastructure.

    The most valuable functionality of Juniper Mist Premium Analytics is its AI-driven insights and recommendations. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, it analyzes vast amounts of network data to identify anomalies, predict potential issues, and suggest remediation actions. This proactive approach helps organizations minimize network downtime, improve user experience, and optimize network performance.

    By providing real-time visibility into network performance, Juniper Mist Premium Analytics helps organizations quickly identify and resolve network issues. It offers detailed analytics on network traffic, application performance, and user behavior, allowing IT teams to pinpoint the root cause of problems and take immediate action. This not only reduces troubleshooting time but also enhances overall network reliability.

    Furthermore, Juniper Mist Premium Analytics enables organizations to optimize their network infrastructure. It provides insights into network capacity utilization, application usage patterns, and user behavior, allowing IT teams to make informed decisions about network design, resource allocation, and capacity planning. This helps organizations to ensure that their network is efficiently utilized and can support the growing demands of their users.

    Pandora FMS is a monitoring as a service (MaaS) solution that is ideal for companies with at least 100 or more devices. Instead of multiple, difficult-to-integrate monitoring systems, Pandora FMS is an all-in-one solution that is easy to use. The software is able to untangle complicated technology infrastructures to easily identify the root cause of issues in order to find the most efficient solution. It does so by analyzing everything in your system, from databases and applications to services and desktops, as well as communications.

    Pandora FMS Features

    Pandora FMS has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Application Monitoring (APM)
    • IoT monitoring
    • Log collection
    • Inventory
    • Issue management / ITSM
    • Mainframe monitoring
    • Network monitoring
    • Remote control
    • Synthetic monitoring
    • Service oriented monitoring
    • Server monitoring
    • User experience monitoring
    • Virtualization & cloud

    Pandora FMS Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing Pandora FMS. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Comprehensive overview: Pandora FMS provides a comprehensive overview of your system to make troubleshooting easy. It also provides all the tools to monitor and analyze an extensive range of data, from traffic to connectivity.
    • Easy forecasting: With Pandora FMS, you can use your network diagram for forecasting solutions, which gives you the necessary info you need to perform maintenance. 
    • Proactive solutions: Issues are proactively addressed. Pandora FMS provides alerts 24/7 so you can deal with problems before they grow even bigger. This also helps your organization eliminate any down time. 
    • Solve future problems: Another benefit of implementing Pandora FMS is that it enables you to optimize your services to ensure that future issues are minimized. In addition, they offer around-the-clock monitoring and automated solutions. As a result, the solution enables you to operate your organization with maximum efficiency all the time, saving you money and time. 
    • Personalized service maps: Pandora FMS allows you to create detailed, personalized service maps that can help you identify any shortcomings in your system and address them as soon as possible. 
    • SLA and availability reports: With Pandora FMS, you receive critical alerts when SLA levels aren’t met, which also helps you understand when your applications and systems are not meeting your business goals.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by PeerSpot users currently using the Pandora FMS solution.

    PeerSpot user Marc C., Systems Analyst at a university, says, "It is easy to create your own custom modules if you just know a little bit of scripting. If you have unique requirements, you can just make your own modules. You can even grab checks from other vendors. There are open-source checks for various things such as SMTP, etc. It is really flexible. It is reliable. It does the job, and it alerts. It is also surprisingly feature-rich. It is very mature for a not-so-known product."

    Another reviewer, Alexandre J., comments, “What I value most about Pandora FMS is the simplicity of working with it. The speed of locating problems and to be able to solve them quickly, so that it affects our client's network infrastructure as little as possible, is very valuable.

    Thanks to Pandora FMS we have everything unified in the same point and it is highly efficient.”

    Zabbix is an open-source monitoring software that provides real-time monitoring and alerting for servers, networks, applications, and services. 

    It offers a wide range of features including data collection, visualization, and reporting. 

    With its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards, Zabbix helps organizations ensure the availability and performance of their IT infrastructure.

    Sample Customers
    Information Not Available
    Rakuten, Prosegur, Repsol, Teléfonica, Allianz, Ottawa Hospital, Hughes
    1. IBM 2. Dell 3. Cisco 4. HP 5. Oracle 6. Microsoft 7. Amazon 8. Google 9. Facebook 10. Twitter 11. LinkedIn 12. Netflix 13. Adobe 14. VMware 15. Salesforce 16. SAP 17. Intel 18. AT&T 19. Verizon 20. T-Mobile 21. Vodafone 22. Ericsson 23. Nokia 24. Siemens 25. General Electric 26. Honeywell 27. Philips 28. Sony 29. Samsung 30. LG 31. Panasonic 32. Toshiba
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company18%
    Financial Services Firm12%
    Manufacturing Company9%
    Computer Software Company23%
    Healthcare Company15%
    Financial Services Firm15%
    Comms Service Provider15%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Comms Service Provider13%
    Educational Organization10%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Computer Software Company24%
    Comms Service Provider10%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Aerospace/Defense Firm7%
    Educational Organization34%
    Computer Software Company12%
    Financial Services Firm6%
    Company Size
    Small Business22%
    Midsize Enterprise15%
    Large Enterprise63%
    Small Business61%
    Midsize Enterprise22%
    Large Enterprise17%
    Small Business25%
    Midsize Enterprise26%
    Large Enterprise49%
    Small Business49%
    Midsize Enterprise20%
    Large Enterprise31%
    Small Business18%
    Midsize Enterprise43%
    Large Enterprise40%
    Buyer's Guide
    Pandora FMS vs. Zabbix
    May 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about Pandora FMS vs. Zabbix and other solutions. Updated: May 2024.
    772,277 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Pandora FMS is ranked 28th in Network Monitoring Software with 22 reviews while Zabbix is ranked 1st in Network Monitoring Software with 101 reviews. Pandora FMS is rated 9.2, while Zabbix is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Pandora FMS writes "The open architecture is easy to extend and enhance". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Zabbix writes "Allows any number of customizations but lacks functionality for finding root causes". Pandora FMS is most compared with Wazuh, PRTG Network Monitor, Nagios XI, SolarWinds NPM and Netdata, whereas Zabbix is most compared with Centreon, Checkmk, SolarWinds NPM, Nagios Core and Nagios XI. See our Pandora FMS vs. Zabbix report.

    See our list of best Network Monitoring Software vendors, best Server Monitoring vendors, and best IT Infrastructure Monitoring vendors.

    We monitor all Network Monitoring Software reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.