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Executive Summary
Updated on Mar 6, 2024

We compared HPE Proliant ML and Dell PowerEdge T based on our user's reviews in several parameters.

Summary: The HPE Proliant ML is praised for its reliability, security features, and scalability, with positive feedback on customer service and ROI. On the other hand, the Dell PowerEdge T needs improvement in performance and reliability, with positive feedback on its customization options, customer service, and ROI. Overall, HPE focuses more on reliability and security, while Dell offers versatility and expandability.

Features: The HPE Proliant ML is valued for its reliability, high performance, advanced security features, scalability, and versatility. The Dell PowerEdge T is praised for its reliability, excellent performance, hardware customization options, efficient cooling system, expandability, and multitasking capabilities.

Pricing and ROI: The setup cost for HPE Proliant ML is reported to be straightforward, smooth, and hassle-free, requiring minimal effort and time. On the other hand, Dell PowerEdge T's setup cost is described as straightforward and effortless., The HPE Proliant ML product received substantial ROI according to user feedback, with positive impact on productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, the Dell PowerEdge T offered a favorable ROI with appreciated performance, reliability, and value for money. It consistently delivered efficient and powerful results, enhancing productivity and reducing costs. The server's versatility and robust features contributed to a positive experience for various user applications.

Room for Improvement: The HPE Proliant ML could improve its cooling system, storage capacity, support and customer service, and processor speed. In contrast, users suggest that the Dell PowerEdge T needs enhancements in performance, reliability, usability, and interface intuitiveness.

Deployment and customer support: Users have provided feedback on the duration required to establish a new tech solution for HPE Proliant ML and Dell PowerEdge T. While some users mentioned that it took three months for deployment and an additional week for setup for HPE Proliant ML, others stated that it took a week for both deployment and setup. As for Dell PowerEdge T, some users reported spending several months on deployment and an additional week on setup, while others completed both within a week. There are differences in the timeframes mentioned for the two products., The customer service for HPE Proliant ML has received positive feedback, with users finding the assistance helpful and reliable. Dell PowerEdge T has been praised for its exceptional assistance and efficiency in resolving issues, receiving commendation for its effectiveness.

The summary above is based on 16 interviews we conducted recently with HPE Proliant ML and Dell PowerEdge T users. To access the review's full transcripts, download our report.

To learn more, read our detailed Dell PowerEdge T vs. HPE Proliant ML Report (Updated: May 2024).
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The product has valuable hardware components with a long life cycle.""The speed provided by Dell PowerEdge T is its most valuable feature. The performance of Dell PowerEdge T is good.""Dell PowerEdge T is the easiest of all the manufacturers.""The most valuable feature of the solution is its high storage capacity, making it a good product.""The management features, including iDRAC and OpenManage are important.""This solution is very easy to manage. There are many options to configure the processor, memory, disks, and network interface with ease.""The scalability of the solution is excellent.""The systems are performing flawlessly."

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"The most valuable feature is the technical support, which is both good and available easily.""The most valuable feature of HPE Proliant ML is the high availability of the parts. It's easy to find parts, such as replacements or spares. Additionally, we have a good relationship with the brand which is important.""We can utilize more than a terabyte of memory.""I rate ProLiant servers 10 out of 10 for stability. We periodically need to replace components like disk drives, but HPE customer care is good about replacing them.""It does its job and runs smoothly.""I am impressed with the tool's ability to create clusters and virtualizations.""The initial setup is straightforward.""HPE Proliant's price is cheaper than other platforms."

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"The product's initial setup is complex.""The technical support for Dell PowerEdge T is terrible.""We encounter issues with the power supply maintenance. It could be more stable.""Dell PowerEdge T's resolution is an area of concern where improvements are required.""I'm currently working on setting up a lab for AI, big data, and data analysis, and my client needs exceptionally powerful servers, and such high-core counts are not currently offered within the available options.""PCIe drivers could be included in the storage for good performance.""It is not easy to move around tower servers, especially since it is heavy to load the server somewhere. The heaviness of the product is an area of concern where improvements are required.""I would like to see more options to be able to support GPU cards. Right now, there are only one or two modules that provide this option."

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"HPE Proliant has a managed tool called OneView that could be improved.""The pricing is not reasonable.""The technical support from HPE Proliant ML could improve. They are not as fast as they should be. When you have an SLA contractor, they don't give you the parts quickly, it can take weeks sometimes.""One area where the product could improve is in its anti-rust protection, especially at the bottom, which has shown some signs of rusting.""I would like the solution to improve cloud migration.""I think that the RAID support can be improved because it is not very effective compared to the DL series.""The product’s support should be improved.""Updating the firmware could be easier. It's always a hassle, and the process HPE describes on their website doesn't seem to work well."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Depending on how big the deployment is customers usually see an ROI around seven months after deployment."
  • "The product has medium pricing. We have purchased a yearly support license for it."
  • "I rate the pricing an eight on a scale from one to ten, where one is low price and ten is high price."
  • "For enterprise and large-scale companies, it's actually quite reasonable and not considered very expensive."
  • "There is no need to pay anything towards the licensing costs of the solution."
  • "My company's clients make yearly payments towards the licensing costs attached to the solution. The product is neither expensive nor cheap."
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  • "The ML series is cheaper than other products, and everything is included with the standard licensing fees."
  • "The price of HPE Proliant ML is very good. If we are partners, we have courses to attend and exams to do, but we buy more or less at the same price as everybody else. We have a small discount which should be increased."
  • "I would rate the solution's pricing a nine out of ten since it's pretty expensive. We pay around 10,000 euros a year in Europe."
  • "On a scale from one to ten, where one is the cheapest and ten is expensive, I rate HPE Proliant's pricing a five out of ten."
  • "The product is definitely worth the money."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The most valuable feature of the solution is its high storage capacity, making it a good product.
    Top Answer:It is not easy to move around tower servers, especially since it is heavy to load the server somewhere. The heaviness of the product is an area of concern where improvements are required.
    Top Answer:Dell PowerEdge T is a product that consists of tower servers, which my organization made available for five of our clients who were not looking for rack servers.
    Top Answer:The solution is well-suited for virtualization and standalone applications, like data center environments It provides significant benefits in terms of data storage capabilities. The product is… more »
    Top Answer:The product’s support should be improved.
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    out of 4 in Tower Servers
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    HP Proliant ML
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    Dell EMC PowerEdge tower servers are equipped with a wide range of performance-enhancing features including redundant and hot-swappable components, system health monitoring and advanced virtualization capabilities.
    HP ProLiant ML expandable tower servers are ideal for remote and branch offices in need of low-risk networking, file-and-print and shared Internet access solutions, and provide maximum internal storage and I/O flexibility. Many small to medium-sized businesses rely on HP ProLiant ML expandable tower servers for the highest level of efficiency, insight and control. HP expandable servers deliver decades of engineering and integration experience designed to speed the implementation of new business computing technology.
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    Parkdale Secondary College, UnitedStack, ICM Netsystems, Newport City Homes, Medien-Service Untermain (MSU), The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Exasol, Dayco, PRIME aerostructures GmbH, Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC)
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    Small Business38%
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    Buyer's Guide
    Dell PowerEdge T vs. HPE Proliant ML
    May 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about Dell PowerEdge T vs. HPE Proliant ML and other solutions. Updated: May 2024.
    772,422 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Dell PowerEdge T is ranked 2nd in Tower Servers with 8 reviews while HPE Proliant ML is ranked 1st in Tower Servers with 17 reviews. Dell PowerEdge T is rated 8.2, while HPE Proliant ML is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of Dell PowerEdge T writes "A competitively-priced solution that offers stability and scalability". On the other hand, the top reviewer of HPE Proliant ML writes "Quite scalable and runs smoothly". Dell PowerEdge T is most compared with IBM System X, whereas HPE Proliant ML is most compared with Lenovo ThinkSystem Tower Servers. See our Dell PowerEdge T vs. HPE Proliant ML report.

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