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Activity Based Costing Software (5th), Billing Software (1st)
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As of June 2024, in the Cloud ERP category, the mindshare of NetSuite ERP is 34.3%, up from 29.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is 30.4%, up from 30.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Activity Based Costing Software
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Featured Reviews

Jul 16, 2020
Highly customizable, no infrastructure needed, and very scalable
There's always room for improvement in every system. It's going to have some functional verticals that just aren't as competitive in the app, due to the fact that there are older systems that have been built for 20 years that are deep. For example, in manufacturing, there's something called process manufacturing, versus discrete manufacturing. There's a couple of systems that'll beat NetSuite on process manufacturing. In terms of the main improvement to NetSuite is the talent itself. It's grown so fast and there are about 25,000 companies running on it, and it's a relatively newer system compared to other competitors. It's growing so fast that the talent base in the partner organization (there's about 200 of them), is pretty thin. There's a lot of bodies. There's a lot of kids there. I call them the kids because they're people in their twenties, maybe in their thirties. If you're under 40, you are still a kid to me. What it boils down to is that I've been doing assessments for 40 years. I have five grown sons between the age of 30 and 44. Not a single one of them, if they worked around the clock for the rest of their lives, could catch up with me on experience, because in today's market people get pigeonholed and specialized. They don't get a broad experience. People aren't building systems anymore, so you don't have that depth. What it boils down to is most of these people working in these ERP projects, in all the systems, are truly not systems people. They're actually people that just know how to push buttons and settings and workflows and reports, and spit things out. They know how to configure a system, however, they don't really know much about how it would actually do what it does, or how it's built. Therefore, the weakness in that is that when you get into business models that require some real custom configuration, they don't really know how to do that. In today's market, young people aren't learning how to really learn a business. What's happening is a lot of systems focused work without first understanding the business that they're actually serving. That's prevalent in the NetSuite world and these newer systems, due to the fact that they've basically been staffed with and around young people who really don't have a lot of business experience. They may know a lot about that application, that system, but then not really know very much about the business. Business experience is an issue in this market today.
Apr 9, 2024
Provides an excellent user interface and dashboard, but it is expensive and doesn’t enable customization
The solution is primarily for finance and accounts. It's spread across multiple industries, including service, trading, and a bit of manufacturing The product brings a fair bit of accountability into the system. There are checks and balances. The maker-checker and workflow are in place. Certain…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"NetSuite ERP has dramatically improved our organization. We went from QuickBooks to NetSuite. You can compare this transition to changing from tennis shoes to a flying car."
"We can install the bundles based on our needs."
"NetSuite ERP is good for a trading company that involves buying and selling."
"I have found there to be many features, such as manufacturing, accounting, financials, inventory, and purchasing."
"The most valuable feature is that it works according to how the Internet works."
"The most valuable feature in NetSuite ERP is the user interface."
"Every year, they release a new version."
"The project management aspect and the timesheets are valuable, especially for ensuring that our milestone billings are automated properly. From a manufacturing perspective, it is more to do with the entire management of the inventory, the overall finance, consolidation of books of accounts, and managing the profit and loss in a more effective manner."
"Built-in business intelligence has real-time reporting features that are quite handy."
"It provides our management a real-time view of operations."
"The solution is approximately 70 percent scalable. We have more than 100 people using the solution in my organization."
"I use Oracle ERP Cloud for implementation support."
"Smooth patches and upgrades which reduce costs and time for having a new version."
"My company found the financial planning and budgeting modules of Oracle ERP Cloud more sophisticated and valuable than its other modules."
"The solution is user-friendly with a good integration layer."
"It is easy and very convenient for clients to go to the front end and check whatever update they want to look at."


"The solution's initial setup process was complex."
"The communication has been peculiar, and the overall commercial process has been less than satisfactory."
"What needs to be improved is the development in the other areas and other businesses that can use NetSuite."
"The solution could be more stable."
"NetSuite ERP's UI could be improved. There are some features that are very complex that do not have to be. There are some aspects of the solution that could be simplified and this can include the documentation. Since it's a very complex tool, you expect to have great detailed documentation to help you implement it."
"The areas that this product needs to improve on is the implementation and inventory processes."
"Additionally, adding advanced modules such as AI components or customer service modules could help the system become more scalable."
"As with any system offering large volumes of data, there are limitations on processing large volumes of data in custom ways."
"The main thing Cloud ERP could improve is usability. However, it's not just an issue with Oracle. Most ERP solutions are not very user-friendly, so I think that could be the key improvement."
"Technical support is good, however, sometimes we do need to wait for an answer."
"The interface could be improved in future releases."
"The database is outdated and quite rigid."
"The stability is not as good as Informatica, but this is very good."
"I would like to see Oracle improve the automation of data entry."
"I would like to see an improved approach to pulling data with VDI."
"The tool is very expensive in Romania."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It is expensive."
"I would advise that you first meet with and scope out your project with a NetSuite VAR (Value Added Reseller)."
"It's very competitively priced due to it being a subscription model. So, clients are quite happy with the pricing. I would rate it an eight out of ten in terms of pricing."
"The price is less than the cost of daily hours."
"Pricing for NetSuite ERP is okay, but it could be better. The licensing model for NetSuite ERP is based on the number of modules and users. The standard license covers up to twenty-five users. If you have more than twenty-five users, you'll have to buy the premium license, which would double the price. For one module with five user licenses, the cost is between $40,000 to $50,000."
"The price of the solution is quite high."
"When people buy ERP, it's a competitive situation and the pricing is paramount."
"There is an annual license required to use this solution."
"The solution is expensive and there are some services that are extra costs."
"It is too costly."
"Oracle ERP Cloud is not a cheap solution."
"In a developing country such as Bangladesh, Oracle ERP Cloud is expensive compared to on-premise solutions, so the turnover is very low. Customers become more comfortable using on-premise services because of the high subscription costs of Oracle ERP Cloud."
"The price is average compared to other vendors. The licensing is on a yearly basis depending on the subscription pattern. There are no extra costs apart from licensing."
"The solution's pricing is reasonable in the global market"
"The price of the solution is expensive. There are additional costs associated with this particular case that must be taken into consideration when calculating the overall expense. These costs may include but are not limited to, additional materials, labor, and other miscellaneous expenses that may arise during the course of the project. It is important to note that these additional costs may exceed the initial pricing estimate."
"The solution is moderately priced, where it is neither expensive nor cheap."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about NetSuite ERP?
The inventory feature in NetSuite ERP is very valuable to me because it provides clear estimates about the depreciation of details and includes useful mobile modules.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for NetSuite ERP?
I would rate the costliness of NetSuite ERP as five out of ten. It is moderately affordable for our organization. There were additional costs for Arabic licensing, but otherwise, the pricing was fi...
What needs improvement with NetSuite ERP?
In the future, I would like to see improved customization options in NetSuite ERP, possibly through generative modules, to enhance flexibility and efficiency. I would also like to see improved lang...
What do you like most about Oracle ERP Cloud?
The user interface is the best feature.
What needs improvement with Oracle ERP Cloud?
Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP's interface needs to be improved. Report generation should be made easier.

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