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As of June 2024, in the Event Monitoring category, the mindshare of OpsRamp is 12.4%, up from 8.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is 18.8%, up from 12.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Jul 6, 2022
User-friendly, mature, efficient, and reasonably priced
There is definitely room for improvement. Not every tool, particularly OpsRamp, is 100 percent accurate. There are two features that I personally recommend the OpsRamp team look into. One example is a mature ITSM product. They currently have an internal ITSM. They also have contracts with third-party vendors such as ServiceNow and Service Desk, where you can integrate those applications into OpsRamp and use ITSM. OpsRamp has its own ITSM platform that if it could or would improve the performance of utilizing or the maturity of that particular ITSM for change management or incident management, it should really help an individual to kill two birds with one shot. Purchasing monitoring and alerting licenses allows them to use ITSM without spending the extra money to integrate other tools such as ServiceNow, or Service Desk, for example. The second area for improvement, in my opinion, is that because they are already cloud-centric, whether it is infrastructure, Azure or AWS, or on-premises platforms, they can create their own self-service portal and tie it up to any cloud in the sense that if I am a vendor who is willing to use any cloud in the future, I can just log into the self-service portal from OpsRamp and go ahead and deploy the resources from the cloud, such as building instances, adding storage, deleting storage, adding security, and so on. A single one-stop-shop for OpsRamp, a self-service portal where you could go ahead and deploy resources, enable monitoring, and create an ITSM portal for it. And, near the end, you can also make it so the patching is all done. It has been planned to be a one-stop-shop for everything. I would like to see two things. The first is a self-service portal for the cloud, any cloud deployments, and the second is maturity validation towards ITSM, internalizing OpsRamp TSM. As a result, instead of integrating with more mature tools similar to ServiceNow, people will use OpsRamp.
Mar 20, 2023
Useful integrations; helped us communicate better with teams in other time zones
I usually use two open objects that I need and if any requests come in, I request that the IT guys do it for me As my security department colleague is based in Australia, talking can be difficult because of different time zones. The way this solution has helped us is that it improved our…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Predictive analysis is a valued feature."
"We find the products seamless integration with Zendesk to be extremely valuable to our business."
"It greatly assists small and medium-sized businesses in using the ITSM, alerting, and monitoring features."
"The technical support is fantastic, and they are fast to respond."
"The feature we found most valuable in OpsRamp is alert generation because whenever there is any kind of spike on any virtual machine, the solution generates alerts based on the thresholds we implemented. We have integrated our ideas and tools with OpsRamp, so alerts are generated, then we notify the customers. That's the main feature we like about OpsRamp because we don't have to monitor each resource. Instead, OpsRamp does the monitoring for us, and it generates the alerts based on the thresholds."
"The most valuable feature of OpsRamp is the creation of the dashboards of the infrastructure for the CPU memory and SQL servers. Additionally, URL monitoring through Selenium scripting and the availability dashboard is useful."
"The most valuable feature of this solution in my experience, is that the available reporting is quite accurate."
"The feature that we have found most useful are the dashboards, which can be built in minutes using this solution, allowing multiple products, thresholds, or any given required metric to be seen in a single area."
"I like the tool's discovery feature."
"ServiceNow IT Operations Management is a stable product."
"The auto remediation feature has been most valuable. They have also introduced an AOP feature of ServiceNow that we are keen to explore."
"It is a stable solution. I have not experienced any system outages during my time using the solution."
"ITOM communicates information about incidents and maintains them. It handles tickets change, manages service networks, and reduces IT service downtime for the organization."
"The scalability of ServiceNow is good."
"It's easy to set up."
"Has service mapping, impact management, metric intelligence and health of analytics."


"What's lacking in OpsRamp is process automation, and if there is, I wish there could be more of it, other than just spikes, or it would be better if the alerts can be generated based on different matrices. That option is absent in OpsRamp at the moment, and it would be valuable if that could be provided in the solution, especially if there's any kind of security issue in the VM."
"OpsRamp cannot be scaled for big and large company deployments."
"We would like this solution to be developed into a full CMP tool, so that we are able to use a single product for all of our cloud management needs."
"Automation is currently quite complex and needs to be improved."
"The function to search any particular device within this solution needs to be improved. Currently, the solution develops a lag when a search, or a comparison, is being carried out."
"The user interface of this product requires some changes as it is not inclusively user-friendly. For example, the performance indicators are color-based , which means that they are confusing for anyone who is color blind."
"OpsRamp could improve the critical alerts. We have been receiving some false alerts when monitoring. For example, the alert shows the site is down, but when we try to do manual access to the URL, it's accessible."
"We have 55 AVDs, and patches might roll out to 32-35 initially, with the rest taking a month or so. OpsRamp can't detect them all directly. Since clients want patches applied as soon as possible, we manually patch those remaining devices."
"The pricing is high."
"There is room for improvement in the stability of ServiceNow."
"The security policies could be increased."
"The tool can be improved by including more detailed information to assist new users."
"My managers would say that the price is too high. We wanted to also have the visibility version of it, but it's too expensive for us. Going for visibility would have doubled up the price."
"The initial setup phase was hard and could be made easier."
"The out-of-the-box reporting feature is not as user friendly as other tools."
"Lacks the ability to do its own monitoring."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"You pay it for a year and you'll have full access to the entire platform, not only for monitoring and alerting, you will have access to the entire platform, and whatever technology they develop will be made available to you."
"I don't have any idea about the licensing cost for OpsRamp, but I just know that its pricing is based on the resource count for each tenant."
"OpsRamp is a cost-effective solution."
"There is an annual licensing fee to use OpsRamp."
"The solution offers yearly licenses and a subscription model for add-on features."
"The cost of ServiceNow is much higher."
"It is moderately expensive. The pricing itself and the licensing options are depending on the model and the customization."
"It is expensive. It is around 10 Euros per server per month."
"I would rate the product's pricing a five out of ten since there are vendors who are cheaper."
"It has different subscription models."
"The price of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is expensive."
"This solution offers good value but comes at a very high premium. Pricing could be reduced by 10 to 20%."
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Questions from the Community

What needs improvement with OpsRamp?
There is room for improvement in the performance of the product. The main problem is with patch management. The actual problem we're facing is with the patch management feature. It's not real-time,...
What do you like most about ServiceNow IT Operations Management?
From my perspective as an asset manager, the most valuable feature of the solution is the configuration management portion, where I can actively add something to the database.

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