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VMware vSAN
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Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the HCI category, the market share of StarWind Virtual SAN is 2.3% and it increased by 63.3% compared to the previous year. The market share of VMware vSAN is 15.9% and it decreased by 20.8% compared to the previous year. The market share of VxRail is 20.8% and it decreased by 5.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Q&A Highlights

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 28, 2021

Featured Reviews

Nov 24, 2021
Scalable with excellent support and allowed for the use of existing hardware
The main issue we ran into was the documentation. We attempted to set up the product in our test environment by ourselves and ran into several areas of the documentation that were unclear to us. Starwind provides excellent pre-sale support and scheduled several meetings between our IT staff and their support team to review the configuration and answer questions. This helped immensely in deploying the software in our test environment and helped us to understand the product better. Support was always willing to help with any documentation that we were confused over and continued to follow up with us after the project went live.
Feb 21, 2024
A enterprise storage virtualization software for applications
The initial setup for VMware vSAN involves two key components. Firstly, we offer our flagship product which utilizes VMware's leading vSAN technology. The major components are included in the package upon purchase, making it a straightforward setup compared to building it from scratch, such as with vSphere 7. We provide pre-configured vSAN ReadyNodes for convenience, although they may lack specific branding. This option allows for a more DIY approach based on ReadyNode servers. Deploying vSAN ReadyNodes is automated, requiring minimal manual intervention. Setting up a custom solution can be more complex. The process remains relatively straightforward with some necessary intervention. It's also possible to integrate vSAN ReadyNodes with Azure setups on a large scale. Customers opting for the automated setup merely need to ensure they meet the prerequisites, including switches, and various other requirements such as NTP configuration. Once these prerequisites are met, deploying vSAN becomes relatively easy, as VMware handles most of the configuration automatically. Deployment is very easy and takes less than an hour.
Jan 4, 2022
Great deduplication with data conversion capabilities and very user-friendly
The data conversion capabilities are very good. Deduplication is excellent. The initial setup is simple As of right now, I cannot think of any improvements, as it has been working very well. It might help if there was more confidentiality between VxRail and the Data Domain for Backup. There are…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The installation of StarWind Virtual SAN was pretty easy, and the configuration was done in no time."
"Highly available storage is the most valuable feature. The entire rollout is hyper-converged and requires no extra storage further than the hosts in which Hyper-V is running. Another feature that has been great is the support from StarWind in general. We have their proactive support package on the main cluster that employs Starwind Virtual SAN."
"The available GUI is excellent for monitoring and operating the system in an easy and direct way."
"Recovery and maintenance are now less stressful and most importantly, it allows our users to keep working."
"The product's core feature of virtualizing our storage is by far the most valuable."
"The user interface for this application is amazing."
"I like the asynchronous replication and failover features. They are what I'm primarily using it for. The asynchronous replication is helpful because our servers are backed up continuously throughout the day. If anything goes wrong we just fail over immediately. That is a very nice feature to have."
"Starwind made it easy to deploy fully redundant, highly available storage at a low cost."
"It is very easy to set up and very easy to use. It is very useful."
"VMware vSAN is easy to implement in a VMware environment and it is not expensive."
"I like the scalability and the fact that it reduces your total cost for storage over several years."
"All the features are working great."
"All orchestration and monitoring are routed to the cloud."
"Since the storage space is local to the hosts, it reduces the overall response time and improves the performance."
"We've found the solution to be scalable."
"It allows us to put our infrastructure in remote locations and still get the same performance we get from our onsite SAN solutions."
"VxRail has high performance and has great efficiency. There is a single place for us to manage all of our virtual machines. The ability to right-size instead of overcommit VMs is a large benefit."
"I have found that the admin deployment, monitoring off-premises, and the many services important features. Additionally, the solution has good integration."
"Our clients value being able to upgrade with one click or a few clicks."
"The simplicity and manageability of VxRail are most valuable. We have a very good experience with this product. Its stability and scalability are also very good."
"The major advantage is the blueprint. You do not need to separately manage the sand or network part because it all gets virtualized."
"Offers zero-day deployment"
"The updating of the features was one aspect of the solution that made us decide to use it."
"Enterprise is a complete solution that includes performance, backups and disaster recovery."


"I would like to see an extensive set of cmdlets that could allow for easier automation as well as status management."
"A better overall view of the different deployments could be beneficial, although this is difficult due to how flexible the solution is."
"For improvement, I would like to see how the software determines which networks to use for which purpose. It seems like the naming terminology changes a bit from here to there."
"Improvements in documentation and support resources could enhance the user experience."
"Feature-wise we are only waiting for the release of a "planned disaster" feature that would allow us to patch a hypervisor node without having to take the full storage offline."
"Scaling the product is fairly easy except for the computing aspect. It would entail another appliance. While not a show stopper, it isn't as easy as dropping in a few extra SSDs."
"If there are domain controllers inside the cluster, there needs to be some sort of logic allowing them to boot independently so all the rest of the domain clients can gain the authority they need to come online."
"Server-side snapshots are one thing the Linux appliance can't do yet."
"The architecture of vSAN is not good. vSAN works with objects, such as disks, and it causes problems with availability."
"There needs to be an increase in the supported memory and hard disk space, as it is an area where the product currently has certain shortcomings."
"It could have some automation. We haven't involved ourselves in a lot of automation around the vSAN environment capabilities. We're still running it using a very traditional setup. So, there could be some plugins to automate it using third-party environments, such as Jenkins."
"It is an expensive solution."
"Pricing is something of a concern."
"There is room for improvement in vSAN's ability to debug. When it's not working well, debugging becomes quite challenging. Identifying issues when it's lagging or not functioning properly can be difficult."
"The solution must provide better customization."
"The main problem we had was hardware compatibility, finding the right hardware that was certified."
"A more containerized approach in regards to the interface would be better."
"What I did not like so much was the amount of VMware that you have to put in your system related to the VxRail."
"VxRail is a closed system with an out-of-the -box solution approach, it has basic 3 layers, Hardware, Network, Storage, Software, (Virtualizing) Applications. Release notes and improvement tips, patches from the back office, the business units, should be frequent and up to the patches which are coming from different vendors as far as the operating system application and also the technology itself is concerned."
"The product could support and have more compliance with other vendors."
"There is limited support for SAP HANA with this solution."
"I can't speak to any missing features or weak aspects of the system just yet. We haven't had a chance to really dig in."
"The licensing needs to be improved upon."
"Next release, we would like to see online applications."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"This solution has competitive prices and the implementation is very easy."
"The setup cost, pricing, and licensing are very straightforward. They are exactly what you expect."
"Licensing is easy and the whole package is cost-effective."
"The cost, including OPEX, is lower compared to other solutions."
"StarWind is best price/performance for SMB."
"There are two tiers of support and in my opinion, support is worth the cost."
"The support contract is well worth it. The price for it was very reasonable and their team has been very engaged whenever we reach out."
"When we did all the analysis for StarWind, it was approximately 20 percent less than any of the other solutions that we looked at."
"The vSAN is somewhat expensive to license."
"Perhaps a bundle, like Essentials, would allow more businesses to make the leap to the product."
"The product’s pricing is a bit higher than other solutions."
"The cost of the solution is high and if it could be reduced the customers would be very happy."
"This solution requires the purchase of a license."
"I feel the pricing to be reasonable."
"From a cost perspective, it is expensive. From a usability perspective, it reduces the overhead costs attached to its users' servers."
"There is a license to use this solution and we pay approximately $30,000 annually. There were not any additional fees required other than the license. The solution is expensive."
"When compared with others, the price is very reasonable."
"It has a yearly subscription. It can be for one year, three years, or five years."
"The tool is expensive."
"The price would be in the middle to the expensive range. It is not cheap."
"Fees vary by license type."
"We made a one-time purchase of the solution and the price is expensive."
"Most of hyper-converged solutions require additional licenses for the virtualization layer (like VMware)."
"It varies. It could be $100,000 at the smaller end and millions and millions of dollars at the higher end."
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Answers from the Community

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 28, 2021
Sep 28, 2021
While both run on the vSAN technology from VMware, vSAN needs to be deployed on vSAN ready nodes while VxRail is an engineered system. The choice to choose which technology depends on two major factors – • Skillsets available internally for validating, testing and roll out. • The time available for an organization to roll out the infrastructure. Given the above two criteria, if an organization ...
2 out of 20 answers
it_user849069 - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 6, 2019
VxRail is an complett and Automatiatet Solutions and is Build on vSAN Vmware and is a part from the Solution , This Solution will build your complet VMware Infrastruktur incl. Hardware. and iDRAC. This is the Software defined Datacenter. You ned special Hardware from DellEMC vSAN is just the Software defined Storage Solution from VMware, this can build with vSAN Ready Hardware nodes.
Feb 6, 2019
While both run on the vSAN technology from VMware, vSAN needs to be deployed on vSAN ready nodes while VxRail is an engineered system. The choice to choose which technology depends on two major factors – • Skillsets available internally for validating, testing and roll out. • The time available for an organization to roll out the infrastructure. Given the above two criteria, if an organization has lot of internal skillsets within the organization and enough time to choose the relevant hardware and test/validate each in terms of type of processor, memory, hard drives, HBA, NIC etc and have the relevant drivers and patches, then vSAN would be a more economical options. The advantages with vSAN is that you have more flexibility in choosing your brand and hardware and more economical compared to a pre-engineered system. The disadvantages are time to roll out will be more as lot of testing and validation needs to be done. Secondly, upgrade to future vSpehre versions might involve lot of complexities and time consuming forcing many customers to stick with the current version. Of course, there are exceptions to this where customers have also migrated successfully but the journey was not an easy one. On the other hand, VxRail comes as an pre-engineered system that is plug and play. Few clicks and input of IP address gets you up and running in few minutes. Roll of the infrastructure is fast as no testing and validation from a hardware perspective is needed as it is already done by Dell EMC at the factory. Management and upgradation to new vSphere versions are very easy and not complicated. Disadvantages will be the flexibility to choose your brand or choice of hardware is very limited and would be slightly more costlier than building your own vSAN nodes. In conclusion, if you have the budget and want less headache in management, automation and up-gradation, choose VxRail. If you have limited budget and is ready to spend long time in solving complexities - you can opt for vSAN.

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