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PeerSpot Rebrand FAQ

Why is IT Central Station changing its name to PeerSpot?

The name change for IT Central Station has been a long time coming. When we founded IT Central, our main focus for enterprise reviews was in the IT sector. Over time, the scope of solutions that feature on our site has broadened to include a wide variety of enterprise tech solutions. We’re going to continue expanding into more categories in addition to the traditional IT categories.

Together with our broadened focus, we want our brand to clearly reflect the power of peers. People increasingly trust their peers more than companies, more than ‘experts’ or analysts. Our platform has always been a place where people can access the advice of their peers to make buying decisions. We’re tapping into the grassroots movement that’s happening in every part of the world - politics, society, financial markets, that people trust peers who are most like them.

The name PeerSpot represents the power of peers coming together to share advice. The move away from having “IT” in our name, signals the broader focus of our review platform and our continued expansion into more categories of enterprise tech.

Effective when is the new name?

As of January 2022, we will officially be PeerSpot.

What’s the meaning behind the new logo?

The logo is shaped as both a “P” (for PeerSpot!) and a speech bubble. The speech bubble represents what our platform is all about - giving a voice to users and tech buyers. The cursor is about in-depth high quality content

What will be changing about the website besides its name? (What does the rebrand mean for me as a customer/vendor)?

All the things that you love about our site - like the in-depth review content, products and comparisons - will remain the same. It’s going to look a bit different - but better. And we will continue to introduce improvements along the way.