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Top 8 Project Management Software

Jiramonday.comBroadcom Clarity PPMPlanview PPM ProPlanview ProjectplaceSmartsheetAsanaMicrosoft Project
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    It includes by default all the necessary tools for a project manager to work and make their work more efficient.The way we can define and customize the search queries for the tickets in Jira is most valuable.
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    We have project overviews to keep track of each client and project and I can also see what the other managers are doing. I love being able to set up alerts.
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  4. Clarity PPM's strongest features are project and resource management.Broadcom Clarity PPM's most valuable feature is the plenty of modules, such as portfolio, project, resource, and time.
  5. You can easily align strategic management and the portfolios within your organization. It helps you visualize all your strategic plans and the KPIs. It provides that information on a unified dashboard, in which you can track all your resources and the portfolios. It helps senior stakeholders and executives with clear reporting about project intake and demands, in real time.
  6. It simplifies the management of our day-to-day work and brings all our processes into a single place where we can plan our activities, monitor them, and take any actions accordingly.
  7. It is my favorite project management tool. The reason for that is that it is very flexible. It is much easier to use than Microsoft Project in terms of creating custom fields. It is very similar to Excel. So, people understand it, which makes it a little bit easier to use for most users.
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  9. The initial setup is straightforward. It was just a few clicks to get started and to integrate Asana into our existing business system. It took 15 days to fully implement our projects using Asana.
  10. I like that I can change the task and include different resources related to the task.The user interface is simple and it helps me in planning what needs to be accomplished.

Advice From The Community

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Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

Hi community,

Please share with other members, which Agile tools did you use for project management and how was your experience with this particularr product?

Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
Shibu BabuchandranHi @Evgeny Belenky ​, Couple of tools that I have seen being used by my… more »
2 Answers
Lisl D. - PeerSpot reviewer
Lisl D.
Office Manager at a consultancy with 11-50 employees
Hi, We are a consultancy and design business of 18 people and currently use Teamwork, Harvest and Harvest Forecast for our project/budget management, time tracking and invoicing but are researching as to whether there would be better options. We love Harvest but find Teamwork is not very user-fr...
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PABLO CUOMO - PeerSpot reviewer
PABLO CUOMOI know both Apps, Clarity, and Planview, both are World Class solutions… more »
8 Answers

Project Management Software Articles

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Aug 02 2022
Dear professionals, Welcome back to PeerSpot's Community Spotlight! Below you can find the latest hot topics posted by your fellow PeerSpot Community members. Read articles, answer questions, and contribute to discussions that are relevant to you and your expertise. Or ask your peers for insight...
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Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Evgeny Belenky@Chris Childerhose, @PraveenKambhampati, @Deena Nouril, @Shibu Babuchandran and… more »
1 Comment
PraveenKambhampati - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner at Thought Leaders Management Consulting
Jul 31 2022
A lot depends on the size of the organization number of Projects that need to be migrated, the number of Project Managers, Programs, Portfolios, and so on. While the schedule and timeline are critical for the Assignment or Change Management Project, the cost of migration is usually ignored citing...
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Ben Arbeit - PeerSpot reviewer
Ben Arbeit@PraveenKambhampati,​ great post, thank u.
1 Comment
Syed S - PeerSpot reviewer
Syed S
Project Manager - Information Security at Gulf International Bank
Apr 13 2022
Have you ever wondered how effective project management can really help you with your Cyber security projects? In recent times, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue worldwide. Every year, businesses spend more time and effort protecting their data. Gartner forecasted that glo...
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BorisVishnevsky - PeerSpot reviewer
BorisVishnevskyCybersecurity had been recognized as a Fifth War Domain a while back: Land, Sea… more »
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Orangescrum - PeerSpot reviewer
Product Manager at Orangescrum
After putting a lot of effort into project planning, suddenly you observed that one of your tasks took much longer than expected and during that time a new assignment pop-up. Also, in such a situation one of the important team members took leave for a few days.                         Source:...
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Project Management Software Topics

What does project management software do?

Project management software will help direct project workflow, realize team goals and objectives, and even synchronize various separate tasks to ensure a project's successful timely completion. A proper project management software tool will offer numerous options to allow users to assign (and re-assign) tasks, control outcomes, assess resources, and handle and manage workflows. All of this can be done from one central management location or dashboard.

What are the main types of project management software?

There are many different types of project management software solutions. Below are some of the available options:

  • Desktop: With desktop options, the software is installed on each user's device. This type of option offers a very good GUI and excellent response.
  • Client-server: A client-server option is installed on an organization's chosen server. This type of option allows for numerous users to be logged into the solution at the same time. It also allows for centralized data storage and greater control.
  • Web-based: A web-based option uses software that is logged into via the internet. This allows access from any device and from any location. The software is regularly updated and maintained by the provider. This is generally very cost-effective than having to purchase additional devices, storage, or software. This type of option does not tax users' resources or affect data storage.
  • Cloud-based: Similar to a web-based option, a cloud-based option can be logged into from anywhere in the world. This option is easily accessible and does not utilize any of the user's resources. A cloud-based option is one of the more popular options in the marketplace today.
  • Integrated: An integrated project management tool will combine other aspects of a company’s business, such as interviewing, onboarding, invoicing, and more. Many project management tools are becoming more integrated to meet the demand in the marketplace. Integrated project management tools are generally available in all of the other options listed above.
Who needs project management software?

Anyone who wants to streamline their business process, clarify what tasks need to be done and when they need to be completed, and wants them completed by an agreed-upon time can benefit from project management software. A good project management tool will keep everyone involved in the project, task, or assignment, fully aware of the goals, project status, expected outcomes, and achieved outcomes at all times. Collaboration will be made simple and tasks and projects will have a better opportunity for successful completion.

Why is project management software needed?

In today’s business environment, everyone is very busy and it is possible for oversights to occur and even for very important tasks to fall through the cracks. When an integral part of a project or assignment is forgotten, an entire project can be compromised and cost an organization thousands, if not millions. This is where a project management software tool plays an important role. Projects can be carefully planned and implemented, and roles and duties signed appropriately to ensure that no task is left out, no resource is overly taxed, and everything is planned to completion in a doable, cost-effective time frame.

Project Management Software Benefits

Some of the benefits of using project management software include:

  • Improved teamwork: At the heart of every successful team is the ability to function together in order to achieve desired goals. The realization that every task is important and that every contribution is valued makes not only achieving successful outcomes easier, but every team member and every contributor feel valued. Team members stay engaged and motivated and feel supported to get tasks done to ensure group success.

  • Improved task management: A value-added project management tool will facilitate the planning and organization of projects to ensure that no task is overlooked in the planning process. The tool will have everything a project manager needs to organize all the tasks, set deadlines, and design a workflow to achieve consistently successful outcomes.

  • Improve risk management: Every project has risks involved. A project management software tool will help project managers identify risks before any problems occur and, when needed, will provide options to course-correct should a project go off-course or derail.

  • Improve communication: With project management software, every participant in a project can immediately see the status of the project or task, give immediate input, and get an immediate response. All participants can participate in open collaboration, asking for assistance, giving feedback, or sharing successful outcomes in an open forum that is designed to move the project forward to achieve successful outcomes.
Project Management Software Features
  • Reporting: The desired project management software should be able to provide effective reporting so that all stakeholders and participants can easily visualize and offer complete transparency to the status of every project. This can be in the form of GUI, detailed preset protocols, and insights.

  • Templates: The solution should offer easy-to-understand templates to suit the particular industry and project needs. These can be simply adjusted to meet the various criteria of every project in your industry.

  • Workflows: A project management tool should have automated workflow options that will provide effective and meaningful steps to achieve successful outcomes. The tool should provide a clear visual of how every task contributes to the project's success and that the project is moving forward to timely completion.

  • Customization: Every industry has various unique processes that need to be considered. It is therefore important to choose a project management software tool that provides options for customization in every aspect of the available features to ensure that the selected tool performs optimally for each organization.
Buyer's Guide
Project Management Software
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Atlassian, monday, Broadcom and others in Project Management Software. Updated: July 2022.
621,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.