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Top 8 Regression Testing

Tricentis ToscaMicro Focus UFT OneSelenium HQSmartBear TestCompleteKatalon StudioReadyAPI TestQualibrateRanorex Studio
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    To me, what stands out the most about Tricentis Tosca is that even if I'm not a technical tester, I could pick up on how to use it very quickly because of the mechanisms of the tool, for example, its scanning mechanism. I'm not so technical, but I'm able to maneuver through Tricentis Tosca and derive capability. It's a user-friendly tool. It's not very complex.
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    The stop automation is a great feature.It's easy to use for beginners and non-technical people.
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    Selenium HQ's most valuable feature is picking up and entering values from web pages.It's not too complicated to implement.
  5. You can record your actions and play them back later.The most valuable features of the SmartBear TestComplete are self-healing, they reduce the maintenance required. The different languages SmartBear TestComplete supports are good because some of our libraries are written in Python, JavaScript, and C#. It's very easy to put them all under one project and use them. The are other features that SmartBear TestComplete has but the competition widely has them as well.
  6. The most valuable features of Katalon Studio are its user-friendliness and the AI smart healing capabilities.The most valuable feature of Katalon Studio is that everything can be managed from one platform.
  7. The solution has some good scanning features. SoapUI is uncomplicated and user-friendly.
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  9. We use the solution’s Test Planning & test Execution Scheduling features, and they are very important. They are easy to work with. We use SAP Solution Manager, and Qualibrate works with it, enabling us to manage all our tests, taking them from Solution Manager directly into Qualibrate.
  10. I like the recording function and Ranorex Spy. Object identification is good.

Regression Testing Tools Topics

What are the 4 techniques of regression testing?

There are four primary techniques that developers can use when they are running regression tests. Developers can choose the technique that is most appropriate for their particular situation.

  1. Retest All method: This method requires users to re-run every test that they ran when the program was initially designed. Every test case that the developers thought could be necessary is re-executed to make sure that none of the program changes created bugs in the application. This technique is the most expensive of all of the technique choices. It is the most time-consuming option and it demands that developers devote many resources to it.

  2. Regression Test Selection: This testing technique is more surgical in nature than the Retest All method. Instead of re-executing every initial use case, this technique only re-runs very specific use cases. Developers only run tests that relate to the specific changes they made to the application. The use cases are split into two categories:

    • Reusable test cases are highly relevant to the program and will be run during that and future regression test cycles.
    • Obsolete test cases are not relevant to the program anymore and will no longer be used in regression tests.
  3. Test Case Prioritization: Like the Regression Test Selection testing technique, this testing method asks that developers prioritize which test cases they will run again and run the most critical and high-priority test cases first. There are a number of ways that priority can be determined. Developers can look at how critical the particular function to be tested is to the running of the product or how often that function is used.

  4. Hybrid Technique: This method combines elements of the previous two methodology types. The hybrid technique for regression testing selectively tests test cases on the basis of the critical nature of the specific test case.
What is regression testing vs UAT?

Regression testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) are different testing protocol types that are conducted at totally different points of the application development process. UAT is a testing protocol that runs the initial testing, while an application is under development. This is the testing that takes place prior to an application reaching its intended end user. UAT takes place before users ever see the end product. Regression testing is conducted after the product has already been rolled out and used. User data can play an important role in the regression testing process.

Why do we use regression testing?

In order for applications to adapt to the constantly changing technical world, they need to be upgraded. This can come with risks, as patches could introduce code to the application that interferes with what is already there. Upgrades might negatively impact the performance of the application’s features. Developers conduct regression tests to spot and resolve such issues before they impact the application’s users.

What are the different types of regression testing?

There are several basic types of regression testing methods. These methods include:

1. Corrective regression testing is used when no changes have been introduced in the product’s specification of the product. Existing test cases can be used to retest the product.

2. Selective regression testing analyzes the impact of the new code on the existing software. Selection regression testing is conducted before any new code is introduced to the product. This kind of testing uses a subset of the test case that already exists, reducing the cost of retesting.

3. Progressive regression testing is used when the application developers come up with new testing cases or when changes have been made to the application’s specifications. This ensures that the changes to the application don’t hinder the functioning of the features that are already a part of the application.

4. Partial regression testing is conducted any time users have added code to their already existing code. The purpose of these tests is to make sure that the application continues to function as it did previously despite the addition of new code.

Regression Testing Tools Features

There are a number of features that should be part of the designs of effective regressive testing tools. These features include:

  • Scriptless regression testing options

  • Automatic test failure recognition

  • AI-driven automatic self-healing capabilities

  • The ability to run multiple regression tests in parallel to each other

  • Simplified regression test result report generation
Regression Testing Tools Benefits

Application developers can benefit in many different ways if they choose to employ regression testing tools. These benefits can include:

  • Guarantees continuous and uninterrupted business operations. Regression testing tools make sure that the presence of a new bug in an organization’s application does not shut down that business’s day-to-day operations. These tests keep operations up and running.
  • Ensures a high level of product quality assurance. Regression testing tools make it possible for developers to quickly spot new bugs and resolve them. They can then re-release the product to users without either the developers or the users having to worry that the product may be in some way defective.
  • Reduces unexpected costs associated with potential product recalls. Developers are able to keep a close eye on their products when they conduct regression tests. Any new bugs that could threaten the product are spotted before the defective product ever hits the market. This saves developers time and money, as they can resolve the issues before recalls ever become necessary.
Buyer's Guide
Regression Testing Tools
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Tricentis, Micro Focus, SeleniumHQ and others in Regression Testing Tools. Updated: July 2022.
622,645 professionals have used our research since 2012.