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What is the best tool for SQL monitoring in a large enterprise?

What tools do you recommend for SQL server monitoring for an enterprise-level business?

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I highly recommend 2 products from the SolarWinds ITOM Suite;

1 Server Application Monitor Check link: https://www.solarwinds.com/server-application-monitor

1 Database Performance Analyzer for SQLServer https://www.solarwinds.com/database-performance-analyzer-sql-server

Both products are integrated

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I use the Paessler (PRTG) for long time, and highly recommend one: https://www.paessler.com/database-monitoring

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It is a very easy answer. For sure OpsMgr(SCOM). The simple reason is, Microsoft developed OpsMgr(SCOM) to monitor Microsoft products and the best to do this. NO other monitoring toolset can do it as good as OpsMgr(SCOM). OpsMgr(SCOM) can do 3rd party monitoring as well.

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We have used Microsoft system center operations manager  and it integrates well with SQL.  We are starting to use open source tools and sending the metrics to Wavefront. This provides more real time monitoring but extensive development.  The main issue we have in our environment with SCOM is real time ability.  

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PRTG With SQL sensor

Check this link: https://www.paessler.com/manua...

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You can use Solawind or BMC

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I personally believe in SCOM (Operations Manager) since it contains all the required tools to monitor and manage SQL operationally. Majority of enterprises already have the Microsoft EA in place so the System Center licensing is already available along with SQL. 

.. in summary

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I am 100% biased as I work for Panopta, but I wouldn't work here if I didn't think our monitoring tools weren't outstanding. 

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It is depending on what you need to monitor. Do you need to monitor transactions, or code or the SQL software and parameter values?

If it is for transactions, you have many tools. The best ones are Instana, Dynatrace. Both are easy to install and more importantly easy to configure. 

My favorite is Instana with Turbonomic.

For application code, you can use Datadog or SolarWinds.

For software, APM and all the above things you can use rufusai - a total solution for enterprises.

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Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager plus. 

The OBM Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server helps administrators efficiently monitor distributed enterprise-wide Microsoft SQL Server environments from a central, best-in-class console.

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