Top 8 Public Cloud Storage Services

Microsoft Azure File StorageNetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAPAmazon S3Google Cloud StorageMicrosoft Azure Block StorageAmazon EFS (Elastic File System)Microsoft Azure Object StorageZadara
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    The solution can be expanded because one can manage and install huge amounts of data in Azure.The most valuable feature of Microsoft Azure File Storage is the cloud file storage capability.
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    The good thing about NetApp is the features that are available on the cloud are also available on-premises. It's very easy to set up, and within 40 minutes, you can apply storage notes in Azure.
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    Public Cloud Storage Services
    June 2023
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    The users have nothing to worry about as the solution is well established. The most valuable features of Amazon S3 are the performance and hibernation data options. Additionally, there is a feature that provides faster website access that is helpful.
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    The responses from the technical team are fast...It is a stable product...We do have plans to increase the number of users since it is a scalable product.
  6. The most helpful features of Microsoft Azure Block Storage are the many use cases. Additionally, it can be locked down well and has two-factor authentication.
  7. The initial setup was straightforward.Its elasticity and flexible pricing are the most valuable. For Amazon EFS, you are charged based on the storage. It is also very fast and stable with a very simple and intuitive interface.
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  9. Blob Storage is one of the best resources in Azure for storing unstructured data such as files, video files, audio files, and Excel files.What I like most about Microsoft Azure Object Storage is that you have many ways to access it.
  10. The most valuable features of Zadara are its visibility and simplicity to use.The most valuable feature of Zadara is its ease of use and safety. Overall the solution is a complete package, it has all the features needed.

Public Cloud Storage Services Topics

What are the benefits of public cloud storage?

Organizations using public cloud storage may benefit from much lower costs than they would if they had to purchase and maintain servers, networks, and storage infrastructure. But the benefits of storing data and workloads in the cloud don’t end there. Some of the main advantages of the public cloud include:

  • Cost-effective: Customers pay cloud providers for the resources they use instead of paying for infrastructure. On the cloud, it is easy to add more storage as needed and pay only for what you use.
  • No maintenance: The service provider maintains the cloud structure.
  • High reliability: Cloud providers usually offer an uptime of over 99.999% of the time by using a wide network of servers. This ensures that in the event of failure of one server, others take the load and downtime is almost nonexistent.
  • Scalability: Public cloud storage offers near-unlimited scalability. Organizations that need to scale up or down can do so easily from their account on the fly.
  • Accessibility: Public cloud storage allows companies to provide access to data from everywhere. Thus, companies working remotely can have business continuity with distributed workforces as long as they have internet access.
  • Resource pooling: Cloud environments pool their computing and storage resources, allowing for multi-tenant operations, thus providers can get economies of scale and pass these savings on to their customers.
What are the security features of public cloud storage?

Public cloud services work under a shared responsibility model. This means the vendor is responsible for the security of the cloud environment and infrastructure as a whole and the user is responsible for the security of their data and workloads. Keeping the data secure in the cloud is critical when opting for a cloud storage service. When looking at cloud service providers, here are some security features to consider:

  1. Advanced firewall: Data in the cloud requires extended firewall features like checking the packet content for integrity and stability.
  2. Intrusion detection system: Most compliance standards require organizations to track and record intrusion attempts. So IDS event logging is essential for organizations in regulated industries that need to comply with PCI, DSS, or HIPAA regulations. Some cloud providers offer intrusion detection monitoring to detect threats and malicious IP addresses.
  3. Application and database firewalls: The perimeter firewall can block external attacks but internal threats exist as well. Cloud storage services that implement internal firewalls to restrict access to databases and applications offer a new layer of protection against internal threats. These can also block an attacker trying to move laterally inside the environment.
  4. Encryption at rest and in transit: Data must be protected not only when transferred from or to the cloud but also while at rest inside the cloud storage. This is an effective way to keep sensitive information from an attacker. That way, even if an attacker can steal the data, they cannot use it without knowing the decryption key.
Differences between public vs private cloud

Unlike in the public cloud, in the private cloud, the user does not share the service with any other organization. Their cloud is dedicated to the company only.

Contrarily, in a public cloud, the services are shared by different customers, although each user’s data is hidden from other cloud users. A private cloud can be compared with renting a private house. It is more expensive but more private. A public cloud can be compared to an apartment building. The tenants share the common infrastructure but they each have their own space for their belongings.

Private clouds can be hosted, which means they are offered by a third-party cloud provider, or internal, which means they are managed and maintained by the organization.

Public Cloud Storage Features

Opting for a cloud storage platform has several benefits, like easy access to data and files. When looking for a cloud storage service, there are important features to look for:

  1. File versioning: This feature enables you to edit files without fearing the service will overwrite them. Instead, these services keep several versions of your files so you can go back to the old copies later. Most services can even allow you to retrieve a deleted file.
  1. Collaboration tools: Easy file sharing with other authorized users is a must to allow for collaboration in distributed workforces. The best cloud storage services also ensure secure access to protect the shared data.
  1. Automatic synchronization: This feature updates the files in real time to reflect the edits you make. Automatic syncing saves you from having to sync manually, with the risk of losing data. Some cloud storage services also provide automatic backups so you can rest assured that no data is lost.
  1. Security and file encryption: Your cloud storage service should encrypt the data at rest as well as in transit. The best services even allow you to pick the encryption key and identity and access management. Access control lets you ensure only the right user has access to the data.
  1. Flexibility and affordability: Pricing models vary according to the platform. Some storage platforms offer limited data and get more expensive when scaling up. Others are more expensive at the outset but get more affordable with time. It is important that the cloud storage feature offers the flexibility to scale up or down in an affordable manner.
Buyer's Guide
Public Cloud Storage Services
June 2023
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, NetApp, Amazon and others in Public Cloud Storage Services. Updated: June 2023.
708,544 professionals have used our research since 2012.