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Top 8 Project Portfolio Management

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    We have project overviews to keep track of each client and project and I can also see what the other managers are doing. I love being able to set up alerts.
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    The dynamism of the application where you can modify it to fit your needs is valuable. For example, you can create fields, metrics, and measures on the fly. You don't have to be limited to what the out-of-the-box format would be. It allows you to generate fields, metrics, and reports off of that with relative ease.
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    The Kanban board has really helped us be more agile and we can keep track of everything that is ongoing.In my opinion, the financial planning feature is the most valuable feature of Planview Enterprise One.
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    It has a nice dashboard view, so you can analyze the progress on a project from a single place. It provides a nice graphical representation of all the project management with visualizations of Gantt chart and customized reports. You can easily track all your progress on project tasks and flag any issues.
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    The resource manager is useful. The stability is excellent. ServiceNow is one of the leading platforms when it comes to stability.
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    Smartsheet offers more than Project because it's similar to a table-based, database-type system. It's like a hybrid between Excel and project software. We were able to enter the formulas and do much of the automation. We added budgets to it and linked them to a vendor page. Smartsheet let us integrate the budget into the project seamlessly. With Project, we needed to open up Excel.
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  9. It's stable and reliable.The most valuable features are the gantt charts. It's easy to use for me.
  10. There are two things in particular that I enjoy. The first is the portfolio planning section. Another advantage is that it is highly customizable.We have a variety of different modules, but it is mainly used for costs, risks, and resources.

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Cheryl Joseph - PeerSpot reviewer
Cheryl Joseph
Enterprise Architecture Project and Portfolio Management - EPMO Domain Architect at Progressive Insurance
I work in Enterprise Architecture Project and Portfolio Management at a large insurance company.  I want to know what's out there, what's good, and get real user input about strategic project portfolio management solutions. 
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Mark McGregor - PeerSpot reviewer
Mark McGregorHi @Cheryl Joseph ​Looking at the crossover between Project and Portfolio… more »
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Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Evgeny BelenkyThank you to all the community members who share their knowledge with other… more »
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it_user85101 - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at a tech services company
Aug 16 2022
System, Value, and Decision failures bring the grinding wheel to a halt As put by a Quality guru, People in general, more than 80% of the team are, in fact, productive and efficient. The problem then is with the chosen few who have an efficient short-term view but high-risk performance focus. By...
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PraveenKambhampati - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner at Thought Leaders Management Consulting
Jul 31 2022
A lot depends on the size of the organization number of Projects that need to be migrated, the number of Project Managers, Programs, Portfolios, and so on. While the schedule and timeline are critical for the Assignment or Change Management Project, the cost of migration is usually ignored citing...
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Ben Arbeit - PeerSpot reviewer
Ben Arbeit@PraveenKambhampati,​ great post, thank u.
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Syed S - PeerSpot reviewer
Syed S
Project Manager - Information Security at Gulf International Bank
Apr 13 2022
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BorisVishnevsky - PeerSpot reviewer
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Project Portfolio Management Topics

Is PPM a software?

In most cases, yes, PPM is a software. The best PPM solutions are software or even SaaS in today's fast-growing, ever-changing marketplace. In fact, many solutions are even moving toward more cloud-based options, as that is what the industry is demanding.

What is the difference between project management and portfolio management?

Project management commonly involves the general daily tasks concerning project planning, such as status, surveillance, inquiry, etc. The focus is on immediate goals and priorities: what activities are to be completed today, by whom, etc. These tools are available to help teams clarify daily goals, maintain budgets and timekeeping, and celebrate daily accomplishments and successes.

Project portfolio management is created for long-term far-reaching projects, processes, or product development. A worthwhile PPM will assist enterprise organizations in better understanding how a planned project, process, or new product development may affect the overall organization's performance and impact current resources. The PPM will show a comprehensive perspective of each and every project or process and how the new anticipated project or process may affect the relationships and dependencies between the processes throughout the entire enterprise. Managers, clients, and all stakeholders will have access to the PPM perspective, which will ensure all parties involved are aware of the anticipated success or potential challenges an enterprise may experience and provide direction for course correction.

Why are PPM tools used?

PPM tools provide direction for an organization to ensure the success of an anticipated project or process. PPM tools provide insight and facilitate the establishment of realistic long-term goals, planning processes, and strategic perspectives. Using the goals and guidelines set forth by a PPM tool, organizations can avoid unnecessary predictable disasters, prevent significant financial loss, save money, and maintain the highest levels of productivity and profitability.

What are the three tools in portfolio management?

The basic tools in portfolio management are:

  • Predictive analysis: A value-added portfolio management will offer some form of predictive analysis. Users will get a complete analysis of the objective and goals of the project or process. Every step will be broken down, itemized, and prioritized to ensure the best ROI and guarantee success.

  • Collaboration: The success of any project relies heavily on the ability of team members, executives, participants, and stakeholders to openly communicate and collaborate on the status of a project. Real-time feedback and input are extremely important to keep a project or process moving forward according to established goals and guidelines. All approved parties should have equal open access to keep communication lines open and foster an environment of teamwork and shared success.

  • Risk assessment: A highly-regarded factor of portfolio management is risk assessment. Users should be privy to potential risks or problems outlined by portfolio management that would make a project or the process difficult to complete successfully. This helps decision-makers decide if the project is cost-effective and if a profitable outcome can be achieved.
Project Portfolio Management Software Benefits

Benefits of PPM software include:

  • Improved decision-making: A highly-regarded PPM tool will provide complete visibility both backward and forward to help design a successful strategic plan to achieve the highest profitable outcome. Past projects and processes will be reviewed with regard to costs, time management, resources used, outcomes, etc., and determine the best possible methods to move forward with success and achieve even more profitable outcomes.

  • Maintain organizational goals: A winning PPM tool will help ensure that every project chosen is aligned with the organization's directives, strategies, and goals. If a project does not meet the criteria to help move an organization forward in its stated goals, then it may result in wasted resources, unnecessary financial strain, and affect the organization's profitability and standing with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

  • Increase profitability: A PPM tool will improve the opportunity for an organization to choose the appropriate projects and ensure they are completed in a timely and successful manner. The PPM will ensure that there are trained staff and necessary resources available to achieve the best cost-saving outcomes and deliver the highest profitability and ROI.
Project Portfolio Management Software Features

When choosing PPM software for your company, look for the following features:

  • Gantt Chart: Gantt charts are fundamental in team workflow planning. This friendly, visually stimulating, easy-to-understand chart is very effective in helping teams recognize, record, and designate the appropriate amount of time and resources needed to complete a project/task in a timely manner. A Gantt chart is a desirable, necessary feature to expect in a PPM solution.

  • Adjustable workflows: The PPM software selected should offer the flexibility to adjust workflows as needed. Every organization will have unique processes, objectives, or criteria, and changes may be necessary to deliver an effective, successful outcome for each specific organization.

  • Enhanced productivity: Every participant in the process will have an individual personalized dashboard that keeps everyone updated on progress. The PPM should provide a real-time status view, invite open collaboration, and present how everyone’s contributions relate to the overall success of the project. This way everyone understands the priorities and objectives and is encouraged to do their very best to achieve group success. All contributors, participants, and stakeholders are continually aware of the progress being made, what is expected of all participants, and the timeline of when the project or process is to be completed.
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Project Portfolio Management
September 2022
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635,162 professionals have used our research since 2012.