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What project management/portfolio management program would you recommend?

Netanya Carmi - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

Names I have heard thrown around include Trello, Asana, and, although I am open to other suggestions.

What is the difference between the different softwares? Which would you recommend and why? TIA!

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Justin Dillow - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jira is what we currently use and I have no complaints about it at all.  

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewerEvgeny Belenky
Community Manager

@Justin Dillow, can you please share what you particularly like about it (~2-3 things)? Thanks

John Andrew Kossey - PeerSpot reviewer
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Since 1998 I have been using the Planisware project portfolio management solution for multiple pharma organizations. 

The application initially had the esoteric name OPX2. For easier international name recognition, its name sensibly became Planisware in 2009 with the release of P5. Subsequent releases of Planisware P5 and Planisware P6 (or V6) and currently Planisware Enterprise (E7) have brought substantive improvements to the stakeholder community in user interface, capabilities, reporting, and performance. 

Planisware documentation has evolved markedly with more frequent publishing of detailed functional guides, videos, and release notes, available online for customers and from within the application. For example, the fifth set of release notes for E7, specifically 7.0.4; March 2022, is 133 pages long. Planisware Academy is another tool for gaining proficiency with project and portfolio management. 

What I especially enjoy with Planisware is unsurpassed flexibility for managing project activities--not just as list tables and Gantt charts, but also with Kanban cards, roadmaps, stage and gates, deliverables, ideas, etc. Modules for resource management and cost management have similar depth of execution. Another module for tracking risks and opportunities is selectable when needed.

Planisware's implementation of activity types as a discrete breakdown structure facilitates the use of consistent, defined activities across projects and improves the accuracy of planning.

Project templates and activity library features are valuable for creating new projects more efficiently.

Data visualization is another Planisware strongpoint. It's possible to make dynamic slide presentations of working projects.

Given the depth and breadth of Planisware modules and the software's overall capabilities, each corporate organization has to make a long-term commitment to adopting Planisware. Providing stakeholders the opportunity to gain needed proficiencies with Planisware is also essential for reaping the considerable benefits of using this fascinating enterprise solution. 

HeshamFouad - PeerSpot reviewer
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I have experience with Asana. It's an easy-to-use and configure solution, especially for medium and non-complex plans.

David Tate, PMP - PeerSpot reviewer
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The real question is: what type of Project/Portfolio Management system do I need? 

The Trello, Asana, and types of products tend to be a bit more lightweight. Sometimes, they lack the structure that a more robust system such as Project Online or Project for the Web can offer. 

If the organization is small(er) and or only a few individuals will be utilizing the system, then the former may work well. If a large(r) organization and many PMs /Portfolio Managers, compliance issues, etc., a more mainstream Project? A Portfolio Management approach may be needed. Look into a bigger player in the market. 

Take a look at the Gartner reviews for additional suggestions as to what level and type of system may be the right one for your organization.

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