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Top 8 Remote Monitoring and Management Software

AteraKaseya VSAConnectWise AutomateN-able Remote Monitoring & ManagementTeamViewer Remote ManagementDatto Remote Monitoring and ManagementLogMeIn CentralNinjaOne
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    The most valuable features of this solution are automatic batch matching and unattended support access.Pricing is definitely my favorite part of it. It is also extremely easy to use.
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    This solution is our RMM tool and we love the deployment features. Being able to connect to client computers without them necessarily needing to be there and being able to put in the patches and manage different information systems is valuable.
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    Remote Monitoring and Management Software
    July 2022
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    It's a very good IT tool for a company that provides IT services. It is very helpful for technicians to work with the tool to see all of the customers in one place and then manage all of the computers in one place.
  5. The most valuable aspect of N-able Remote Monitoring & Management is it provides an all-in solution for the different solutions.The reporting for this solution has been most valuable.
  6. It enhances collaboration among my board members during board meetings, whether annual, regular, or irregular.The stability seems to be pretty good so far.
  7. Automation, in terms of the standard patches and standard updates, and remote support are valuable. When it does the standard Windows and patches, it works really well. This is something they focus on. Remote support is also something they focus on quite a bit, and it works really well. Being able to get to an agent or a client computer right away is very helpful.
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  9. LogMeIn Central allows numerous active clients, say... 50, to use licenses for remotely accessing a computer from home, taking advantage of all the solution's built-in security features.
  10. The installation is easy, it only took two minutes.We can use it for remote monitoring, and it also works great as a troubleshooting tool. We are able to open up a command line or a PowerShell session remotely without having to disrupt the user. They have a limited network device monitoring capability, but for workstation servers, we have the event logs. We can do performance monitoring, system changes, software deployment, and patch management. We can also push scripts. It has a very simple web interface. There are no additional things to do there. Security is also pretty good. It does the same things that the other competitor's tools do. One of the advantages of Ninja is that they have a more capable mobile app, which allows you to see the alerts immediately. I get alerted to major critical issues.

Remote Monitoring and Management Software Topics

What is the difference between RMM and MDM?

Mobile device management (MDM) is the protocol that administrators use to manage a company’s mobile devices. MDM solutions enable administrators to control every aspect of the mobile devices that members of their organization use for work. To many, there seems to be no difference between RMM and MDM. However, when one examines them carefully, one will realize that while they may be similar, they are starkly different.

MDM is a highly specific type of protocol and software. While it enables administrators to gain insights into the mobile devices that a company’s employees are using, its focus is a narrow one. RMM takes a more broad view of network health. In fact, many RMM solutions employ MDM features in their design so that they can address that particular aspect of network management. MDM is an important aspect of the RMM process. However, it is only a single facet of what can go into the RMM process. RMM is a broader category that can also include various protocols and pieces of software that allow for the management of servers and other devices that are physically connected to the organization’s networks.

What is RMM and PSA?

PSA (professional services automation) is a class of software that enables organizations to integrate automation into their business operations. They are an all-in-one program for making automation a core part of business operations. PSA solutions enable administrators to create consistency across their networks.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are the group that uses PSA software in conjunction with RMM platforms. PSA is vital to the successful management of networks by MSPs. RMM software and platforms are the programs that do all of the tasks that MSPs are hired to accomplish. PSA software tracks all of the data that is produced by the RMM solutions as they are performing their tasks. When these two types of software are combined, they streamline the entire monitoring and management process.

What does RMM software do?

RMM software solutions are the programs that administrators use to monitor and manage their networks. These are the programs that actually empower administrators to take full control of their network administration process. RMM solutions can assist IT professionals in a number of different ways:

  1. Easing your ability to gather data about your network’s performance.
  2. Storing your data by using RMM tools to back up your network’s data.
  3. Freeing up manpower by automating system maintenance tasks.

When RMM software is deployed, the whole process of remotely maximizing the efficiency of a network becomes infinitely easier for organizations and managed service providers to handle.

What should I look for in a RMM?

There are many different factors that organizations and MSPs should consider when they are trying to decide on an RMM solution. These can include:

  • Visibility - Can the RMM create automated scans that check for issues in the network? Can it create a triage of issues so that administrators can address the most critical issues first?

  • Ease of use of the automation feature - How easy is it for administrators to create new automated tasks? The easier that the automation feature is to use, the more tasks they can accomplish at any one time.
  • Automated patch management - Administrators spend a great deal of time trying to keep their networks free of vulnerabilities. If the solution automatically fixes vulnerabilities, administrators will save time and still keep their networks secure.
  • The kinds of devices that the RMM solution can manage - Does it have the capability to integrate with and monitor many different types of devices or does it only really work with one device or OS type? RMM software that can manage many different device types are more valuable.
How much does an RMM cost?

The price of an RMM solution is variable and can be impacted by many different factors. These factors can include:

  • The number of devices that the RMM solution is going to have to help manage.
  • The features and functions that the network administrators intend to use.
  • Whether or not the organization is going to want technical support, help setting it up, or training.
  • The way that you want the RMM solution to be hosted.
Benefits of RMM Software

Network administrators can benefit in many ways if they use RMM solutions. These benefits can include:

  • Proactively preventing issues from escalating. RMM solutions can issue alerts to administrators when they detect either the potential for an issue to arise or an issue that has arisen. Administrators can then monitor the situation and respond before it can escalate.
  • Increase overall profits while decreasing costs. RMM makes it so that fewer issues arise and fewer technicians are required to fix any problems that develop. This results in organizations having to spend less to maintain their networks and therefore increases their profits.
  • Increase the security of your confidential data. Administrators are able to remotely limit who can access sensitive data and keep bad actors from stealing it. There are also a number of other security features that can prevent intrusions and breaches of confidential data.
Buyer's Guide
Remote Monitoring and Management Software
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Atera, Kaseya, ConnectWise and others in Remote Monitoring and Management Software. Updated: July 2022.
622,645 professionals have used our research since 2012.