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Top 8 Talent Acquisition

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    SuccessFactors' best features are talent management and HR Analytics.Provides an open architecture and an open platform so it can coexist with other systems.
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    I found the analysis features to be very useful for our company. I also found the modules installed to be aligned with our company's KPIs. These were the two features that stood out.
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    I like the speed of the processing and how easy it is to use.The human resources aspect was probably the most valuable feature. We used it for keeping track of time and other things of that nature.
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    The most valuable feature of Oracle HCM Cloud is the dashboards, customization, and configuration.I like that it is mobile responsive and you can work directly with the vendor on specific requirements that you might have.
  6. It has a neat functionality built in where it rates candidates. So, before you even look at the resume, you see a rating, and it is based on keywords. For example, it will tell you that an applicant is a frontend engineer and has used React, Angular, etc. It gives you a heads up so that you don't have to go through a hundred resumes on Monday morning eliminating applicants. It will tell you that this applicant's skills match 87%, which is pretty neat. You can skip the ones that are rated 25% or something.
  7. It really expedites the whole process and helps the end-customer hone in on what they need. With the evolution to remote work that we are currently going through, there's much more of a need to tailor recruiting.
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  9. The fact that I can see the whole HR information in a single point is valuable. There is a unified view of everything, which is good. Previously, we had many different systems for each part of the information. Now, it is all centralized. It is very good.

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Talent Acquisition Topics

Why is talent acquisition software important?

Talent acquisition software is important because it helps HR managers, recruiters, and acquisition professionals find and hire the right people for their organization or clients. A talent acquisition system allows you to develop a robust pipeline for sourcing, screening, interviewing, and evaluating candidates. Usually, talent acquisition is referred to as a function of talent procurement, but it also involves talent tracking, forecasting, assessment, and development. Talent acquisition software allows you to hire the right candidates faster, but it also allows you to change the attitude around hiring in your organization. By using talent acquisition software, you are more prepared to address the hiring process in an efficient and productive manner.

Who uses talent acquisition software?

Talent acquisition software tools are most commonly used by HR teams, recruiters, interviewers, and sometimes headhunters who are actively hiring for their company or client. With the help of an applicant tracking system, they are able to source, track, and also hire applicants who match the associated job description.

What is the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition?

Recruitment is the process of filling a vacant job position, whereas talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find and retain the right talent for your company. A talent acquisition tool seeks to be a long-term human resource strategy that affects the overall future of the company, while recruitment focuses more on addressing the current needs of an organization.

Talent Acquisition Software Features

When researching different talent acquisition software, here are some features to look out for:

  • Sourcing: Talent acquisition software tools include sourcing features for promoting open positions through job postings, career websites, talent communities, and social media.
  • Applicant tracking: By using applicant tracking, you can easily track the applicant workflow from resume screening, assessing, interviewing, and background checks.
  • Recruiting analytics: Talent acquisition software tools also have a dashboard for reporting KPIs and funnel metrics such as time to fill, source of hire, and applicant-to-interview ratio.
  • Pre-hire assessment and background checks: The software offers personality assessment, cognitive and skills testing, and reference and background checking.
  • Onboarding: With an onboarding feature, training and orientation of new hires is more efficient.
  • Machine learning: From finding talent to mapping behavioral assessments for applicants, talent acquisition tools help you select the people that best suit your business via machine learning features. Instead of searching for candidates manually, the software allows you to find the right profiles faster.
Talent Acquisition Software Benefits

Some of the biggest advantages of having a talent acquisition software include the following:

  • Analyze and improve acquisition: Most talent acquisition software tools include powerful recruiting analytics to help you explore every aspect of your business, turn data into actionable insights, and make better recruiting decisions.
  • Expand company outreach: By using talent acquisition software, you can enhance your search for candidates instantly and quickly access resumes instead of getting lost on endless job boards.
  • Create a strong employer brand: Talent acquisition software helps your organization build an appealing and professional career website, making it more likely to attract candidates.
  • Talent management strategy: Using talent acquisition software can help recruiters develop a talent management strategy that leads to better hiring, proactive recruiting, and an engaged, dedicated workforce.
  • Social recruiting: Traditional recruiting strategies are no longer enough. Talent acquisition software tools help your organization extend your reach for job seekers who are actively looking for jobs on social media platforms. The software enables you to bridge the gap by attracting passive candidates while they apply with LinkedIn, look for Facebook job postings, and surf Google for jobs.
  • Faster candidate response times: Talent acquisition software makes it possible to instantly find candidate profiles that match your job description rather than posting on job boards, which may take candidates longer to respond to.
  • Better collaboration: Using talent acquisition software gives everyone involved in recruitment and hiring - from recruiters to hiring managers - access to the same candidate information. With collaboration made easy, HR administrators or recruiters can spend more time meaningfully interacting with potential candidates because the software helps provide access to interview notes and makes it possible to share candidate information and reach hiring decisions faster with less miscommunication.
  • Assessments are streamlined: With talent acquisition software tools, you can generate questionnaires to evaluate an applicant's experience and skills and rate them based on their performance. In addition, this streamlines the process and allows qualified candidates to move through to interviews faster.
  • Interviews are easier: Talent acquisition software makes the interview process more efficient, allowing HR administrators to recruit remotely and virtually hire employees. Having the software enables you to conduct video interviews and evaluate candidates regardless of where they're located.
  • Reduced cost per hire: Talent acquisition software allows you to reduce your cost per hire and accelerate your time-to-fill.
Disadvantages Associated with Talent Acquisition Software

While talent acquisition software has many benefits, it does have some disadvantages. Some of them include:

  • Unconscious biases: Talent acquisition software can sometimes perpetuate unconscious biases. For example, some filtering tools can favor keywords predominantly used by male applicants, resulting in inadvertent discrimination that can make it more difficult for female applicants to get attention.
  • Could filter out good candidates: Since talent acquisition software relies on predefined rules, candidates that think outside the box may be removed for reasons unrelated to their skills or fit. You may pass over a candidate that could’ve been ideal for your company based on their “soft” skills, like communication and creativity, because they didn’t possess certain certifications or enough experience to match other candidates.
  • Technical difficulties: Depending on the format of resumes submitted, some may not be viewable by the software, which could possibly filter out highly qualified candidates. Therefore, when researching talent acquisition software, it is important to make sure there’s a way to double-check the software occasionally to ensure technical issues don’t pop up or get in the way of hiring potential employees.
Buyer's Guide
Talent Acquisition
September 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about SAP, Workday, Oracle and others in Talent Acquisition. Updated: September 2022.
633,184 professionals have used our research since 2012.