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Employee Scheduling Software (1st), Employee Time Tracking Software (4th), HR Analytics Software (1st)
Ranking in Benefits Administration
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Ranking in Cloud HCM
Ranking in Talent Acquisition
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As of June 2024, in the Cloud HCM category, the mindshare of UKG is 4.4%, down from 5.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Workday is 18.6%, down from 18.8% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud HCM
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Featured Reviews

it_user631401 - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 21, 2017
Using Business Intelligence, we produce reports to track our Overtime Analysis and catch invalid payroll entries.
Business Intelligence Platform Configuration System Administration (Role/User Administration) UTA Using Business Intelligence, we have been able to produce reports to track our Overtime Analysis and catch any invalid payroll entries that need to be corrected, among many other things. Platform…
it_user1310550 - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 15, 2020
It reduces the administrative burden and provides better visibility in reporting on benefits
It helps the users to enroll for the benefits automatically and update their life events without the involvement of HR individuals or back-office staff. It enables a person to take action on their own. It reduces the administrative burden on HR and puts the ownership on the person that is going through the life event, whether it is having a child, taking a leave of absence, or something else. There are easy ways to integrate Workday with your common benefits. At least in the USA, it can be integrated with common benefits providers such as Fidelity, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc. It has got a connector that is able to connect with the vendor or the third party to which you are trying to send the eligibility file. It basically allows us to automate or set up the tool, and the integration with the provider is a lot quicker than competing tools. When it comes to reporting on just eligibility and SLSA, it is a lot more user-intuitive. Depending on the purpose of what you are doing, you can grant security rights or roles, for example, you can control whether someone is a benefits administrator doing an independent audit. Workday makes it very easy to do that. It significantly simplifies the reporting process.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The employee self-service feature is most valuable. This is the restaurant industry, and they have a mobile app that allows employees to go in and manage their data. So, employees can manage direct deposit accounts, emergency contacts, and other things in the app. That's definitely the biggest benefit."
"The tool improved employee onboarding efficiency, especially in healthcare, where timely onboarding is crucial. This change directly impacted retention rates positively. It was a massive project that involved various teams working together. It took about a year to revamp the entire process and ensure compliance. However, once implemented, it improved employee satisfaction by saving them two whole days in the onboarding process."
"The setup process is straightforward."
"I like UKG's integration."
"I have found the most valuable feature to be business intelligence and Cognos reporting."
"The fact that I can see the whole HR information in a single point is valuable. There is a unified view of everything, which is good. Previously, we had many different systems for each part of the information. Now, it is all centralized. It is very good."
"It is much easier to use and the customer service is better than our previous solution."
"The solution has improved our organization by helping us cut hours and lessen our labor force. It saved us probably over $100,000 in just the last couple of years."
"Performance and good usability are the two most valuable features of this solution."
"The platform itself is very robust and I generally like the reporting and analytics capability."
"I like its UI and UX. When we were using Oracle or SAP, the UI/UX wasn't very user-friendly for the employees."
"Provides flexibility to integrate with the product. It has several tools, out-of-the-box, for integrations. It delivers pre-built interfaces for specific vendors, pre-built generic integrations to extract or push data into Workday through configuration."
"Workday is a holistic HR solution."
"In the process of obtaining representative sites in NaviNet, it assists us in facilitating decision-making and taking action."
"Workday is easy to use. Timesheet and resource management are also easy."
"I like that it's easy to use and flexible."


"The tool needs improvement on the configuration side."
"The product's integration features need improvement."
"UKG could be a little more flexible in some areas."
"Certainly, the time and attendance and the payroll integration need a lot of work. They are disjointed pieces, and they don't work smoothly together. That's the main drawback."
"I would like the capability to use UKG as a single platform without the need to alternate between systems."
"The solution could use better reporting with standard reports. We use the Cognos platform in BI for a lot of our reporting. However, they need to have more robust standard reporting available to their user base."
"I would like to see more functionality in the next release to be able to get hours and dollars per calendar month rather than just by payroll in the Business Intelligence reports."
"UKG has complex clock-in and clock-out features. It changes things too often, and it feels like the tool is constantly changing things without testing before implementing changes in production. Additionally, it doesn't communicate these changes very well."
"My only suggestion might be to include a brief description of any new fields we introduce, making it easier for people to use them. Perhaps this is something they can consider implementing."
"Setting up reports can be a bit tricky."
"I'm not sure they have added this feature yet, but there should be a cellphone version, so we do not need to do it on a laptop. I'd like to log in on a cellphone and have the same features. I'm not sure if that is already available or if it's on the roadmap, but that would be a great feature."
"The product must include payroll features."
"Workday does have a community site where people can go on and off for suggestions. They call them Brainstorms, and you can vote them up. That is something that they do well, but oftentimes, they seem to be racing to deliver something based on what a competitor is delivering. For example, if they hear SAP has this new functionality and learning that's going to be coming out, they prioritize there, which makes sense, but unfortunately, some of these Brainstorms may get neglected where the product might not be improved as quickly or as needed for the customers. You might be waiting for a year or two to get a feature that you'd like released. They should pay more attention to customer feedback and ensure that customer feedback is an essential part of their product roadmap."
"My opinion is that this solution can improve the overall integrations and add more automation. I think anything that could be on a self-serve basis would work quite well."
"One potential feature that could be added is the ability to streamline business processes through quick tips and guided tours. This would allow for a smoother and more guided experience for colleagues as they navigate through different processes and steps. It would be similar to a guidance system or a step-by-step tutorial that could be added after the business process to guide users through it."
"The solution should be more user-friendly."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The platform is not affordable but also not the most expensive."
"While I am unsure of the licensing cost itself, the total cost of implementation and licensing for a company with over 5000 employees would be around 6,00,000. So, there are additional costs beyond licensing."
"UKG's pricing and licensing model involves ongoing expenses based on the number of employees paid. The initial implementation cost is low when UKG implements it directly. However, when partners handle the implementation, it becomes more expensive since partners don't receive the monthly recurring fees."
"I wasn't involved in the pricing part. I'm a user, and I believe it is based on the user count. One thing that is nice about Ultimate is that you can learn how to use the system without additional fees. The learning aspect is the life of a product, and the training was a huge reason why we went with Ultimate. We did have some integration costs. They were a part of the implementation because of the integrations to other systems that we included in our implementation."
"It has an annual subscription rate, but I'm not sure how it will work."
"With a bigger budget, I would recommend SAP."
"The pricing is good from an HR perspective, although management gets upset after spending $500,000 a year, every year."
"I need to pay for a license. It is expensive."
"The pricing for this solution is fairly high. It is not affordable for small and mid-sized companies."
"I would rate the solution’s pricing a six out of ten."
"Its price is pretty high. It is more expensive than what is offered by other competitors in the market."
"It is on a yearly basis."
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Questions from the Community

What needs improvement with UKG?
The platform's features need enhancement while being used as a recruiting tool.
What is your primary use case for UKG?
I used UKG to track applicants and create job descriptions. We built the electronic onboarding system to be used nationwide and created a path to integrate with the backend.
What are the biggest differences between Workday, Oracle Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors?
Differences between Workday, Oracle Cloud,w and SAP SuccessFactors:w Oracle: "simple interface and deep customization to suit the purpose." SAP: Multiple functionalities that increase process effi...
What do you like most about Workday?
I like its UI and UX. When we were using Oracle or SAP, the UI/UX wasn't very user-friendly for the employees.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Workday?
It's very, very expensive. When I was in a startup company, we tried to adopt Workday. We called them and asked how much it would cost for our company. And the first answer from the salesperson was...



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