ServiceNow Questions

reviewer1800279 - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director at a consumer goods company with 11-50 employees
Sep 05 2022
Hello, I work as the Managing Director at a small Consumer Goods company. I want to compare OutSystems and Service Now for developing non-ITSM Apps (e.g., CRM and Customer Care).  Which one would you choose for this purpose and why? Thanks in advance for your help!
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AnaCosta - PeerSpot reviewer
Trainee at a university with 501-1,000 employees

Hi peers,

I'm looking for a piece of advice: considering what each of the LeanIX and ServiceNow technologies offers, has anyone considered (or completed) integration between ServiceNow and LeanIX that could be beneficial to the user?

Naveen Madan - PeerSpot reviewer
Naveen Madan
Solutions Architect at ACU
Hi community, I am working as a Solution Architect at Australian Catholic University.  My responsibility is to recommend solutions for the requirements given by business stakeholders. I do a market scan to find solutions that are available off the shelf. Sometimes, it happens that no COTS solut...
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Sreekumar MP - PeerSpot reviewer
Sreekumar MP
User at NTT Security
Hi peers, We're facing an issue while connecting Qlik Sense with ServiceNow.  At the moment, we're managing it as follows: by pulling the data from ServiceNow and storing it in an on-premise database. Then, Qlik Sense is using the on-premise database as a source. Can you please recommend a mor...
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Netanya Carmi - PeerSpot reviewer
Netanya Carmi
Content Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
DDDD25 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at DDD
Hi, I'm doing integration between Tenable and ServiceNow and I'm looking for an API for Tenable Connector into ServiceNow. Does anyone have good recommendations?  Thank you!
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David Sachs - PeerSpot reviewer
David Sachs
Advisor to the CEO at Exigence
What do you think of MIM feature in ServiceNow?
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Roland Zuurveld - PeerSpot reviewer
Roland ZuurveldIn that regard, the major incident management gives service organisations and… more »
3 Answers
Jacqueline Hale - PeerSpot reviewer
Jacqueline Hale
User at Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.

Hi community,

I work for a large manufacturing company. 

I am researching SolarWinds MSP Manager and ServiceNow. What are the biggest differences between the two? Which would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

it_user1257054 - PeerSpot reviewer
BDM at a tech company with 51-200 employees

I have more than ten years of experience in a tech company. 

We are currently evaluating ManageEngine ServiceDesk and Service Now. What are the main differences between the two? Which would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

FARS ERwan - PeerSpot reviewer

I have experience working in the education sector. 

We are currently evaluating ServiceNow and JIRA Service Desk. What are the differences between the two products in terms of purchase and maintenance costs? 

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

David Shimberg - PeerSpot reviewer
David ShimbergI don’t know the answer, but I assume JIRA will be significantly less money.
Jose Velez - PeerSpot reviewer
Jose VelezJIRA Service Desk gives you a better monetary deal.
reviewer761322 - PeerSpot reviewer
reviewer761322If you need an ITIL aligned helpdesk system, codeless customizations and… more »
6 Answers
reviewer1083402 - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder and business lead at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We are thinking of purchasing ServiceNow for our business. Beyond the license and service cost of ServiceNow, what is the added cost in professional services, ongoing development, and customizations, etc.?  What is the added cost per dollar ACV? For example, is it 10% on top? 30%?  What % of th...
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Jeevan Chaukar - PeerSpot reviewer
Jeevan ChaukarSince ServiceNow totally varies their rates depending on customer, geography,… more »
it_user1143600 - PeerSpot reviewer
it_user1143600Giving PS % against license subscription costs is not possible without knowing… more »
RahulPriyadarshy - PeerSpot reviewer
RahulPriyadarshyUpgrade is seamless and with very less problem if I compare with Other Product… more »
3 Answers
Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Miriam Tover
Senior Delivery Ops Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is BMC Helix vs ServiceNow. People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out? What is the biggest difference between BMC Helix (Remedy) and ServiceNow? Which of these two solutions would you...
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JS4 - PeerSpot reviewer
JS4BMC Helix (Remedy) is not a new product release from BMC. This is a relaunched… more »
Ramon Van Leeuwen - PeerSpot reviewer
Ramon Van LeeuwenI agree with above analysis, But both tools fit the profile of a big Lego box, a… more »
RahulPriyadarshy - PeerSpot reviewer
RahulPriyadarshyBMC Helix- BMC Applications As Service (ITSM, Discovery, Monitoring) deployable… more »
4 Answers
Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Miriam Tover
Senior Delivery Ops Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

Hi Everyone,

What do you like most about ServiceNow?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community!

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Miriam Tover
Senior Delivery Ops Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering ServiceNow, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Miriam Tover
Senior Delivery Ops Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Hi, We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information. Please share what you can about ServiceNow so you can help your peers.
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Jeevan Chaukar - PeerSpot reviewer
Jeevan Chaukar
Principal Consultant at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees
I have come across information that ServiceNow is changing the way it charges its customers and a new charge is being introduced. Any customers having heavy customization to core ServiceNow objects may have to cough up additional charges for touching those core objects. I frankly find this a bi...
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it_user533865 - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Development Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

What are the main differences between ServiceNow and ManageEngine?

it_user265281 - PeerSpot reviewer
it_user265281I have used both Service Now and Manage Engine. From a 30,000 ft perspective… more »
it_user343362 - PeerSpot reviewer
it_user343362Well I haven't use Manage engine but I have been using Service Now for last 3… more »
4 Answers
Avigail Sugarman - PeerSpot reviewer
Avigail Sugarman
Community Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

I would like a comparison in terms of covered functionalities between Flexera IT Asset Management and ServiceNow. I am referring to all functionalities concerning software license management, from storing license data to license optimization. Does anyone have this kind of information?

it_user96999 - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Project Analyst at a non-profit with 51-200 employees
I have been tasked to take the lead in exploring alternatives to a client's (higher education organization) IT service management platform.Here are a few questions to get started: Which software are you using and how do you find the software? Is it easy to use and customizable? If so, how can we ...
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IT Service Management (ITSM) Questions
John_King - PeerSpot reviewer
Strategic Innovation at Elastic
Hello community members, I work as a private consultant and I have the following question: Is it better for organisations to slowly consolidate and demise tools in the process of optimisation, or, alternatively, should a standard be set and compliance used to enforce? Thanks.
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Jairo Willian Pereira - PeerSpot reviewer
Jairo Willian PereiraEvolve first, revolt at the end (always based on some company's reference… more »
Mario Treviño Salazar - PeerSpot reviewer
Mario Treviño SalazarHello. In the past, I have been participating in the two scenarios: One named… more »
3 Answers
Yosra Gattoufi - PeerSpot reviewer
Yosra Gattoufi
Oct 06 2022
Hi community, Can you please recommend an ITSM tool that you've been using? I am looking for a tool to be used for ticketing, IT asset management, IT asset administration, and IT asset inventory. Please also let me know what you like in particular about the tool. Thanks for the help!
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Garth Nel - PeerSpot reviewer
Garth NelLast year, we reviewed a few for that same purpose (medium-sized companies by… more »
Jonathan Yarbrough - PeerSpot reviewer
Jonathan Launched in 2020, our combined PSA-RMM platform is for those MSPs… more »
Eric Dirst - PeerSpot reviewer
Eric DirstIf you can afford it, ServiceNow is by far the best platform for ITSM, in my… more »
10 Answers
Randy Olsen - PeerSpot reviewer
Randy Olsen
Coordinator of Information Technology at Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency
Hi community members, We need a lightweight ticketing system with superior communication/ticket submission options like chat/SMS/email (for ease of use by end-users). Having a KB would be ideal and we don't need a ton of depth around SLAs, billing or CRM features. As we're an EDU/K12 organizati...
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it_user581931 - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager of IT Connectivity at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
I am evaluating different support platforms for my Healthcare organization. The intention is to use the platform with external and internal users, and the platform should be HIPAA compliant with all the required guidelines of encryption with data in transit and data at rest. I've looked into the...
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Ariel Lindenfeld - PeerSpot reviewer
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
it_user318132 - PeerSpot reviewer
User with 10,001+ employees
We are looking on information we can use to promote the features of CA Service Desk versus Maximo. What makes Service Desk better, easier to use, more cost efficient, etc.Please rush this info to us, which we plan to use to motivate/bring key stakeholders, resolvers and users on board.
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it_user275361 - PeerSpot reviewer
it_user275361I would sugest you take a look at Cherwell software as well. a fine product… more »
3 Answers