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Microsoft ExchangeG Suite EnterpriseZimbra CollaborationHCL NotesMicrosoft Exchange OnlineIceWarpHCL VerseKerio Connect
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    Microsoft Exchange is stable. Microsoft Exchange's most valuable feature is that it's old-fashioned communication, meaning it's good for people who aren't able to work comfortably in a cloud environment.
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    Google integrates well with our system. G Suite has an open API, so you can connect any open system with Google capable of working with API. This is the main reason we use it.
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    The most valuable feature of Zimbra Collaboration is email functionality.The most valuable feature is sending messages as well as text and documents. It's a big solution for us since internal communication is a must in our organization.
  5. It is one of the best products in the world for workflow applications. It works very well for workflows or decisional processes where a task needs to be first approved by someone. After that, the task moves to the next or final stage where another person approves it with some notes or attached documents.
  6. The most valuable features of Microsoft Exchange Online are the frequent updates. They upgrade and optimize the features to make them better and better. They have a very strong ecosystem and they integrate together.
  7. IceWarp has multiple applications that are easy to use for many people.It has great communication capabilities for team chatting and web conferences.
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  9. HCL Verse has a nice interface and it is a practical email solution. There are a diverse set of features, such as the search bar on top of the screens.
  10. What I like most about Kerio Connect is that it supports ActiveSync, and that is its most critical feature. The solution is also a nice, simple, robust, and stable mail server.

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Netanya Carmi
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May 19 2022

What makes it the best?

AUGUSTO TOMALA - PeerSpot reviewer
AUGUSTO TOMALAAs per your question, the answer is: it depends.  Perhaps moving to a cloud… more »
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Evgeny Belenky
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Email Applications Topics

What are the two types of email applications?

The two main types of email applications are Email clients and Webmail.

  • Email clients are programs that you download and install on your computer to help you manage your email. The client communicates with a distant email server in order to access this email.

  • Webmail is an email service that you use completely over the internet and that is hosted in the cloud rather than on your computer. Instead of using an installed application to access your email, you can access it directly from your browser.
Why is email important for business?

Emails are a vital component of effective communication in business. Emails are the backbone of any business, as they help businesses stay connected with customers, employees, friends, and family. A well-managed email inbox can keep track of customers, improve customer service, and increase sales.

Using email in business is:

  • Cheap: Emailing is unaffected by the distance or the number of recipients.
  • Fast: An email should reach its recipient in minutes.
  • Convenient: Your message will be stored until the recipient is ready to open it. In addition, you can easily send the same message to a large number of people.
  • Permanent: You can always keep a record of your messages and replies, including the date and time you sent or received a message.

Three useful email software shortcuts for businesses:

  • Automatically create contacts in your address book for every message you send or receive.
  • Get automatic response actions set up, like auto-replies for when you're on leave or out of office.
  • Work systems are automatically synced. This gives the flexibility of remote operations.
How do I prevent my email from being hacked?

Emails are the most common form of communication in the workplace, and unfortunately, they're also the easiest to hack. If you're not careful, your emails could be used to steal your work secrets or even your company's data. Here are a few steps to help you secure your email:

  • Search for a secure email provider that offers end-to-end encryption.
  • Review safety notifications. Some email services track security events, including: changing your password, logging in from a different location or device, or changing other security settings.They'll send you a notification if these sorts of events happen in your account and sometimes proactively take steps to protect you by resetting your password, locking down your account, or turning on two-factor authentication.
  • Always log out whenever you are done using your email account. Even if you’re using it on your own devices or on public ones like at the library, make sure to log off when you’re finished.
  • Don't click on links in emails unless you're sure of their origin. When you do, make sure the link is secured with HTTPS.
  • Make use of two-factor authentication. This protects your account by requiring a second code after entering your password.
  • Create a password that is unique, complicated, and memorable.
  • Use different passwords for every service and website, or use a password manager.
What are some key benefits of email software?

Key benefits of email software include:

  • Automated email sending
  • Measurable marketing results
  • Affordable marketing
  • Wide reach
  • High customer interaction
  • Simple customization
  • Detailed preferences
  • Shareable email content
  • Reduction in overall workload
Why is an email management software important?

An email management software is important for the following reasons:

  • It automatically sorts your emails into relevant folders based on subjects. This lessens the time spent looking for a specific message in an overflowing inbox. Most email management software also has features that allow you to set up different notifications when certain keywords are found from the sender or from the subject line of the email.
  • It makes the process of reading and responding to emails easier. You can then read and respond through your email management software or use different tools within one window, such as a calendar, document editor, or contact list. This makes the process much faster and more efficient.
  • It allows you to download all your emails into a file that can be used for backup purposes or as an archive of important information.
Features to Look for in an Email Application Solution

Features to look for in an email application solution include:

  • Look for a responsive UI: You’ll want a UI that seamlessly transitions between desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers.
  • Look for extensibility: Make sure to look for software with an open architecture that makes it easy to integrate with/substitute other applications as needed.
  • Look for customization: It is important to have software that will let you customize the email settings so it fits with your preferences.
  • Look for privacy, security, and data sovereignty: You’ll need a dependable server infrastructure with strong encryption.
  • Look for search tools: These will allow users to search for names, email addresses, and keywords that will help make the process of finding information in a large database easier.
  • Look for embedded templates: This is an email application solution that can save time by providing customizable templates for user-created emails.
Buyer's Guide
Email Applications
June 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Google, Zimbra and others in Email Applications. Updated: June 2022.
608,010 professionals have used our research since 2012.