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Network Monitoring Software Questions
Christian Marchesseau
Industrial IT Project Manager at NTN Europe
Jan 13 2022
Hi community, In our automotive industry, we are using an Open Platform Communications (OPC) server along with other industrial devices (as OPC servers) and we would like to monitor them.  Are you aware and can recommend a network monitoring Software with an OPC client plugin? Thanks, Best re...
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CEO at eBiashara Ltd
Jan 11 2022

Hello peers,

We would like to monitor users' machines. Which monitoring solution would you recommend for an enterprise and why? 

I appreciate the help.

reviewer1195575Well, I suppose it really depends on the reason you ask the question. Is it… more »
Shibu BabuchandranHi @BaijuShah , Basically, you can decide the tool based on the below… more »
TjeerdSaijoenIt depends on what you like to monitor.  You can use an APM tool - it can… more »
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Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Dec 13 2021

Hi infosec professionals,

Which deployment model should an enterprise organization choose and in which case?

Thank you!

Raymond De RooijThere are many variations for a Security Operations Centre. depending on the… more »
Jairo Willian PereiraI´m not sure about the answer, but I'll try... Insourcing or outsourcing,… more »
Shibu BabuchandranWe can have multiple SOC models depending on the requirement and budget… more »
3 Answers
Satish Singh
Cloud Security Architect at Kyndryl
Oct 26 2021
Hi community members, I'm working as a Cloud Security Architect at a Tech Services Company with 10000+ employees. I'm looking for a security solution to detect and prevent APT attacks.  Can anyone suggest a good and cost-effective solution? Please explain why would you choose this particular t...
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BobenGeorgeWhen you are considering cost-effectiveness Hardening perimeter defenses… more »
Eric Rise@Satish Singh, Thank you for your question it's one that requires deeper… more »
Raymond De RooijAPT attacks are tough. And as already mentioned, there is no single solution for… more »
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Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Oct 18 2021

Hi peers,

What insider threat detection tool/s do you recommend to a company with a modest budget?  

What makes this tool better than others? 

Thank you.

Stuart BermanCan you be more specific? If you search this site for 'threat detection' you get… more »
William LinnOff the cuff, I would suggest Nagios.   Unfortunately, the OSE doesn't provide… more »
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Shibu Babuchandran
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery at ASPL Info Services
Sep 11 2021

Hi community professionals,

In your opinion, what would be the key attributes and capabilities of the Network Operation Center in the future?

David CollierThe past 18 months have taught us that the ongoing operation of business… more »
Abdulla PathanIn the Future, Network Operation Center ( NOC) will work toward unifying IT… more »
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Shibu Babuchandran
Regional Manager/ Service Delivery at ASPL Info Services
Aug 10 2021

Hi peers,

Which application integration do you expect to have with Zabbix to help you effectively monitor your infrastructure and receive alerts?

Thanks for your inputs!

Faustine ChisasaPersonally, I have new requirements day by day.  Started with Grafana for… more »
2 Answers
Co-Founder at Xmartic


I'm working at a Tech Services company and I would like to understand the competitive advantages of Nagios XI vs other Network Performance Monitoring
(NPM) tools.

Can you share your expertise on this topic?

Dario Leon Hi, Nagios is great because the tool has a lot of plugins, customizable.… more »
systemse738The biggest question is how much work do you want to do?  With Nagios you have… more »
Tjeerd SaijoenIn Nagios you have to build from templates so more development work and you need… more »
4 Answers
Platform and Cloud Architect at Department of Finance (ServiceNet)
Dec 16 2021
I'm working for an organization with ~1000 employees and I'm exploring the two monitoring solutions for cloud services: Azure Monitor and PRTG Network Monitor. Please share your personal experience on the pros and the cons of each product. What would be your choice and why? Thanks!
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Bernd HarzogSo a couple of questions and considerations to help you make a good decision… more »
Sergiy UstenkoHi to all. On my view, the PRTG would be the better decisionт as external… more »
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Vijay Karadi
User at Karadi
Aug 07 2021


I'm looking for alternatives to SolarWinds NPM as it is expensive for my budget and has poor performance.

Please share your suggestions and why you recommend choosing another solution.

Shibu Babuchandran H5 has developed a solution that provides to the network administrators a… more »
4 Answers
User at MyBank
Jan 12 2022

Hi peers,

Can you share your recommended SW product to secure LAN? Specifically, how would you recommend securing user activities?

1 Answer
Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Sep 27 2021

With the security issues associated with SolarWinds - are people switching to other vendors?   Which ones are you switching to and why?

RobertUllmanThousand Eyes acquired by Cisco, interesting synergies with AppDynamics APM.
chamepicartWe’ve switched from Solarwinds to Centreon even before the issue occurred. It’s… more »
Darryl TheronHi Henry, Infosim, Stablenet is a very good alternative. Regards, Darryl… more »
11 Answers
Network security at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I am looking for a tool or device that can be used to measure upstream bandwidth utilization. Any recommendations?


systemse738One I am looking closely at is AppNeta. They have an appliance that can… more »
reviewer775476PRTG is a nice tool to monitor performances of a wide kind of network devices… more »
reviewer775476Only for bandwidth, you can use MRTG. You can also copy all the trafic to a… more »
5 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Sep 15 2021

Hi community,

There are many network monitoring tools out there - some free, most paid. What software do you think is best for a large enterprise? Why?

reviewer775476It actually depends on the exact purpose or kind of devices (network devices… more »
MauriceWhiteWe just did an assessment for our 47 datacenters around North America. The top… more »
Abhirup SarkarIt actually depends on the exact purpose or requirements. Some tools are better… more »
18 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Aug 09 2021

Why should businesses actively monitor network traffic?

What benefits are there to network monitoring?

Any suggestions for where to start with setting up effective network monitoring?

reviewer1122879Start with an open-source no-cost solution like Nagios for Network Monitoring to… more »
Raymond De RooijAs already said Network monitoring is just one type of monitoring, and you… more »
David CollierThese are the 3 fundamental questions all businesses should answer before… more »
8 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 17 2021

What tools do you recommend for SQL server monitoring for an enterprise-level business?

reviewer277275I highly recommend 2 products from the SolarWinds ITOM Suite; 1 Server… more »
Morne' O'KennedyI personally believe in SCOM (Operations Manager) since it contains all the… more »
Usman MalikYou can use Solawind or BMC
10 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 29 2021

What tools are best to use to monitor the quality of VoIP network for a mid-sized enterprise?

Brian PhilipsThis has evolved over time as unified communications has evolved. To really be… more »
PavanKumar7I kindly suggest Manage Engine Opsmanager.
Mohamed Y AhmedPRTG is the best that I have used ever, Check its sensors and If you didn't find… more »
9 Answers
Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Sep 03 2021

Hi community,

What questions should one ask before purchasing a network monitoring tool?

Help your peers ask the right questions so that they'll make a better decision.

reviewer459630Network monitoring is a broad topic with many different sub-topics that may or… more »
reviewer1195575Monitoring means data collection, so identifying the alerts metrics and their… more »
William Linn- How scalable is it - Does it integrate with other tools to provide a full… more »
17 Answers
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Oct 06 2021
Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!
CEC-1157307Expectation setting and network segment focus are two of the most important… more »
it_user3421291. able to monitor the CPU, Memory, Response Time, latency, packet loss… more »
it_user236772Cost, how many feature supported by the tools and complexity to maintain
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