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We performed a comparison between Planview PPM Pro and ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Project Portfolio Management solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Planview PPM Pro vs. ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management Report (Updated: November 2022).
654,658 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Board templates are really good when you have recurring projects.""It helps us to keep track of all of the remaining tasks on a project and the remaining number of days that exist on a project.""The most valuable feature of is the ability we have to customize it to suit all of our needs.""You can create a group of tasks and can write down sub-tasks under each task.""I like being able to customize your views.""I love the ability to communicate within the app itself by leaving comments."" sends email notifications to keep us all on task. I love the email reminders asking me where I am with the assigned task and if I need some help. I have used this to get things done on time, and it also encourages me to acknowledge when I need some help because I have not been able to complete the task.""The automation feature saves us hours of time reviewing activities, sending reminders, and sending emails."

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"It is certainly the resource management feature that is most valuable for us. It is the supply and demand. Like most companies, one of the hardest nuts to crack is understanding where your people are and getting them to do the right thing at the right time. So, certainly, out of all the functionality, this has been the saving grace for us because it now provides us with the insight to do future planning and stop taking on more work than we are physically capable of doing as a company.""It has a nice dashboard view, so you can analyze the progress on a project from a single place. It provides a nice graphical representation of all the project management with visualizations of Gantt chart and customized reports. You can easily track all your progress on project tasks and flag any issues.""Daptiv is a project management tool, so it's pretty straightforward. The ability to manage projects and programs has been beneficial for us.""I've worked at many different companies, and the customer service and the support from Daptiv are unlike anything I've encountered before. They far excel any other company I've worked with. I always say to people that Daptiv is like a sub-department in your company. You don't realize they're a vendor. It feels like you're working with somebody who is part of your own company.""The status reporting is the most valuable feature as it's easy to use; it's simple for project managers to enter their information, and the reporting features are very flexible.""The solution is great for viewing projects and timelines.""You can easily align strategic management and the portfolios within your organization. It helps you visualize all your strategic plans and the KPIs. It provides that information on a unified dashboard, in which you can track all your resources and the portfolios. It helps senior stakeholders and executives with clear reporting about project intake and demands, in real time."

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"The stability is excellent. ServiceNow is one of the leading platforms when it comes to stability.""The resource manager is useful.""Competitive in terms of research""The performance is good.""The most valuable features of ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management are the multiple methodology possibilities for projects. It has hybrid, traditional, and Agile capabilities. Additionally, the solution integrates well with other platforms, such as Microsoft Azure.""As a product, the primary reason we like it is it gets integrated with our ITSM solution so that we don't have to go for an external product for project management like Jira.""Everything is valuable. It is tough to choose a particular feature, but project portfolio management along with agile 2.0 are two key product features that I would suggest for services companies like us.""We like the status report feature. It is something really valuable."

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"The product could have more templates.""The pricing is a bit steep, and it's built on tiers rather than incremental users (not ideal for a small company that's adding people slowly).""Having easier access to training videos on how all features can interact with one another would be helpful.""Coordination with different social media platforms would be a convenient feature.""The service could improve in its ability to automatically update.""My Work cannot be connected to specific line items in boards or subtasks, and therefore it is currently causing a gap in communication with our team.""The key limitation I face is that I don't find the tool to be fully intuitive as more time is required for me to learn how to use it optimally.""The solution could be improved by adding more plugins for Adobe (not just Photoshop) and adding a plugin for Discord."

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"Additional Agile capabilities, including integration with the Agile development app, would be welcome features.""The agile functionality can be improved. The tool was definitely built around the waterfall PMBOK PRINCE2 methodology, and although there are great functions within the tool for agile, it is often compared to dedicated tools like LeanKit or Jira. At the moment, the only integration we would have is to Jira itself, not to another Planview product. I believe that's coming in 2022 at some point.""Training documentation improvement is required because there are some high-level words in that material, terms that a non-technical person is unable to understand.""PPM Pro requires a great deal of internet bandwidth because it's a cloud-based solution. This can present a problem if a team member is working in a remote area where they can't access high-speed internet or experience outages. They may face challenges logging in or updating tasks. If the internet connection is inadequate, it may not sync with the solution.""There should be the ability to store historical functions, but this is not just for this tool. It is applicable to many tools. It would be great if we were able to store specific historical data, such as risk management.""The resource management tab is clunky, inefficient, and slow. And from a portfolio manager perspective, it would be nice if there were an easier way to view enterprise-wide resourcing to manage my team more effectively.""The downside to the way the solution tracks time is if your project manager doesn't add you to the project, you won't see it on your timesheet, even if you did do work."

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"When we import a really big project with a lot of tasks on it, we face some issues with dependencies. The links between tasks are not working very well. There is definitely room for improvement there. Microsoft Project, in my opinion, is the best option for such a use case.""We track salaries or paychecks of the resources. They change from time to time, such as every six months or every year. If they can come up with a default or out-of-the-box feature to manage those multiple payable costs so that we can automatically calculate the project costs rolled up. That would be the coolest feature that we can expect from ServiceNow. We would like to have an automatic feature to manage the payable costs. We should be able to manage or maintain multiple pay costs so that while calculating the project roll-up costs for individual projects, the respective pay costs in a particular period are picked up automatically from the backend. Currently, we have to customize that. It is doable. We have done it but through customization.""ServiceNow needs to invest more in integration. That's the only thing. It could always extend its portfolio a little bit.""A major improvement we would like to see is definitely around agile management.""ServiceNow IT Business Management could improve by adding better artificial intelligence.""The solution needs a few things in terms of resource management.""The price keeps going up, and to remain competitive, it needs to have a competitive edge. I would like to see more of the latest innovations, in terms of AI, ML, and all of the latest cutting-edge technologies, included in the platform.""The price is too high."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "I wasn't involved with the licensing, but I believe it's negotiable."
  • "The solution is quite inexpensive. For example, we pay $8,500 for 75 users. It's somewhere around $100 a user, approximately."
  • "The project manager would be responsible for any licensing fees. As an end-user, we just follow suit."
  • "Fees are paid monthly per user."
  • "The price is reasonable for the number of users we have."
  • "I am using its free version."
  • "We tell others it's about $2200 for a ten-person plan and it can be adjusted; it's easy to scale."
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  • "Our current license is from 2019 to 2022. So for that three-year subscription, it was $60,000 for the subscription, users, platform, and connections. Then there were some add-ons. Connecting to some of our other systems like HR for that period cost us around $12,000."
  • "The pricing for me is more about understanding your own needs in the company because it is one license for one person model. So, you have to really understand how many licenses you need and what may be the influx of your staff. The good thing about Daptiv is that we just need a quick telephone call to our customer success manager if we want to increase our licensing. It takes a day or two to do. So, we can upscale very quickly. We've never downscaled, but I'm guessing if we had to, we'd have to wait till the contract completes or renegotiate a different licensing cost. So, you definitely need to understand what different types of licenses provide from a functionality point of view, and then order 10% more than you need based on the influx of staff in the company. There are costs in addition to the standard licensing fees. We have the report functionality for which we pay separately for 10 hours per month."
  • "They could improve on the pricing. They are charging $25 to $30 per user per month. It varies according to the access a user has, such as admin, developer, contributor, or owner."
  • "The licensing model is simple. Planview has plans at different levels, so you can pick one according to your budget and user base. They also have customized plans."
  • "My advice is to pay attention to integration opportunities to reduce your licensing cost with Planview. There are additional costs for consulting services and advanced customer support."
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  • "They sell some things in bundles, and it could be handier that some of those things could be sold in another way, like purity models and other packages. Another thing that I'm struggling with is the pricing of ServiceNow's FYE experience, which includes the tools that are positioned for supporting HR."
  • "It is a little expensive. We are in Brazil, and for us, it is a little expensive."
  • "The solution could improve by being less expensive and the pricing model is confusing. Many people are getting charged different amounts. There are additional fees that they are adding on."
  • "We have a team of about 6,500 employees across the globe. So, the amount of money I'm going to save by putting the money on the table for the implementation and licenses is very high."
  • "The cost of the solution should not be more than $50,000 annually."
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    654,658 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Also Known As
    IT Business Management, ServiceNow IT Business Management Suite, ServiceNow ITBM Suite, ServiceNow ITBM
    Learn More
    Overview is a cloud-based platform that allows teams to design their own work management software and applications. is a basic yet intuitive work operating system that facilitates teamwork in these ways:

    • Allows teams to define workflows

    • Adapts to changing demands

    • Establishes transparency

    • Allows for collaboration

    • Eliminates manual grunt work is extremely adaptable and may be utilized in any sector and for any workflow. You can build your apps to match your specific operational needs and modify your boards, dashboards, and documents to fit your team properly. It may be used for anything, including projects and procedures, and it can be used across teams, departments, leaders, and organizations.

    Here are a few examples of how software can be put to good use:

    • Marketing pipelines
    • Recruitment procedures
    • Video production planning
    • Tracking progress
    • Product timelines
    • Business management
    • Design planning
    • Bug tracking
    • Event planning
    • Construction planning Features has many valuable features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Customized workflows
    • Task prioritizing
    • File sharing
    • Drag-and-drop
    • Context-aware communication
    • Progress and milestone monitoring

    The most popular key features include:

    • Work scheduling:’s Workload feature allows you to accurately assign and schedule team members at any given time. Check who's available and who isn't so you may reschedule or reassign work as needed to meet all of your project deadlines.
    • Tracking time for tasks: It's crucial to know where your time goes, especially if you're invoicing clients by the hour. Greater work precision is achieved by having a clear grasp of how much time is spent on each task because you’re able to make more informed decisions about how you spend your time.
    • Automated processes: Automations eliminate the need for manual labor in the completion of repetitive tasks.
    • At-a-glance dashboards: Dashboards are an excellent method to quickly see what's essential. They make it simple to gather useful information, manage project progress, predict effort, and keep track of budgets. They also keep your team focused and engaged on the high-level objectives that drive progress.
    • Integration with external tools: With two-click integrations, you can easily make your primary work hub. Integrate popular external apps like Jira and Slack, as well as Gmail and Mailchimp, to optimize your workflow even further.
    • Varied options for viewing data with Views: provides a number of ways to examine the data in your boards, including Gantt Chart View for project plans and Chart View for progress tracking. Views helps you to take a fresh perspective on things and obtain crucial insights that you might not have gotten otherwise.

    Reviews from Real Users stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Two major ones are its task status feature and its ability to integrate with external apps. PeerSpot users take note of the advantages of these features in their reviews:

    Ben D., Front End Developer at a marketing services firm, writes of the product, “Their flagship feature, what used to be called the pulse, is great. Pulse offers great management. Being able to see everything at a glance and check task status, is wonderful. They use subtasks and the simple aspects of task management have been really helpful.”

    Another PeerSpot reviewer, the Head of Projects at Smart Media SA, notes, “The boards offer an amazing and clear view of my tasks, campaigns, and progress. Automations especially with Slack and Outlook help with keeping my team up-to-date always. Graphs and charts are valuable for reporting purposes and to track progress made. Workforms/surveys are valuable and a very cool added feature.”

    Planview PPM Pro centralizes the management of resources and projects while facilitating governance and providing visibility for improved decision making. Planview PPM Pro provides the ability to collect, prioritize, and execute projects so that PMOs can focus their resources on the work that delivers the most value. 

    Planview PPM Pro helps businesses get out of managing projects in complex spreadsheets or tools so they can gain visibility into all work and resources. For informed decision making, use Planview PPM pro to streamline project efforts into a single source of truth. The solution gives businesses the ability to align their centralized project portfolio to achieve business outcomes through financials, projects, and resources. 

    Planview PPM Pro Features

    Planview PPM Pro has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Portfolio planning: Select the right projects that bring the most value to the business.
    • Reporting and dashboards: For better decisions, measure, manage, track, and report on all work. 
    • Manage demands and plan resource capacity: Evaluate and make trade-off decisions based on available resources. Manage work requests in one place.
    • Manage resources: Ensure resources are working on the most important projects and understand resource capacity to appropriately staff those projects.
    • Manage portfolios and financial planning: Manage tasks and resources, project schedules, and the financials to deliver on time and on budget.
    • Scoring: Gather scores from across the organization throughout the project lifecycle to prioritize the highest value work and requests.
    • Planview FLEX: Use Lean-Agile and collaborative tools to help teams deliver their best work.
    • Centralized portfolio: Get visibility into all work, streamlining projects into a single source of truth. This establishes governance and improves overall delivery.
    • Predictive portfolio analysis: Identify the optimal mix of projects to predict, plan, and re-plan a balanced portfolio of resources and projects. Optimize delivery, increase agility, and save time and money.
    • Top-down portfolio planning: Create as many portfolios as needed to drive business alignment. Organize projects in portfolios, or contribute varying amounts across multiple portfolios.

    Planview PPM Pro Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing Planview PPM Pro. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Ability to prioritize project portfolios with top-down planning.
    • Increased confidence in knowing what resources are working on what projects. You can proactively allocate resources and improve delivery across your entire project portfolio. 
    • Deliver on time and on budget to focus on your highest impact work. Align your projects with your goals.
    • Dashboards and reporting visibility give you power to accelerate PPM time-to-value for the business.
    • Ability to empower teams with FLEX because today’s enterprise is embracing a combination of work approaches to increase the success rate of strategic delivery.
    • Integrate your core applications seamlessly.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Planview PPM Pro stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Some of these include its exceptional customer service, its easy customization, and its real-time dashboards. PeerSpot users take note of the advantages of these features in their reviews:

    Jai A., IT Project Manager at Orange Business Services, notes, “For every project, we have to establish timelines, set deadlines, and estimate the completion date of a particular task. PPM Pro notifies us if we are approaching the deadlines, and we can customize this to give notice two or three days in advance.”

    Prateek A., a Manager at NISG, writes, “It helps you visualize all your strategic plans and the KPIs. It provides that information on a unified dashboard, in which you can track all your resources and the portfolios. It helps senior stakeholders and executives with clear reporting about project intake and demands, in real time."

    ServiceNow provides us an integratd platform that manages both IT Operations as well as the Delivery lifecycle. ... It also, creates the necessary insights to make better business decisions from.

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    Learn more about ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management
    Sample Customers
    Raw Digital, Wix, Discovery, Frost & Sullivan, Adidas, Asos, Uber
    The Weather Channel, corcs, Crayola, Scan Health Plan, Vermont, Bank of the West, North West Company, University of Southern Mississippi, Jeffries, Purdue University, Chesterfield County Virginia, City of Memphis
    Proximus, UNT SYSTEM, SAP SuccessFactors
    Top Industries
    Marketing Services Firm18%
    Non Tech Company8%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Computer Software Company13%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Financial Services Firm19%
    Manufacturing Company16%
    Healthcare Company13%
    Computer Software Company19%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Computer Software Company36%
    Renewables & Environment Company9%
    Financial Services Firm9%
    Computer Software Company16%
    Financial Services Firm14%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Company Size
    Small Business79%
    Midsize Enterprise12%
    Large Enterprise9%
    Small Business24%
    Midsize Enterprise13%
    Large Enterprise63%
    Small Business12%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise71%
    Small Business19%
    Midsize Enterprise13%
    Large Enterprise69%
    Small Business29%
    Midsize Enterprise12%
    Large Enterprise59%
    Small Business15%
    Midsize Enterprise10%
    Large Enterprise75%
    Buyer's Guide
    Planview PPM Pro vs. ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Planview PPM Pro vs. ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    654,658 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Planview PPM Pro is ranked 6th in Project Portfolio Management with 6 reviews while ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management is ranked 3rd in Project Portfolio Management with 11 reviews. Planview PPM Pro is rated 9.0, while ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Planview PPM Pro writes "Customizable and intuitive with great task management features". On the other hand, the top reviewer of ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management writes "Great innovation and helpful for portfolio management but needs more finance management capabilities". Planview PPM Pro is most compared with Planview Portfolios, Planisware, SAP Portfolio and Project Management, Planview AdaptiveWork and Planview Daptiv, whereas ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management is most compared with Microsoft Azure DevOps, Jira, Jira Align, Microsoft Project Server and Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). See our Planview PPM Pro vs. ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management report.

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