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4 months ago
Since 1998 I have been using the Planisware project portfolio management solution for multiple pharma organizations.  The application initially had the esoteric name OPX2. For easier international name recognition, its name sensibly became Planisware in 2009 with the…
Almost 7 years ago
Planisware (currently version 6) has extensive capabilities for risk management. What I especially like is that risk component is linked to whatever task or WBS element you deem appropriate in your business/PMO processes. You do not need a separate repository or database…
Almost 7 years ago
Hello, Oliver, I suggest that you focus more upon what you want to achieve in each category (e.g., resource management) than whether or not the capability exists. Resource management in (say) MS Project Server has different constraints, ability to scale, operational ease…

About me

PROJECT PORTFOLIO SYSTEMS MANAGER and BUSINESS IMPLEMENTATION ANALYST with over 14 years of experience deploying and supporting enterprise applications at Fortune 250 firms—more than 11 years in major pharmaceutical companies.

• Champions cross-functional process collaboration. Builds rapport and trust across organizational units. Contributes as lead-by-example “glue” for achieving successful project, team, and knowledge outcomes
• Accomplishes root cause analysis; data stewardship; project cost management; resource planning; Planisware configuration. Provides exceptional presentation and advocacy skills
• Transforms technical–process issues into business solutions. Navigates through knowledge ambiguity to discover prudent pathways
• Brings initiative, vitality, and empathy that enable and sustain business value. Makes other people’s work easier and more productive


• Enterprise project portfolio management deployment
• Cross-functional process collaboration
• Portfolio data consolidation and drill-down
• Knowledge taxonomy and metadata creation
• Business requirements elicitation and synthesis
• Future-state transition analysis
• Project resource modeling and data analysis
• Application assessment and implementation
• Business and IT domain bridging
• Competitive and innovation intelligence gathering
• Planisware operations, governance, configuration, training
• Customer experience management--"know why" beyond "know how"