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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability (2nd), Log Management (4th), Mobile APM (1st), Container Monitoring (1st), AIOps (2nd)

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As of July 2024, in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability category, the mindshare of Aternity AppInternals [EOL] is 0.1%, down from 0.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Dynatrace is 12.5%, down from 16.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
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Log Management
Mobile APM

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Nov 13, 2017

Featured Reviews

it_user413982 - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 31, 2016
It provides automated dynamic discovery of applications and mapping of transaction flows.
* SQL performance problems: fast SQL execution but slow reading of the database. We solved these issues by increasing the fetch size in the code. * Network problems: slow internet access by customers. There were CPU problems that couldn't be discovered by our Network Team. * Backup problems: performance problems because of other systems which caused slow performance of this system. * Database problems: performance problems between the database and storage but it told us it was an issue with the application. * We had issues with the end-to-end view of unique customer: reviewing end- to-end customer problems to see where a problem is about customer, code, DB or network.
Varaprasad - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 22, 2023
Saves money; easy to deploy
Our primary use case for this solution is for checking site vulnerability to see if the applications are up or down and if they're running fine This solution has helped our organization by allowing us to check for site vulnerability and performance, which in the end helps us save money. The most…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Transaction Tracing is the most useful. Being able to have the transaction stitched together so we can see where the problem is has proven invaluable."
"The most valuable aspect of this solution is the integration with their other systems. It's easy to understand and it points out the relevant problems in the enterprise."
"Browsermetrix, which is real-user monitoring via JS injection and linked back to TTW via cookie. It allows us to see the experience of every user hitting our sites and analyze performance by region, browser, etc."
"We just control on the backend of AppInternals what we want to instrument and what we don't want to instrument."
"Synthetic transactions, WMI and SNMP query capability."
"I like it that one can match IPs with the application name."
"The capability of analysing each individual transaction captured to a very low level detail (method call/line of code)."
"As an Administrator, before we bought this AppInternals, I didn't have visibility on why items were slow or why an application was not running. This gives us the ability to see what's going on. The application is load balancing. We can now see if its own server has issues or just one specific server has issues."
"The most valuable feature is the beautiful UI."
"It severely reduces the time spent doing performance test cycles."
"I think with Dynatrace, it has helped to bring value to the business because now we can speak using the same language."
"The web dashboard is very simple to use."
"Given the full-stack approach, you are able to view from the end user perspective, almost down to the bare metal."
"Provides more visibility into applications."
"The visibility that it provides is most valuable."
"Reduced MTTR, thanks to smart problem detection and automated root cause analysis."


"We'd like to be able to find out performance problems on application class and methods."
"Deployment and agent patch management is not managed centrally, resulting in a large level of effort to update."
"Support for PHP, DB and other applications need to be supported."
"It would be great if the solution could offer fixed bundles and more features."
"The recording mechanism for synthetic transactions could be improved as well."
"The technical support is not very good and should be improved."
"The admin dashboard could be easier as it takes a little bit of time to get used to it."
"I would like for it to have automated updates, the way the product updates itself should be all automated, as opposed to what it is now."
"One thing I'm missing and that is the JMX from the MBeans, it's missing completely."
"We're developing more and more microservices and, each time, for an AppMon license, you have to deploy it, you have to configure it, you to get charged for it. It's very time-consuming."
"I would like to have the ability to share live data with selected third parties so that they can see how their product is performing for our company."
"If you have many distributed servers, you will need to install or migrate every agent. This can be a problem if you have too many, and it takes time."
"In the next release, I would like to see some new reports and more tiles on the Dashboard."
"The AI is not that intelligent and there are different places where it could be even more automated."
"Our main problems have been that it has a high learning curve to it. I've used it for about three years now and I'm still learning it. There are some videos and there is some documentation out there, but it still requires you to delve into the tool to learn it. A little bit more comprehensive self-paced training would help."
"We would like to see more external tool integration, which is critical for us."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The licensing model is expensive compared to its competitors, but the service it gives to your business, and the data quality, means that it's worth it."
"The licensing model for v9 is better where it is an individual license per server, while v10 licenses are per JVM/ .NET and server instance. The latter model appears to be the model that other APM vendors are using."
"I would like to see them improve on their licensing and the cost. It's been a challenge for us because the way they have it broken out right now, you have to buy it by units. It's hard for us to know where to put those units because our company is broken up into all these different business units, so it's been challenging in that sense. I just would like to see them improve that model a little bit."
"The solution is not cheap."
"It is quite expensive for startups."
"Its licensing is complicated or not transparent."
"The product is definitely worth taking a look at. Be aware that it is probably more pricey than other options on the market, but there are a lot of capabilities. Dynatrace has an eye toward the future and the computing and monitoring needs that we are gonna need for the cloud. ​"
"If there are no corporate requirements to run Dynatrace Managed (operating it yourself), I would definitely go for the size option. For small and medium-sized companies, the size option is probably the cheapest one. You don't need to look into operating it. You don't need to run hardware. It is pay as you go."
"The pricing is a bit on the higher end."
"I have not been able to observe more than 1% overhead, despite Dynatrace saying that it can be slightly higher in some situations."
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Answers from the Community

Nov 13, 2017
Nov 13, 2017
i don't 100% agree what @Scott mention. 1st - Please refer to the latest Magic Quadrant NPM & APM Dynatrace is good in APM space but Riverbed is offering end to end monitoring in NPM & APM space and the latest acquisition Aternity expands Riverbed’s SteelCentral offerings up to the end users performance monitoring level wish i personally love it. Traditional solutions base in DC to a...
2 out of 7 answers
it_user758499 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 9, 2017
Riverbed is more of an NPM probe-based offering and only has a moderate level of application awareness. It is more aligned with Dynatrace’s DCRUM offering competitively. At some point our DCRUM will be integrated into the Dynatrace product, so one great thing coming is you will truly have a single platform/pane of glass for everyone down to the full network detail. For now, it is still a separate entity. Although Riverbed offers strong NETWORK analytics, it is not going to provide the application layer detail and provide a holistic all in one offering like Dynatrace does with RUM, webchecks, cloud, containers, network, infrastructure. It also samples and doesn’t provide a high fidelity of data. Dynatrace looks at every transaction, so we offer gap-free visibility into performance, bottlenecks, and issues. This is also important if you want to understand user and performance trends and understand where to align resources and focus on areas of development. With Riverbed, you’ll be making a lot of assumptions based on their sampling/averages output. It’s going to take you a month plus to evaluate it…minimum. It takes weeks to set it up and configure. And the cost of services to get installed and trained is costly. So ease of use with what you evaluated is not comparable. Dynatrace installs in 3 mins or less and our ROI is typically within 2-3 months. Maintenance of Riverbed is huge. Dynatrace is automatic in providing releases and upgrades, zero maintenance. Riverbed is going to require taking things off line, doing the updates, and putting things back on line. Lots of manual effort. Riverbed strongly emphasizes packet capture capabilities so it’s appealing to the network team. It captures and records everything from the wire and applies very light weight analytics. It’s a very reactive approach. If you want to apply the application layer information into the networking piece, you will be purchasing and managing multiple components instead of just one with Dynatrace. Dynatrace is application centric however it does provide some network analytics in relation to the performance of the applications it’s monitoring; This is like comparing an apple to a banana. So, for me, the top areas in which Dynatrace is better: • Ease of use, zero maintenance • Higher fidelity of data with Dynatrace-no sampling, aggregates or averages like you’d get from Riverbed. • Quicker ROI and user adoption • We show you every user, every app, everywhere. We provide gap free data from end-user, code, infrastructure, network. No blind spots, no samples, no averages. So no matter what device you are operating on, we’ll provide gap free visibility into performance. • Zero manual configuration. Just install one agent per host, we monitor everything. • AI gives you auto-everything. Automates, discovery, modelling, analysis, troubleshooting and stops you from having to figure this all out manually. • Automated root cause analysis. Avoid alert storms, get one single notification. • Seamless integration for cloud and containers.
it_user381273 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 9, 2017
I am not familiar with these two anymore. I'm sure you can Google around as well as I can for general impressions, pricing, etc. I'll offer a bit of process guidance, though: Read the Release Notes for the latest version of each product. That will indicate what each company finds significant, and you can judge how well that aligns with the needs of your platform and your mgmt.

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The key is to have a holistic view over the complete infrastructure, the ones you have listed are great for APM if you need to monitor applications end to end. I have tested them all and have not f...
What cloud monitoring software did you choose and why?
While the environment does matter in the selection of an APM tool, I prefer to use Dynatrace to manage the entire stack. Both production and Dev/Test. I find it to be quite superior to anything els...
Any advice about APM solutions?
There are many factors and we know little about your requirements (size of org, technology stack, management systems, the scope of implementation). Our goal was to consolidate APM and infra monitor...


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