Any advice about APM solutions?

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Oct 20, 2020
Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
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Oct 21, 2020

@reviewer1352679 thanks for weighing in with such a detailed answer for @SystemsEngineer234z :)

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Oct 21, 2020
Dec 8, 2020
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Dec 10, 2020

@Adrian Antonypillai Easiest deployments?  this is easily Dynatrace.  You deploy the oneagent on the host and much of the rest is taken care of for you.  There is a lot of automation offered by the solution for deployment and maintenance.  For example, you don't need to configure variables in you JVM startup or select which libraries (java vs .net...) need to be loaded.
Decommissioning Introscope?  The biggest transition for your clients/users is navigation in the user interface.  Plan on training for users.  Each product is backed by different "models" and transition from one tool to the other is a learning experience.  Our transition from Introscope was easy as there were so many features not in APM, teams were eager.  After training depends on use case.  If you are just monitoring application instances it's just a matter of removing the references to Introscope in the application startup.  If you pump in data, the API will obviously change and would be a bit more work.  From what you state, I'm assuming it is monitoring of applications and you will be awe struck with the simplicity of Dynatrace vs Introscope.
Transitioning Introscope config?  By default Dynatrace is instrumented with alarms using baselines.  Simply by installing you get a good base of monitoring.  The additional visibility provided out of the box should make you re-evaluate any alarming you had in Introscope.  Because it was in Introscope, don't think you must migrate it.  Beg benefit is Dynatrace comes with AIOps so alarms are handled differently.  You can extend monitoring with JMX and custom alarms as necessary.  Of everything I like about Dynatrace, the alarm configuration lacks some flexibility I would like.  You should think about how your are going to manage processing alarms for each team.  Ideally automate your alarm configuration via the API to handle the configuration as code.
How long does migration take?  To remove Introscope, the middleware team wrote a script to remove from the application start up files.  That took minutes to run.  To deploy Dynatrace, you install the agent on the host and restart the app. So the time to deploy depends on your deployment automation and application restart time.  Again, I would suggest prior to migrating, you have engaged the application developers/support team and they have been introduced prior to a non-production roll out.  Deployment is so easy, training is your bottle-neck.
Physical to virtual to cloud to kubernetes?  We have all of the above plus mainframe, thick client apps and SaaS.  The product is used across all these types of implementations and a big reason Dynatrace was selected.  They have the benefit of existing in the "legacy" physical server world and was re-designed for the cloud.  My $.02.  If you are on-prem only, choice is between Dynatrace and AppD.  If you are cloud only, choice is between Dynatrace and New Relic.  If you are heterogenous, it is only Dynatrace.

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Oct 20, 2020
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Dec 8, 2020
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