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Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle CRM vs. Zoho CRM and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
564,143 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Everything related to insights and dashboards is valuable. It is great for tracking all the effort and generating reports.""It is one of the most proficient CRM tools out there. It is comprehensive and scalable. It covers most of the CRM activities, business lines, and business requirements.""We are most comfortable with the user interface that Oracle CRM has, it is very good.""It is difficult to highlight the most valuable features because the system as a whole works very well for our loyal program. It is a very good system and I believe that they are the oldest loyalty system on the market. The service is very good, with many customizable options, and has a strong database to help us build our rules and point systems for the loyal program.""We are able to take back control of our client sales information and analyze it for the future to improve.""It is very simple."

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"I like that it is easy to get data in and out of it. We can export and import CSV files. I also like that the database is hierarchical, which allows me to be able to look at a parent and multiple children.""It is customizable. We have customized the CRM according to our needs.""Zoho CRM is easy to use and easy to understand.""For the most part, the solution is stable."

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"The initial setup is complex, it could be improved to be more simplified.""Their support could be faster. Like any other solution provider, in some cases, it takes time to get their response, and sometimes, they do not fix the issue in the first round. Therefore, we have to go through another round.""Our infrastructure is set up for an on-premises deployment of this solution and I am concerned that the online deployment that we are moving to will not perform as well as our current on-premises storage systems. It could cause some problems, such as latency delays.""The data visualization should be better in Oracle CRM.""In the planning area in order to calculate commissions the function could be improved. Currently, we are not using that functionality because it is very basic.""The interface could be more user friendly. It is currently not intuitive, and it can be better. The onboarding process for the end users of this solution could be easier, and there should be a few more things for user knowledge and training. It takes a lot of technical knowledge to get used to it."

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"Sometimes, there are technical glitches. When we add product details, the information disappears. It can be improved from this aspect. Some of the bugs also need to be resolved.""I'm not sure that there is scalability potential for enterprises.""The mobile application is a little complicated and could be simplified.""There are at least two big pieces. One is just the ability to reorganize the data and clean it up to eliminate duplicates and things like that. It is very manual at the moment. It only gives us certain fields that we can check on. Because of our particular database, it creates a problem. We deal with hospitals, and there are 50 hospitals. It is tough to figure out which one is which. Is it this one or the other one? So, trying to clean things up is very difficult. I'd like to have more ability to share data fields. The data is structured into different buckets, and I frequently have to create the same field in two different buckets. It would be nice if I could just do a view-only field in another bucket. In my contact bucket, I would like to be able to have just a view-only of the account information so that I don't need to enter it again, which is what I have to do currently."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It is not cheap. It is more suitable for big companies."
  • "We were able to get a ten-year contract for a very good discount with our three platforms together with Oracle."
  • "We have annual licenses to use this solution that are quite expensive. For example, we have approximately four types of licenses and we have one annual contract for the number of licenses we use for Oracle CRM and the loyalty system."
  • "There are licenses needed to use this solution and they are managed by our product team."
  • "Every year, we have new users, and we get new licenses. It depends on various things such as the number of users and expansion of our business lines."
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  • "There is a license required for this solution."
  • "It is around $1000 a month."
  • "Compared to other CRMs, it is very cheap."
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    564,143 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: 
    It's a good product but the are some performance issues. The performance can be improved. The initial setup is complex, it could be improved to be more simplified.
    Top Answer: 
    I was responsible for the Oracle financial department. We use Oracle to keep all of the providers in their perspective sites. We have all of the financial aspects with Oracle, the payments, the bills… more »
    Top Answer: 
    Ease of use with customizability is the best point. But apart from that Zoho has many things that can actually help you to extend the use of a CRM to a much wider scope. Also, the various other… more »
    Top Answer: 
    There is a license required for this solution.
    Top Answer: 
    The mobile application is a little complicated and could be simplified.
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    On demand CRM with contextual intelligence, adaptive business planning, and analytics. Supports cloud integration with Outlook and mobile devices, as well as sales and marketing applications. Multi-tenancy or single-tenancy options available.

    Zoho CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle CRM vs. Zoho CRM and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
    564,143 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Oracle CRM is ranked 5th in CRM with 6 reviews while Zoho CRM is ranked 10th in CRM with 4 reviews. Oracle CRM is rated 8.4, while Zoho CRM is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Oracle CRM writes "Effortless predictive analytics, stable, scalable with 24 hour support". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Zoho CRM writes "Scales well, and it is easy to get data in and out of it, but I would like more ability to reorganize the data and share data fields". Oracle CRM is most compared with Siebel CRM, SAP CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Oracle Eloqua, whereas Zoho CRM is most compared with LeadSquared, Freshsales, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pipedrive and Acumatica. See our Oracle CRM vs. Zoho CRM report.

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