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Oracle CRM vs SAP CRM comparison

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Oracle CRM vs. SAP CRM
July 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle CRM vs. SAP CRM and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
621,548 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"CRM's performance is good, we've never faced any issues with it.""It is very simple.""The forecasting reporting section was the most useful.""We are able to take back control of our client sales information and analyze it for the future to improve.""We are most comfortable with the user interface that Oracle CRM has, it is very good.""Everything related to insights and dashboards is valuable. It is great for tracking all the effort and generating reports.""Oracle CRM is very, very stable, one of the most stable products I've used in my career, and doesn't require much maintenance.""The solution is smooth, easy to use, easy to customize and it has many features. Plus, there are regular updates."

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"SAP CRM is a scalable solution.""The stability is good.""The most valuable feature is lead management and integration.""We get very good support from SAP.""I have found the most valuable feature of the SAP CRM system is its ability to integrate with other modules. SAP CRM is all about integrating with other modules. For example, SuccessFactors is their learning management. This is one use case that SAP CRM themselves use. Their lead generation versus their sales from their educational services. You can instantly receive insight into how many leads have been generated and how much it turned into real business or revenue for them. I was told in one of the seminars that the data transfer from the lead generation to sales is only 24 hours in SAP CRM.""One of the main things is that the reports are very customizable. It is very easy and user-friendly to customize the reports the way the user wants. They can see the reports as per their expectations and change them accordingly.""The features that are used most are the lead model and the opportunity model. We can create many different pipelines with many phases. These features improved our process in the States very well.""What I found most valuable in SAP CRM is its multitenancy, and you can use it from your website, SMS, and even social media, and it's all integrated, so my company is trying to leverage on all of those."

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"The user interface and performance could be better.""The data visualization should be better in Oracle CRM.""The performance could be better.""This solution is only available on-premises. It could be improved by offering a cloud/SaaS option which is more scalable.""In the planning area in order to calculate commissions the function could be improved. Currently, we are not using that functionality because it is very basic.""An improvement would be to lower the price of the license.""The initial setup is complex, it could be improved to be more simplified.""The interface could be more user friendly. It is currently not intuitive, and it can be better. The onboarding process for the end users of this solution could be easier, and there should be a few more things for user knowledge and training. It takes a lot of technical knowledge to get used to it."

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"It can be a bit more user friendly, to be honest. Sometimes there are too many apps options. It should offer better UX (user experience) to make it easier to navigate and easier to use.""SAP CRM could improve by making the solution more current, it is out of date. There are no more updates for SAP CRM.""In terms of visibility of the data, there's a very limited set that we have access to and sometimes it's very difficult and not user-friendly to analyze from front end to back end. It's the biggest challenge, even if I'm working with an organization where we've implemented SAP.""What I see as a challenge against our competitor is that Salesforce comes with more flexibility, for enhancement purposes, whereas the SAP CRM Cloud is more robust and rigid. It's not flexible to implement any bespoke solution.""In the future, machine learning and artificial intelligence functionality need to be included.""Previously, the SAP CRM used to use simple servers, but now SAP uses HANA. The problem with the HANA databases is their interoperability with other solutions. SAP CRM could improve by working better with other solutions.""The solution needs more flexible customization, tender request, and they need to think about some of the localization aspects.""The integration of SAP CRM with the SAP platform is relatively easier as compared to any other third-party product. If you go for any other third-party product, you will have a lot of challenges in terms of integration."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It is not cheap. It is more suitable for big companies."
  • "We were able to get a ten-year contract for a very good discount with our three platforms together with Oracle."
  • "We have annual licenses to use this solution that are quite expensive. For example, we have approximately four types of licenses and we have one annual contract for the number of licenses we use for Oracle CRM and the loyalty system."
  • "There are licenses needed to use this solution and they are managed by our product team."
  • "Every year, we have new users, and we get new licenses. It depends on various things such as the number of users and expansion of our business lines."
  • "The licensing is on a yearly basis."
  • "The cost of a license with support is slightly higher than a regular license."
  • "The costing for this solution is very high. It targets top tier companies. This solution can be split up into multiple modules to cater to the low tier customers."
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  • "There is a license required for the solution and most of my clients purchase an annual license."
  • "SAP CRM is an expensive solution and is the most challenging aspect of the solution."
  • "SAP CRM costs approximately a couple of thousand a month."
  • "Its price is reasonable. As compared to other CRMs, this CRM is competitively priced. They have multiple flavors with different sets of functionality. Pricing is based on the flavor that suits your requirement. If you have more users, the cost will come down."
  • "The pricing from SAP is good but it takes time to realize the investment."
  • "SAP CRM is not suitable for smaller businesses because it is expensive. The larger businesses would be able to handle the cost."
  • "There is a license required to use SAP CRM."
  • "From the maintenance perspective, SAP CRM is quite expensive compared to cloud services because the current solution they're using is managed by us and we are hosting it on servers. There is the cost of hosting, and managing servers and applications. The overhead is substantial, but this solution is a legacy system. It will take some time for the customer to migrate out of it."
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    621,548 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:We were able to get a ten-year contract for a very good discount with our three platforms together with Oracle. If you have many Oracle products, you can get a cheaper rate perhaps as we did. The cost… more »
    Top Answer:It's a good product but the are some performance issues. The performance can be improved. The initial setup is complex, it could be improved to be more simplified.
    Top Answer:Once the lead is matured, you can convert it into an opportunity and you can track it by the opportunity based on the product segment.
    Top Answer:The pricing is competitive and it is delivering results. From a pricing point of view, we are satisfied. I don't have any comments on if it is too high or low. We are frequently renewing the contract… more »
    Top Answer:Frankly speaking, for more than seven and a half years, I haven't found any area for improvement. The design is user-friendly. The interface is good. Any person needs only basic training and we can… more »
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    On demand CRM with contextual intelligence, adaptive business planning, and analytics. Supports cloud integration with Outlook and mobile devices, as well as sales and marketing applications. Multi-tenancy or single-tenancy options available.

    SAP CRM provides marketing solutions for big data analytics, social media marketing, segmentation, multichannel campaigns, loyalty, and resource management.

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    Buyer's Guide
    Oracle CRM vs. SAP CRM
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle CRM vs. SAP CRM and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
    621,548 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Oracle CRM is ranked 4th in CRM with 13 reviews while SAP CRM is ranked 3rd in CRM with 18 reviews. Oracle CRM is rated 8.4, while SAP CRM is rated 7.6. The top reviewer of Oracle CRM writes "Straightforward to set up with good modules and excellent support". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SAP CRM writes "Great task and opportunity features with a helpful dashboard". Oracle CRM is most compared with Siebel CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, whereas SAP CRM is most compared with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Siebel CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud. See our Oracle CRM vs. SAP CRM report.

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