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ITRS Geneos
Ranking in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability (12th), Network Monitoring Software (16th)
ServiceNow IT Operations Ma...
Ranking in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
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Event Monitoring (2nd), Cloud Management (9th), AIOps (4th)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the IT Infrastructure Monitoring category, the mindshare of ITRS Geneos is 0.9%, up from 0.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is 2.8%, up from 2.8% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Unique Categories:
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
Network Monitoring Software
Event Monitoring
Cloud Management

Featured Reviews

Jan 18, 2023
A stable solution, with real-time monitoring
A lot of solutions now use AI to predict and prevent failure. ITRS Geneos needs to evolve its prediction and prevention capabilities, as AI-based monitoring is becoming more important. Earlier, it was just alert-based. Most organizations look towards artificial intelligence-based monitoring solutions. Products such as Dynatrace rely more on artificial intelligence using algorithms to predict future failures, which is a plus point compared to ITRS Geneos. If the solution can use AI to monitor trends and provide analysis without having to wait for the threshold to be reached it would be very helpful. Recently, the infrastructure has been moving from bare metal or a physical server to more cloud-based infrastructure. Being an older solution, the architecture is still perfect for physical machine monitoring. However, ITRS Geneos is improving and evolving in cloud-based monitoring. But there are some specific tools that are better than ITRS Geneos in cloud-based monitoring, which are strictly cloud-based. For the solution to stay relevant in the cloud-based monitoring environment Geneos needs more plug-ins with more features. Instead of offering clients workarounds, the solution should have a cloud-based out-of-the-box version.
Mahendra-Kumar - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 14, 2023
Comprehensive incident management module
ServiceNow is a very good product, but it's widely used in the industry. Overall, I'll give it an eight out of ten. I would advise customers that this is a very useful setup. We get a lot of real incidents, apart from false incidents. Also, ServiceNow has its pro application setup related to AI ops. So, as per the customer, if we need to figure out any issue, we can initially use the standard ServiceNow application. After that, if we separate ServiceNow using AI ops, we can get many features. It is machine learning and AI-based. After that, we can get a lot of features. In normal ServiceNow, we have to search for routers and other things, but we can get these things automatically from the system in AI operations. So, there is a set of things we can advise the customer in such a way.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The flexibility of the product is most valuable. It is highly customizable. If you put your mind to it and think of something you could do, there's a good possibility you can get it integrated within the console, if it's not readily available. The simplicity or ease of customization has been valuable."
"It enables us to monitor application processes, to do log-monitoring on a 24/7 basis, to do server-level monitoring - all the hardware parameters - as well as monitor connectivity across applications to the interfaces."
"One of the most valuable features of ITRS Geneos is the active time feature that helps with the trading applications that I support."
"One of the most valuable features is that it can be configured by non-developers. It doesn't require development expertise to configure it."
"Tons of default modules which are available out of the box"
"I would say that it is an easy-to-use monitoring tool. Amongst the available monitoring tools, it is a really good option."
"One of the best aspects of Geneos is that it has a broad scope and can cover a lot of use cases. You can write your own scripts to monitor really specific things. And the rules that you can put in place can be quite complex for the alerts."
"The ability to logically normalize data gathered from multiple types of sources via pre-built plugins is extremely powerful. This functionality, coupled with the ability to import custom data via the Toolkit plugin allows Geneos to be leveraged to monitor every system in the enterprise."
"I am impressed with the tool's ability to track information in an easy way."
"The most valuable features of the solution are discovery, cloud governance, event management, and service mapping."
"The end-to-end ticketing process is most valuable in ServiceNow IT Operations Management because its notification feature is excellent in keeping all users informed on the next step compared to BMC. I also like that ServiceNow IT Operations Management is very user-friendly."
"The most important features of ServiceNow IT Operations Management are the discovery service mapping and orchestration."
"I like the tool's CMBD connection with Discovery. The solution is also flexible."
"Their Event Management is very good."
"It's easy to set up."
"As a product, ServiceNow IT Operations Management is pretty strong, and it can discover non-IP devices."


"Much of the reporting outside of the user interface is very basic and requires much customization to be useful."
"I would like ITRS Geneos to develop an app, where instead of going to specific login terminals or logging into laptops or desktops to check alerts, we can have visibility in the app itself."
"They have the Webslinger solution where you can see when something is alerting. It's a little bit cumbersome."
"The deployment method for upgrading is a bit tricky. It takes a little bit of manual effort. If that could be a bit more automated, it would help us a lot."
"Mobile phone integration is probably not as rich as it could be."
"t needs to have better middleware integration for things such as application and Microsft SQL servers."
"The main feature that needs work is the Dashboard designer."
"One thing that could be improved in terms of rapid scaling would be more ability to clone aspects of an implementation. It seems like there are opportunities in this area, where we have repetitive tasks to do when it comes to implementing things on new servers or on new gateways. It would be great if there was an easy way to clone something that had already been done."
"Enhancing automation-related solutions, such as Wi-Fi, porting, machinery, and product automation would help to achieve better operational outcomes."
"The solution’s licensing cost could be improved."
"There are some limitations with Discovery; some areas are not available in the installation. I would like the solution to be able to discover more devices. That will remove the need to have multiple tools."
"The pricing of some modules is higher because they are sold in packages. If we need something specific, we cannot take it individually."
"ServiceNow could be more prescriptive on how customers can leverage some of the benefits."
"The out-of-the-box reporting feature is not as user friendly as other tools."
"The pattern part can be improved. Patterns are used in the Discovery feature. Although it is easy to create new patterns and modify the existing ones, it would be better if this solution can have more out-of-the-box patterns. In terms of new features, they can include artificial intelligence, something like machine learning."
"The product needs to add a workflow insight tool."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The licensing cost may seem expensive upfront. However, the service is outstanding, the tool does things that no other tools can do, and the customizability more than makes up for the cost of licensing."
"Its price is reasonable. It isn't too expensive, and it isn't too cheap, but it also depends on a company's volume and negotiation."
"The pricing is fairly market-related. They have been very lenient because we have been working with them for so long. An example is that we're currently migrating some of our services to AWS, and they've given us a grace period for some of the things to help with the migration and not to grow additional costs while we are migrating, but it's still on par with the market."
"Pricing and licensing is based on the requirements."
"I can say it's not that cheap because the licensing is a little bit costly"
"The market tools are on par with this solution, but if the solution included more features, then it would be well within the range for the cost."
"ITRS Geneos is not a cheap tool. It's a moderate price for the banking industry. The reason we are not able to add the ITRS monitoring tool for the non-banking industries, and non-finance industries, is that the pricing is too high."
"Given our spend and the amount of service we have in it, the pricing is quite reasonable."
"While not entirely sure, I believe the solution costs at least a million dollars annually."
"I would rate the product's pricing a five out of ten since there are vendors who are cheaper."
"There are additional costs, you have to pay more for everything."
"This solution offers good value but comes at a very high premium. Pricing could be reduced by 10 to 20%."
"The price of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is expensive."
"It has different subscription models."
"It is moderately expensive. The pricing itself and the licensing options are depending on the model and the customization."
"The cost of ServiceNow is much higher."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about ITRS Geneos?
I would say that it is an easy-to-use monitoring tool. Amongst the available monitoring tools, it is a really good option.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for ITRS Geneos?
The pricing is high. Licensing fees might be around 500$ per server monthly.
What needs improvement with ITRS Geneos?
ITRS Geneos is a legacy system. It predicts or provides proactive measures once an issue is resolved. It doesn't offer any predictive capabilities or root cause analysis. They throw a lot of data i...
What do you like most about ServiceNow IT Operations Management?
From my perspective as an asset manager, the most valuable feature of the solution is the configuration management portion, where I can actively add something to the database.

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ITRS Geneos is used by over 170 financial institutions, including JPMorgan, HSBC, RBS, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. Clients range from investment banks to exchanges and brokers.
servicenow, TransAlta, NATS, Symantec
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