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ServiceNow IT Operations Ma...
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Event Monitoring (2nd), Cloud Management (9th), IT Infrastructure Monitoring (8th), AIOps (4th)
Splunk ITSI (IT Service Int...
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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability (11th), IT Alerting and Incident Management (4th)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Event Monitoring category, the mindshare of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is 18.8%, up from 12.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence) is 10.8%, up from 2.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Event Monitoring
Unique Categories:
Cloud Management
IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
IT Alerting and Incident Management

Featured Reviews

Sukkanta Banerjee - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 31, 2022
Track daily tickets, SLAs, and create dashboards
I give the solution an eight out of ten. The solution is used wherever there is an operations activity in our organization. It is hard to say exactly how many people are using the solution but it is a lot. We have a support team that consists of six to eight people used for deployment and maintenance. We definitely have plans to increase the usage of the solution, because, considering the current market trend, the ServiceNow IT Operations Management usage will increase in long run. I recommend this solution. The reason is it's cost-effective, number one. Number two, many of the processes got recently automated in it, like checking the major incidents. When triggered, it will be notified according to the configuration set. Any people can create a dashboard to get a quick view of the SLS.
Nagendra Nekkala. - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 20, 2023
Empowers organizations to efficiently monitor, analyze, and optimize complex IT environments
The enhancement to our organization stems from its ability to consistently run rules, actively identifying significant events. This involves an ongoing process of aggregating and configuring notable events into a coherent resource. Additionally, the container version automates website functionalities, including tasks like email reception, providing a heightened level of control. It has proven highly effective in real-time monitoring of service assistance and KPIs. There has been a noticeable enhancement in automated event clustering. Additionally, the platform facilitates comprehensive analysis for proactive incident prevention. The end-to-end visibility provided into our network environment is a potent tool for real-time monitoring. It significantly contributes to the monitoring and analysis of complex multi-cloud IT solutions, playing a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency. Leveraging predictive analytics to proactively prevent incidents before they manifest empowers operations to establish effective management and automation of information related to business processes. It aids in minimizing alert noise, proving highly effective in incident management. Furthermore, it facilitates root cause analysis.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"I am impressed with the tool's ability to track information in an easy way."
"It helps streamline management and processes."
"The most valuable features of ServiceNow IT Operations Management are ease of use, intuitive design, and ease of management, and its based on IT practices which are good."
"I like the solution due to the fact that it's scalable."
"ServiceNow IT Operations Management is a stable product."
"The most valuable feature of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is the user interface."
"The solution is very capable and user friendly."
"Has service mapping, impact management, metric intelligence and health of analytics."
"The solution is easy to scale."
"The flexibility to develop and consolidate many solutions into one platform is great."
"We liked the built-in calculation of health scores."
"The solution has been stable."
"In my opinion, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is better than QRadar. With the help of Splunk, we can get results."
"Splunk ITSI helps us secure our environment by allowing us to create automatons that run when alerts are triggered."
"The modeling required to setup ITSI has been very helpful in providing us a better understanding and a logical view of our services. The modeling is flexible and can be as granular or high level as our needs dictate."
"Our mean time to detect is down to five minutes."


"ServiceNow could be more prescriptive on how customers can leverage some of the benefits."
"The time for deployment of ServiceNow IT Operations Management depends on many factors. It's a SaaS application, it should not take too long, but if you want to define the tool based on your processes, then it would take some time. It fully depends on the company's complexity. There are out-of-the-box product flows and if you want to use them, you can from day one. However, if you want to customize it and change it to your company's practices, then it will take more time. The setup could be faster."
"The tool can be improved by including more detailed information to assist new users."
"My managers would say that the price is too high. We wanted to also have the visibility version of it, but it's too expensive for us. Going for visibility would have doubled up the price."
"The out-of-the-box reporting feature is not as user friendly as other tools."
"The product needs to add a workflow insight tool."
"I advise others not to customize a lot while using the solution."
"Lacks the ability to do its own monitoring."
"Some of our customers occasionally require the development of the connectors when there are no native connectors so that we can develop in Python or for customer slash comments as well. If they could adjust that, it would be ideal."
"Predictive analytics, in terms of preventing incidents before they occur, still needs time to mature."
"The data recovery has room for improvement."
"The license cost is expensive."
"The dashboard queries should be improved. More queries should be suggested in order to produce better dashboards."
"We'd like them to show more inputs on the dashboard."
"Splunk ITSI generates numerous false positives and has the potential for enhancement."
"We're using predictive analytics, and there are three or four algorithms. It would be helpful if this process were more standardized and scalable."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It has different subscription models."
"The pricing is high and may be excluding the small to medium-sized enterprise businesses."
"This solution offers good value but comes at a very high premium. Pricing could be reduced by 10 to 20%."
"It is expensive. It is around 10 Euros per server per month."
"It is moderately expensive. The pricing itself and the licensing options are depending on the model and the customization."
"The cost of ServiceNow is much higher."
"There are additional costs, you have to pay more for everything."
"The solution offers yearly licenses and a subscription model for add-on features."
"The cost of the modules is a bit high for non-global companies, making it difficult for them to afford Splunk ITSI."
"I would prefer that the price be reduced, as it would be easier to implement it and to sell it."
"It is interesting. I am not involved that much lately, but if I recall correctly, you license primarily on the volume of data that you are using in Splunk ITSI, but there is no way Splunk can ever check if that is true, so that is interesting. We are not doing it, but someone can pretend to just use 10%, and it would be super cheap. It is tricky, but it is more tricky for Splunk than for us."
"Splunk ITSI is an expensive tool, and we need to purchase the utility license."
"Splunk ITSI is expensive."
"Splunk pricing is high."
"Its pricing has been changed as per the market. You get a good support service with it as well. They have 24/7 customer support. There is a portal, and if you are having issues, they are available in order to resolve them. So, its pricing isn't too much."
"The pricing of Splunk is a bit high."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about ServiceNow IT Operations Management?
From my perspective as an asset manager, the most valuable feature of the solution is the configuration management portion, where I can actively add something to the database.
What needs improvement with Splunk ITSI (IT Service Intelligence)?
We're getting alerts with delays of maybe five minutes, however, we'd like to see real-time alerting in the future. From a predictive analysis point of view, we'd like to see emails corresponding t...

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