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Microsoft Intune
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Configuration Management (3rd), Remote Access (4th), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (3rd)
Cisco Meraki Systems Manage...
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No ranking in other categories
ManageEngine Endpoint Central
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Client Desktop Management (1st), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (3rd)

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As of June 2024, in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) category, the mindshare of Microsoft Intune is 36.2%, down from 39.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (MDM+EMM) is 2.2%, down from 3.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ManageEngine Endpoint Central is 6.4%, down from 7.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Configuration Management
Remote Access
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Client Desktop Management
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Featured Reviews

ManojNair4 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 23, 2022
Replaces third-party products and is easy to deploy a configuration or policy to a system
Reporting in Microsoft solutions is pathetic. With Intune, I'm getting a free inventory tool, but I don't get a reporting tool. When I go to Intune, I can see one machine's entire data in terms of the hardware and the software running on it, but I cannot generate a report for all the machines in the organization. The reporting is the only feature holding back the functionality that is already there. All the other third-party tools are doing the same thing, whether Atlassian, ManageEngine, or Ivanti. They all install an agent on your system. Intune also has an agent on your system collecting inventory details and sending them across the central console, but Microsoft doesn't have the reporting capability there. That is the only drawback I see.
Apr 25, 2022
Easy to use with excellent analysis of traffic and configuration capabilities
We primarily use the solution in order to see devices connected to the network here The solution has improved our organization by allowing us to shed some light on how things work in our network. The analysis of traffic and configuration capabilities are the most valuable aspects for us. The…
Edgar Serrano - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 21, 2023
Good patch management and remote control but needs better support
Our agency did not have any way to manage the actual computers we provided our users. The tech support team would take such a long time to get to a user because they had to physically walk to every office to support the client.  The primary use case for this product was to have a solution in place…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Its direct integration with all the other products that we have from Microsoft is valuable. We're using the E5 license, and we have a whole wealth of different products available. It just makes it easier to have everything from one provider."
"The main advantage is that Intune performs its intended functions effectively."
"The most valuable feature for us is the security, including risk analysis and patch management."
"The product has eased the deployment of Microsoft apps to the devices. We can manage it properly. We can control it and push the updates. Another company helped us with the deployment. However, we can do it internally."
"The most valuable feature of Intune is the ability to reset a lost device and remove all the data."
"...Intune itself integrates with that entire Microsoft ecosystem. As an individual product itself, it's okay. It holds up. But when you start saying "I've bought this as part of a wider solution, as a company we are going Microsoft throughout," then it makes more sense to have Microsoft Intune... so you have that single dashboard."
"The most valuable includes managing everything from a single console."
"The best feature is that we don't need to worry about downtime. We don't need to worry about the network connections of our office or the virtual private network. Everything is being done through the internet. Using Intune Autopilot, we can configure and deploy everything to the devices."
"The stability of the solution is very good. It's reliable. We don't have crashes or experience freezing. There aren't bugs or glitches."
"The most significant benefit is that the deployment is quick and painless. You don't need a specialized IT department to implement and scale the network. It's easy to maintain, too. It only requires one or two network administrators."
"It has facilitated zero-touch authorization events for our employees and their devices. Furthermore, Meraki Systems Manager plays a vital role in securing our notebooks."
"The proprietary standards and modules are the most valuable features."
"The UI is easy to learn."
"The product provides a universal dashboard."
"The most valuable features include remote inventory analysis, security features like geofencing, and software distribution."
"The most valuable features of Cisco Meraki Systems Manager (MDM+EMM) are its ability to do geofencing for devices, manage thousands of devices with only a push of a button, and quick application deployment in seconds. It's amazing. For example, in an education scenario, you can deploy an application update for thousands of iPads in two clicks."
"The initial setup is easy."
"The most important feature we found to be useful in the COVID situation is the secure connection, which gives the IT support staff the ability to seamlessly connect with the users remotely and in a secure way."
"In terms of technical capability, it is doing very well. It is doing better than other industry products. It is at a place where we can compare it with Microsoft products. Its scalability is also good."
"Has good functionality and is user-friendly."
"I like being able to image over the network. That's a nice feature that it has. Patch management is pretty decent on it as well."
"The initial setup is pretty straightforward."
"What I like best about this product is that I can log on to every PC, very easily, and chat with the user via the chat feature."
"Since deploying Desktop Central our endpoints are all updated. We use configuration management to deploy shortcuts to our users' desktops with ease. Also, we use configuration management to map logical hard drives to our users. Our users are very happy with how much ease IT can solve their problems."


"Deploying an app can be a complex process due to dependencies."
"Having a dedicated configuration server that assists in modifying the configuration service, and creating personalized structures, interfaces, and web services could enhance usability."
"One area for improvement is app deployment. Another is the Windows update rollout. If you're rolling out an object to a device that's offline, Intune stops trying to reach this device after it sits idle for a bit. We are forced to find a workaround that could help manage that."
"While Intune works perfectly well, the only potential downside is that the deployment could be a bit complex for some users."
"They should make it easier to order it, however, that's generally true for everything from Microsoft."
"For an existing customer who has an SCCM, it would need to be upgraded to an MECM first before I can introduce Microsoft Intune."
"Reporting and troubleshooting for the application deployment could be better. It's very difficult to understand."
"No option to do end-to-en macOS management. Slow implementation of policies."
"One area for improvement in Cisco Meraki Systems Manager is the ability for more advanced users to make detailed and non-standard changes."
"The solution can be expensive."
"I've participated in numerous product launches primarily focused on HP and Dell. Consequently, there should be a vested interest in local gatherings to showcase product advantages and performance. Particularly in Singapore, it only has so limited integrators to engage in IP product sales. There's room for improvement through dedicated workshops and training. The European and Western markets differ significantly from the context here. The physical location holds more importance. Thus, they should have a survey to evaluate demand, supply, and sales points, tailoring strategies accordingly."
"Integration with other tools, such as, ConnectWise Automate."
"In my opinion, the equipment availabilities and competitive pricings could be improved."
"There is room for improvement in terms of pricing."
"We've really only experimented with their iOS client. This is due to the fact that their Windows client has a lot to be desired. We first tried experimenting with the Windows one but very quickly determined that it wasn't going to cut it for most Windows cases. The Windows portion of this product needs improvement. I'd say that it's not really viable."
"It would be beneficial to have better integration with other OS."
"ManageEngine Endpoint Central’s scalability could be improved."
"The pricing is lower than other well-respected solutions in this category."
"Some difficulties with setup for multiple locations."
"The solution lacks some configuration."
"The pricing could be a bit better."
"I would like to have the option to install the agent remotely."
"Desktop Central has very good information, however, you can't customize the dashboards."
"The solution is expensive."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Microsoft Intune is expensive."
"There is a license needed for this solution and it is either included in one of the enterprise license agreements. Microsoft licensing is a mathematical institute, it could be quite complex. We tend to ask specialized organizations to research what the most profitable way it would be for us to use licenses in the organizations."
"The E5 license is expensive."
"It's affordable. In comparison to the competitors, the price depends on what features you need from Intune, but it's affordable. There are no hidden costs, but there are some features that go for a premium price. Those are the add-ons for which you have to pay extra."
"It comes as a bundle, so you do not really know what the prices are. Microsoft does not break it down to the user cost for us. It is just bundled with our E5 license."
"On a scale of one to ten with one being the cheapest, the cost of Microsoft Intune is a five."
"We don't pay for Intune because it is bundled with the premium subscription to Office 365. It includes Intune and Defender. I don't have to buy two extra products to manage my enterprise."
"I would rate the price a four out of ten with ten being the most expensive."
"It's extremely competitive and very good for a product in this sphere."
"My clients find it a bit expensive compared to other systems."
"The price is high for the market."
"My customers at times have issues with the price of the solution. It is expensive, but overall it is worth it. The licensing model cost is based on how many devices you require."
"The storage is affordable and the system has some price-related issues. Therefore, keeping the price in mind, I would rate it seven out of ten."
"Meraki MDM is the cheapest solution we have used."
"This product is reasonably priced."
"The cost of installing this solution can be more expensive depending on who is doing the installation. Cisco is very expensive."
"The product is cheap."
"Compared to other products, ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a very cheap solution."
"I have been using the free version and am in the stage where I have to decide if I will proceed with the paid license, or instead choose another product."
"The product is not costly. The product is properly priced, especially for SMBs."
"Choose wisely between the Professional and Enterprise editions, based on your needs."
"There are multiple flavors of the app. They have a distributed version for enterprises. It depends on your size. They price it on a per machine basis. 250 or 500 is probably their least amount."
"The price could be cheaper."
"We pay about $250 a year for our license."
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