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How does Microsoft Intune compare with VMware Workspace One?

How does Microsoft Intune compare with VMware Workspace One? Which is the better product?

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Aug 19, 2021

Microsoft Intune is a great tool for managing a mobile device fleet while keeping access control. The solution makes it easy to control security and manage the usage of mobile apps when you have a distributed workforce. It gives me peace of mind that I can manage how my staff accesses and shares our company data.

I especially like the autopilot feature, which is a great time-saver. The centralized dashboard and customization provide a great user experience. It is a good alternative for UEM (Unified EndPoint Management) solutions if you don’t need an entirely new workspace, with the advantage of having strong security features, like analyzing risks.

The setup, however, is disappointingly difficult, considering it should integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 products. I would like to see more interactive reporting and more proactive (rather than reactive) security controls.

VMware Workspace One is a digital workspace platform that integrates access control and application management across environments, devices, and platforms. Although it includes remote mobile management, I find VMware Workspace is a more complete solution.

The solution lets you control the remote devices by implementing security policies. I like that it is versatile and integrates with multiple operating systems.

It is really easy to use and because it is centrally managed, you just deliver all the applications you need for the devices from the central console. This is very helpful when you need to onboard or make changes to multiple phones or tablets.

The installation is quite difficult and can be confusing to a non-skilled user. It would be helpful if you could select and customize the console so you could check the security by type of product.


Microsoft Intune is more focused on security and access control, so it would be a better solution for companies under strict regulations. However, it has problems integrating with other operating systems like Mac. I find VMware easier to use and it integrates very well across systems.

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Sep 22, 2022
Hi community,  I work at a computer and network security company. I am currently debating if to migrate from WS1 to Intune. Is it worth migrating from WS1 to Intune if we have Microsoft 365 E3 available?  What are the pros and cons of each solution? Which solution is easier to manage? Thank you for your help.
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Manager, Information Technology Support at Innoveo
Sep 22, 2022
First of all, what is WS1? I think you should have Intune now as part of your E3 subscription (not sure of it, so please check your billing menu). Intune gives you a lot of flexibility to set rules to deploy to systems. 
reviewer1851402 - PeerSpot reviewer
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May 2, 2022
Greetings,  Our security department has newly mandated installation of Microsoft endpoint detection. It is pretty straightforward on our OEL VMs. But what about the Dom0 OVM? I'm not able to find any documentation on this. Any info or insight is greatly appreciated.
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