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Microsoft Intune
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Configuration Management (3rd), Remote Access (4th), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (3rd)
Jamf Pro
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Mobile Device Management (MDM) (1st)
ManageEngine Endpoint Central
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
Client Desktop Management (1st), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (3rd)

Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) category, the market share of Microsoft Intune is 35.8% and it decreased by 9.1% compared to the previous year. The market share of Jamf Pro is 19.1% and it increased by 37.3% compared to the previous year. The market share of ManageEngine Endpoint Central is 6.6% and it decreased by 7.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Unique Categories:
Configuration Management
Remote Access
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Client Desktop Management
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Featured Reviews

ManojNair4 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 23, 2022
Replaces third-party products and is easy to deploy a configuration or policy to a system
Reporting in Microsoft solutions is pathetic. With Intune, I'm getting a free inventory tool, but I don't get a reporting tool. When I go to Intune, I can see one machine's entire data in terms of the hardware and the software running on it, but I cannot generate a report for all the machines in the organization. The reporting is the only feature holding back the functionality that is already there. All the other third-party tools are doing the same thing, whether Atlassian, ManageEngine, or Ivanti. They all install an agent on your system. Intune also has an agent on your system collecting inventory details and sending them across the central console, but Microsoft doesn't have the reporting capability there. That is the only drawback I see.
May 10, 2024
Offers same-day support, ease of support and easy to setup
I use it to manage MacBooks The challenge before was no management solution. So, we addressed almost all the issues with Jamf. Patch management has simplified some processes. The ease of support is also one of the solutions. It's easier for engineers to support MacBooks. I like the same-day…
JAGMOHANSINGH - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 6, 2024
Provides visibility from a centralized dashboard and is compatible with all environments
The patch management and the vulnerability scanning features are valuable. ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a one-stop solution for our visibility needs. From a single dashboard, I can get full visibility. The product enables mobile device management and mobile access management. It is a centralized tool. It is compatible with all environments, such as Linux and Windows, for third-party patch management. The solution has software asset management, hardware asset management, and non-IT asset management. The dashboard is beautiful. We can get good information from the dashboard. The reporting tool is very good. We use ServiceDesk Plus, ADAudit Plus, ADManager, and OpManager. The product integrates different tools seamlessly and gives a comprehensive and correlated report.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"There has been a noticeable increase in productivity for both my organization and clients."
"I can reach devices or computers over the internet. I don't need to worry about the network connectivity between the offices. I can manage any device. That is the most important part."
"Great for software update needs, operating system version updates, and security policy enforcement."
"The security-related tools are excellent; these features allow us to secure devices, lock them down, and ensure compliance."
"The aspects I find most valuable are the managing the data and applications. I can also restrict the users to install any applications. I can also wipe the data if the phone was missplaced or stolen. These are the basics for me."
"The solution is easy to use and it has good performance."
"It is a very stable and scalable cloud-only solution."
"This product works very well for companies already using the full Microsoft suite."
"The self-service is invaluable to the user."
"The fact that devices just need an internet connection [anywhere in the world] that allows them to check into the Jamf Software Server allows for identical management as if on campus or remote, has proven to be golden during the pandemic."
"Jamf Pro allowed us to patch and manage endpoints while collecting log data to help improve operational efficiency."
"Being able to push out elevation policies to users on an Adhoc basis helps us when users are not in the office."
"The ease of use and access allows us to manage all of our devices collaboratively."
"If I need to deploy an app to all the laptops, I can use the smart group I created for them instead of choosing each device one at a time."
"The Automated Device Enrolment is great!"
"We are able to configure the laptop with the security requirements needed, default applications, and so on without touching it."
"One of the benefits of Desktop Central is it made the provisioning process simpler because now we have a provisioning package. We have around 1,500 laptops at the moment and all these PCs were provisioned by a provisioning package. In the provisioning package, we have integrated every aspect of renaming, deploying applications, patching, etc., so we simply execute the provisioning package and as soon as it's executed, it will install the management agent. Once the agent is installed, it will take care of all the tasks, so we don't have to sit in front of the computer to prepare the machine. This really helps us to provision the PC quickly with our agent."
"All of Desktop Central's features are valuable, especially its simplicity."
"Everything is easily centralized and managed under this one product."
"The stability is very good."
"Desktop Central has improved these organizations and this is why it has been repeated multiple times at multiple organizations. If something works and is getting better it is worth repeating."
"The patch management aspect of the solution is the most valuable part for us."
"Identification of gaps and filling the gaps with updates are most valuable. We are able to identify known updates or missing updates and then update."
"The ability to run event viewer, task manager, services, command, file browser, certificate all remotely without interrupting users is the most valuable aspect. Software deployment and prohibiting, allowing us to standardize on the software that has been deployed through the environment and then prohibiting illegal software such as torrent applications has been valuable."


"There are a few security features that are not available in Microsoft Intune, when compared to other products."
"The policies we had in SCCM and AD offered features that are missing from Microsoft Intune."
"Once it's configured it is unobtrusive, but it does take some hands-on to configure and deploy it properly."
"It should be simplified. I've worked with many different mobile device management solutions, and Intune is one of the more complex ones. It could be more simplified, and some of it is related to the wording that is being used, such as a configuration profile versus a policy. They really should have had different names to make it less confusing."
"Reporting in Microsoft solutions is pathetic. With Intune, I'm getting a free inventory tool, but I don't get a reporting tool. When I go to Intune, I can see one machine's entire data in terms of the hardware and the software running on it, but I cannot generate a report for all the machines in the organization. The reporting is the only feature holding back the functionality that is already there."
"Could benefit from user having more control over devices."
"In the next release, I would like a feature to be able to properly lock down the device. For example, if an attacker or somebody steals the phone, you can be sure that the pin cannot be broken."
"There can be some added features, such as an improved dashboard. Any new feature that could be a benefit to our customers would be good."
"There needs to be a mass policy change tool."
"We need better reporting options."
"There are known issues with the mobile configs that need to be fixed."
"Jamf needs to get an inbuilt remote support tool to allow the admin to remote into machines. At present, you can use third-party remote apps, however, a Jamf one would be better."
"I would love to see more integration with ASM and ABM."
"There is still no feature for properly patching T2 Security Chip-enabled Macs."
"The integrated patch feature is good but needs some tweaking."
"The upgrade process of this solutions could be improved. It is not possible to use Jamf Pro to upgrade devices."
"Computer imaging is powerful but breaks frequently. The reason for this breaking is not clear and requires heavy amounts of attention to keep operational. There is a lot of room for this tool to do more but the reliability of this process should be focused on first to ensure core competencies are being fixed before more features are added."
"Compared to the solution we use to manage our Mac products, this solution lacks the ability to create dynamic groups. We would like the ability, for example, for machines which have been upgraded to form part of a grouping based on this upgrade."
"Its licensing should be improved."
"The solution should be better at integrating with other solutions."
"I would like to have the option to install the agent remotely."
"In relation to ManageEngine Endpoint Central, ManageEngine NGAV seems to be completely useless right now."
"The solution is expensive."
"The product's remote access manager needs improvement."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"We work with the subscription rather than a server license. I think it's economical this way because we don't have to have a server license for that, and I think that works in our favor."
"The licensing costs we leave up to the customer and these vary from one to another."
"Microsoft Intune is more expensive than other solutions, but it offers a wider range of features and control."
"Intune is included in the Microsoft 365 licensing package that we have."
"I am not that aware of the pricing, but as compared to other MDM solutions, Microsoft is providing a lot of things at the organizational level. So, it is quite reasonable as compared to other MDM solutions."
"We don't pay for Intune because it is bundled with the premium subscription to Office 365. It includes Intune and Defender. I don't have to buy two extra products to manage my enterprise."
"While Microsoft Intune boasts a wide range of features, its user-friendliness and bundled licensing cost are key considerations for me."
"I am satisfied with the pricing."
"Cloud is worth the small increase in price, but make the switch before you need it, and not during a global pandemic."
"If you have the in-house capability to support Jamf, then paying for onboarding / JumpStart training is a no brainer."
"The price difference between Jamf Pro and VMware Workspace One is not very much, but when counting the cost of my time, Jamf Pro is clearly much better."
"This is a pricey solution."
"The licensing costs for this solution are high."
"Don’t go into a sales call without knowing all the details of your system because Jamf has a ton of tools outside of Jamf Pro to offer and knowing them ahead of time is a must."
"The setup cost is in the training, which is the most important step of your journey."
"The price of a training pass for five people was $18,000 USD."
"Affordable for any customer."
"There is a freeware version of the solution available as long as you do not breach the number of licenses and users that are dictated."
"The price is moderate."
"I have been using the free version and am in the stage where I have to decide if I will proceed with the paid license, or instead choose another product."
"The pricing of the product is not bad compared to the other similar solutions in the market."
"The licensing is very easy to understand and pricing is right for what you get."
"The pricing is average."
"The product is not costly. The product is properly priced, especially for SMBs."
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