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How to choose between ManageEngine Desktop Central and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM)?

Which is better and why?

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The main question is what are you trying to accomplish, what is the end-game from your perspective when it comes to patching, such as: 

- Do you need to meet specific compliance?

- Are you falling behind on the current patch workload?

- Having too many manual processes and trying to automate?

- Security and IT are not connecting?

If you'd like, one of our patch experts will be happy to go over the requirements with you, without any commitment, and help you better define your needs and how they can be met.

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I prefer ManageEngine

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@RAFFAELE LANNA can you please elaborate on why you prefer this product?

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Quest's Unified Endpoint Management - please have a look at this solution: easy to manage, best for mass task deployment, comprehensive and customized reporting.

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@Muhammad Waseem thanks for your answer. Have you used any of the 2 products mentioned in the question?

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My recommendation is to use MS Intune as a solution and you can drop both SCCM and ManageEngine Desktop Central. 

Intune is the best solution for managing mobile devices and endpoints. You can also manage your servers but there will be some difficulty in managing on-premises servers.