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How does Google Cloud Identity compare with Microsoft Intune?

How does Google Cloud Identity compare with Microsoft Intune? Which would you choose?

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Oct 31, 2021

Microsoft Intune offers not only an easy-to-deploy data protection and productivity management solution, but also access to both Microsoft’s user community as well as around-the-clock customer support. Installation of this product is rather straightforward. Microsoft Intune relies on the cloud to operate. All that you truly need in order to begin to use it is a connection to the internet. It is so simple that a single person could install it on their own. Once one has acquired the correct licenses, it only takes about forty minutes for the entire configuration process to be completed. This configuration is only really necessary if you want to integrate your Microsoft solution with the solutions that you host in-house.

It is possible for Intune users to have access to an engineer at any time of day. No matter when issues arise, you can be sure to have access assistance. This can take one of two forms. The first possibility is that a user can connect to a member of Microsoft's technical support team. Alternatively, you can turn to the community of Microsoft users. Other users of Intune may even be able to offer better troubleshooting advice than the engineers.

Intune is easy to manipulate and very easy to scale up. This solution has a single user interface screen from which the system management can be overseen. It is not necessary to jump to multiple screens to exercise control of the system. This provides a simpler way to conduct business. Furthermore, Intune can be used by as many as five devices on a single license. Cost is the only thing that could prove a challenge to scaling Intune up.

Google Cloud Identity allows users to control the whole solution from a single portal. This makes things very easy for organizations that have vast networks. It is also easy to deploy. However, the user interface could be simplified. Google Cloud Identity’s ability to integrate with programs like Mac’s OS could also be improved.


Both programs offer solutions that are easy to set up and use. However, Microsoft Intune’s pricing and features make it a more competitive product.

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User at Tech Team Technologies
Sep 22, 2022
Hi community,  I work at a computer and network security company. I am currently debating if to migrate from WS1 to Intune. Is it worth migrating from WS1 to Intune if we have Microsoft 365 E3 available?  What are the pros and cons of each solution? Which solution is easier to manage? Thank you for your help.
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Manager, Information Technology Support at Innoveo
Sep 22, 2022
First of all, what is WS1? I think you should have Intune now as part of your E3 subscription (not sure of it, so please check your billing menu). Intune gives you a lot of flexibility to set rules to deploy to systems. 
reviewer1851402 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at FAA
May 2, 2022
Greetings,  Our security department has newly mandated installation of Microsoft endpoint detection. It is pretty straightforward on our OEL VMs. But what about the Dom0 OVM? I'm not able to find any documentation on this. Any info or insight is greatly appreciated.
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