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Microsoft Azure DevOps
Ranking in Release Automation
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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suites (2nd), Enterprise Agile Planning Tools (1st)
UrbanCode Deploy
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Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Release Automation category, the mindshare of Microsoft Azure DevOps is 39.3%, up from 33.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of UrbanCode Deploy is 3.3%, down from 6.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Release Automation
Unique Categories:
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suites
Enterprise Agile Planning Tools
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Featured Reviews

Himanshu  Rana - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 30, 2024
Centralized code repository facilitates collaboration and visibility and scalability allows for handling large code volumes and deployment needs
We use Azure Repos for most things. It integrates with Azure Boards.  It's good for the ticketing part and for saving the Azure Repos. We use Terraform Azure DevOps integrations with other tools have streamlined our workflows. The centralized code repository is a major part. We store code and…
Nov 7, 2022
A handy interface that includes buttons or drag-and-drop options for all functionality
Our company uses the solution for standard, blue-green, and complex deployments. We have 250 users throughout our company.  The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently.  The user interface includes buttons or drag-and-drop options for all functionality. It is easy to create component…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Microsoft has good integration with its other products, such as Office, Teams, et cetera."
"I like the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure DevOps."
"This solution works with other Microsoft solutions pretty easily. It was easy to integrate everything into all the other tools that we were using. It integrates very seamlessly."
"The most valuable feature is the ease of use and performance."
"The features of Azure Repos that we find most impactful are those related to source control management within our DevOps code management processes."
"Valuable features for project management and tracking in Azure DevOps include a portal displaying test results, check-in/check-out activity, and developer/tester productivity."
"Typically the sprints themselves and managing the tasks have essentially eliminated our need for reporting."
"The features that have a significant impact on us include CI/CD, where we have full integration with the source code repository and Azure Pipelines."
"Stable solution that's good for automating the CI/CD pipeline: from development to production."
"The most valuable functionality is the ability to define the deployment process, schedule the deployment and automatically execute the deployments to different environments."
"It is very easy to make a software release. It used to take us at least a couple of hours to make a release, now we went to production with a new one last night. This new release took me five minutes."
"The stability is good. I haven't experienced any issues."
"The most valuable feature is the snapshot functionality, which allows us to access previous versions of the artifacts."
"The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently."


"Its setup is quite complex."
"The documentation isn't straightforward."
"I would like to see improvement in the metrics and the dependencies."
"There is room for improvement on the UI side, especially with merge requests. If we compare Azure DevOps to GitLab when it comes to branches and PRs (pull requests), GitLab has a better interface."
"Its UI can be easier and more customer-friendly. The UI can be improved from the project management and agile perspective."
"It would be very useful if it had better integration with Microsoft Word because we would like to be able to define the priority requirement document and add it to different stages of the backlog."
"The active directory password system needs some improvement because many times the password for the active directory expires before the set time."
"I think Azure DevOps could improve the traceability or business intelligence about the execution of DevOps processes."
"I certainly would like to have a better way to pass information between deployment steps using UrbanCode Deploy because that's really difficult to do."
"The interface allows access in a number of ways but that can be confusing."
"I would like to see more reporting for container architecture."
"The scalability of this application needs improvement. Changes and variations in the application become bottlenecks as they need to be more seamless and comfortable."
"The technical support of the solution could definitely be improved as PMRs take long to resolve."
"I would like to have the agent up and running at all times, as opposed to only while it is in the DevOps pipeline."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The pricing is very competitive because of the whole development cycle by Azure DevOps. You don't have to buy and integrate several different tools."
"The price is cheaper than Jira and some of the other competing tools."
"The majority of the components are reasonably priced."
"Most of the things that we need and use are incorporated in the corporate solution — there are no additional costs."
"The main agile features are very expensive."
"For Microsoft, it can get expensive when you need heavy-duty machines."
"The price is reasonable for the solution."
"It is the least expensive product in this class."
"Considering COVID-19, the price is too high."
"The licensing fees for this solution are based on the number of servers that are being deployed and the number of agents that you have."
"The cost of the solution is high but it offers great ROI."
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Questions from the Community

Which is better - Jira or Microsoft Azure DevOps?
Jira is a great centralized tool for just about everything, from local team management to keeping track of products and work logs. It is easy to implement and navigate, and it is stable and scalabl...
Which is better - TFS or Azure DevOps?
TFS and Azure DevOps are different in many ways. TFS was designed for admins, and only offers incremental improvements. In addition, TFS seems complicated to use and I don’t think it has a very fri...
What do you like most about Microsoft Azure DevOps?
Valuable features for project management and tracking in Azure DevOps include a portal displaying test results, check-in/check-out activity, and developer/tester productivity.
What do you like most about UrbanCode Deploy?
The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently.
What needs improvement with UrbanCode Deploy?
The interface allows access in a number of ways but that can be confusing. For example, driving to your home from the office is easy when there are one or two routes. With twenty routes, there is s...
What is your primary use case for UrbanCode Deploy?
Our company uses the solution for standard, blue-green, and complex deployments. We have 250 users throughout our company.

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Azure DevOps, VSTS, Visual Studio Team Services, MS Azure DevOps

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Alaska Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Columbia, Skype
As policy, IBM does not release customer names on non-IBM web sites.  However, public DevOps and UrbanCode Deploy case studies can be found here. IBM's UrbanCode Deploy customers span Small-Medium Businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all industries worldwide.
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787,817 professionals have used our research since 2012.