Which is better - TFS or Azure DevOps?

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Janet Staver - PeerSpot reviewer
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Nov 9, 2021

TFS and Azure DevOps are different in many ways. TFS was designed for admins, and only offers incremental improvements. In addition, TFS seems complicated to use and I don’t think it has a very friendly user interface. I think TFS does have a few valuable features, though, such as its project management, which happens to not only include user stories, but task management as well. It would be good if TFS offered better integration for third-party tools like Jira. For my needs specifically, for example, I need to do a lot of manual tasks, and integration with SharePoint is not easy. Other than that, I consider the product to be pretty solid, stable, and also scalable, and haven’t experienced too many issues with it.

In contrast to TFS, Azure DevOps provides a seamless user experience that is not only consistent across Azure DevOps service, but is consistent across Azure DevOps server too. It also has great navigation and the user interface is responsive, helping employees focus better on their work. Azure also allows users to connect GitHub Enterprise with Azure Boards, with no disruption to other workflows.

While both Azure DevOps and TFS require SQL Server, Azure DevOps server can be hosted on virtual machines running on Azure. In turn, these support Azure SQL Databases give users superior backup and scaling options - and do so all without increased administrative costs that are usually tacked on to running such complex services. I also like that Azure DevOps has advanced search capabilities. For example, certain features allow information from different components of the product to be accessible from whichever parts users are working on. You can also expand the search box from the product header, which I find useful and a great addition to help improve navigation.


Azure DevOps is a better match for me than TFS because it has several new features and more additional benefits than TFS can offer for my needs.

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Oct 18, 2021

Hi @Netanya Carmi

Both are good and in fact, TFS is now rebranded as Azure DevOps server.

Now the point is about your requirement, if your requirement is to work closely with Cloud Services Cloud Application and you are Ok to manage your code and CI/CD plans over the cloud platform then go for Azure DevOps whereas if you can't move the data to cloud use Azure DevOps Server. 

But for such tools my first choice is Gitlab.

Rest you can call me at 9717996125 or drop me at kulbhushan.mayer@thinknyx.com to discuss further.

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Oct 14, 2021

Both, it depends on what you want to do with it and what is your technical environment. 

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