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Application Security Tools (6th), Build Automation (1st), Static Application Security Testing (SAST) (7th), Rapid Application Development Software (10th), Software Composition Analysis (SCA) (6th), Enterprise Agile Planning Tools (2nd), Fuzz Testing Tools (2nd), DevSecOps (3rd)
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Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Release Automation category, the mindshare of GitLab is 37.9%, up from 25.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of UrbanCode Deploy is 3.3%, down from 6.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Release Automation
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Application Security Tools
Build Automation
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Featured Reviews

MohamedElazzouzi - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 20, 2022
I like the security features and SAS tools
I use GitLab to manage repository code sources, scanning code sources, and CI/CD. We have around 100 users GitLab helps us integrate with many types of software. You can deploy and integrate source code, various tools, webhooks, etc.  I like GitLab's security and SAS tools. GitLab could add a…
Nov 7, 2022
A handy interface that includes buttons or drag-and-drop options for all functionality
Our company uses the solution for standard, blue-green, and complex deployments. We have 250 users throughout our company.  The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently.  The user interface includes buttons or drag-and-drop options for all functionality. It is easy to create component…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"GitLab is very useful for pipelines, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. It is also stable."
"I like that it's easy to deploy our services over GitLab. The customer support is also good with a really active community. You have a lot of support that you can get online with your stack. That is probably one of the benefits of using GitLab. It's also really fast."
"We like that we can have an all-encompassing product and don't have to implement different solutions."
"The code merging capability is something that we use very frequently."
"The initial setup of GitLab is pretty simple, with no complications."
"The solution is stable."
"The most valuable feature of GitLab is its security."
"It speeds up our development, it's faster, safer, and more convenient."
"The most valuable feature is the snapshot functionality, which allows us to access previous versions of the artifacts."
"Stable solution that's good for automating the CI/CD pipeline: from development to production."
"The stability is good. I haven't experienced any issues."
"The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently."
"It is very easy to make a software release. It used to take us at least a couple of hours to make a release, now we went to production with a new one last night. This new release took me five minutes."
"The most valuable functionality is the ability to define the deployment process, schedule the deployment and automatically execute the deployments to different environments."


"I would like configuration of a YML file to be done via UI rather than a code file."
"GitLab could consider introducing a code-scanning tool. Purchasing such tools from external markets can incur charges, which might not be favorable. Integrating these features into GitLab would streamline the pipeline and make it more convenient for users."
"Atlassian offers more products than GitLab. GitLab offers source control management, version control and collaboration between developers. Atlassian offers features on top of this as well as more integration points for developers."
"There is a need to improve or adopt AI into the ecosystem like a co-pilot, which Microsoft has done with GitHub."
"I'm new to GitLab, so I would appreciate more documentation about the code and commands."
"I would like to see security increased in the future. A secure environment is very important."
"It would be really good if they integrated more features in application security."
"This solution could be improved by adding modifications such as slack notifications."
"I would like to have the agent up and running at all times, as opposed to only while it is in the DevOps pipeline."
"I certainly would like to have a better way to pass information between deployment steps using UrbanCode Deploy because that's really difficult to do."
"The scalability of this application needs improvement. Changes and variations in the application become bottlenecks as they need to be more seamless and comfortable."
"I would like to see more reporting for container architecture."
"The interface allows access in a number of ways but that can be confusing."
"The technical support of the solution could definitely be improved as PMRs take long to resolve."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price is okay."
"It is very expensive. We can't bear it now, and we have to find another solution. We have a yearly subscription in which we can increase the number of licenses, but we have to pay at the end of the year."
"The open-source version is very good and the commercial version is reasonably priced."
"We are using the open-source version."
"It seems reasonable. Our IT team manages the licenses."
"I'm not sure if they have some kind of discount. I've been negotiating with them on prices before, and I believe they weren't too happy to give discounts, but list prices are $19 per user, per month for Premium and $99 per user, per month for Ultimate. So, the difference between Premium and Ultimate is a bit bigger, and in most companies, you need to build some type of business case."
"Regarding pricing, I would rate GitLab as moderately priced, maybe around a seven or eight out of ten. It could be more flexible for clients but generally offers good value."
"We are using its free version, and we are evaluating its Premium version. Its Ultimate version is very expensive."
"The cost of the solution is high but it offers great ROI."
"The licensing fees for this solution are based on the number of servers that are being deployed and the number of agents that you have."
"Considering COVID-19, the price is too high."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about GitLab?
I find the features and version control history to be most valuable for our development workflow. These aspects provide us with a clear view of changes and help us manage requests efficiently.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for GitLab?
For small-scale usage, GitLab offers a free tier. For enterprise pricing, GitLab is more expensive than GitHub, as it's not as widely adopted. GitLab is the preferred choice for many developers des...
What needs improvement with GitLab?
I believe there's room for improvement in the advanced features, particularly in enhancing the pipeline functionalities. Better integration and usability within the pipeline could make a significan...
What do you like most about UrbanCode Deploy?
The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently.
What needs improvement with UrbanCode Deploy?
The interface allows access in a number of ways but that can be confusing. For example, driving to your home from the office is easy when there are one or two routes. With twenty routes, there is s...
What is your primary use case for UrbanCode Deploy?
Our company uses the solution for standard, blue-green, and complex deployments. We have 250 users throughout our company.

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As policy, IBM does not release customer names on non-IBM web sites.  However, public DevOps and UrbanCode Deploy case studies can be found here. IBM's UrbanCode Deploy customers span Small-Medium Businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all industries worldwide.
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