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As of July 2024, in the IT Infrastructure Monitoring category, the mindshare of HPE OneView is 1.4%, down from 2.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is 2.4%, down from 3.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring
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Premankit Sannd - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 13, 2023
It has a user-friendly interface, is scalable, and is easy to deploy
The network configuration part of HPE OneView needs improvement. The solution has way too many features, and there's a need for proper configuration indicators to be put in place. For example, I had to put in some network ranges for the IN nodes so that the IPs could be distributed individually. When you're facing configuration issues, a mandatory aspect is that the IN node should be configured appropriately, which was missing. HPE OneView should consider specific scenarios, which means there should be alerts and configurations that tell you what's going on. I should not have to do it manually to figure out what's happening. HPE OneView needs indicators. I also want to see automation in the solution, which tells me if what took place was a common error or if a simple refresh should be done for something to work. HPE OneView needs automation to tell you that whenever a specific scenario happens, this is the task you need to do to take care of that particular issue or case.
Sep 16, 2022
Mostly reliable with a strong suite but is complex to set up
The solution is used primarily for operations management.  We had a lot of events and some of the things that have been done manually. Now, when an email is sent, it'll create a task, and your teams can handle it. Having Event Management, we create events and alerts, so everything is streamlined.…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The best part is that you can integrate a two-way network. Earlier we could not manage the storage and ToR switch. Now we can create a LAN with our storage without any interface. In terms of switch management, it is now easy to understand the current configuration. It provides centralized management. It provides a single pane, and you can easily do all updates in one shot. It is a great product."
"Administration-wise it's going to be easier. More smooth and more flexible."
"The initial setup is easy."
"We could literally swap out a piece of hardware, slide one back into the chassis, and immediately - about three reboots later - it was identical. We didn't have to worry about configuring it, we didn't have to spend any time getting anything into place. It came back and it healed the environment almost immediately."
"The template management makes the deployment of the firmware updates much faster."
"The easy user interface was what I found most valuable in HPE OneView. For example, if I wanted to know the infrastructure status or I needed to send in any change commands, HPE OneView had simple buttons."
"The most valuable features are the composable structure, infrastructure, and automation."
"Have a single plane of glass across all of the server platforms."
"It includes a valuable feature called Discovery, that aids in application portfolio management, enabling visibility into IT infrastructure from top to bottom."
"I like the solution due to the fact that it's scalable."
"It helps streamline management and processes."
"The most valuable feature of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is the user interface."
"Their Event Management is very good."
"Provides everything in one solution."
"I am impressed with the tool's ability to track information in an easy way."
"The end-to-end ticketing process is most valuable in ServiceNow IT Operations Management because its notification feature is excellent in keeping all users informed on the next step compared to BMC. I also like that ServiceNow IT Operations Management is very user-friendly."


"It needs more reporting capabilities."
"The network configuration part of HPE OneView needs improvement. The solution has way too many features, and there's a need for proper configuration indicators to be put in place."
"The speed and performance of the solution are areas where the product lacks and needs improvement."
"​I have to chop it up into smaller parts, because I have an installation in Europe and it covers the whole world. That is not so good. They need to be more localized, so I am going to chop it up into smaller bits.​"
"I would like to see them expand into other cloud platforms, non-HPE platforms."
"​Technical support is not very good. The engineers do not know a lot about the product​, even when asked simplistic questions."
"We ran into a couple of issues here and there with the baselines for the firmware and not having enough space on the appliance itself to be able to have more than two baselines."
"We've had a few issues. We just upgraded to the 3.9.0 version. We think that now that we are on that version, hopefully a lot of those things are going to go away for us."
"There are some limitations with Discovery; some areas are not available in the installation. I would like the solution to be able to discover more devices. That will remove the need to have multiple tools."
"ServiceNow IT Operations Management could be improved by providing more user customization options."
"The pricing is high."
"The time for deployment of ServiceNow IT Operations Management depends on many factors. It's a SaaS application, it should not take too long, but if you want to define the tool based on your processes, then it would take some time. It fully depends on the company's complexity. There are out-of-the-box product flows and if you want to use them, you can from day one. However, if you want to customize it and change it to your company's practices, then it will take more time. The setup could be faster."
"Regarding ServiceNow, there is room for improvement in terms of customization, particularly in the area of self-customization."
"Even though they call it low code there are a lot of customizations needed, especially from an ITOM standpoint."
"My managers would say that the price is too high. We wanted to also have the visibility version of it, but it's too expensive for us. Going for visibility would have doubled up the price."
"The initial setup phase was hard and could be made easier."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I would rate the cost as six out of ten."
"HPE could lower the price."
"HPE had some other solutions, but they were actually quite expensive to buy. So, when OneView came along, it was kind of reasonable in terms of price for licenses, etc."
"​I am happy with the price."
"The solution is free to use, but if you want the management aspect you require a virtual machine such as C7000 or Synergy which require licenses."
"I think that the price of OneView is $500 USD per server, which is a little high."
"When it comes to the government, money is never an issue, so it was excellent in terms of the HPE OneView licensing cost. Hitachi was cheaper, but I'd rate HPE OneView cost-wise as eight out of ten."
"I feel the product's price falls a bit on the higher side."
"It is moderately expensive. The pricing itself and the licensing options are depending on the model and the customization."
"The price of ServiceNow IT Operations Management is expensive."
"This solution offers good value but comes at a very high premium. Pricing could be reduced by 10 to 20%."
"The solution is costly compared to the products offered by its competitors."
"I would rate the product's pricing a five out of ten since there are vendors who are cheaper."
"ServiceNow IT Operations Management is a costly solution. I'd rate the price at ten, on a scale from one to ten with one being the lowest and ten being the highest price. Some clients do have a problem with the price, but most find that the solution is worth the cost."
"The pricing is high and may be excluding the small to medium-sized enterprise businesses."
"It is expensive. It is around 10 Euros per server per month."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about HPE OneView?
The most valuable features of HPE OneView are environment monitoring, the ease of firmware upgrade, and the ability to manage all the servers and the infrastructure from one team.
What needs improvement with HPE OneView?
The product does not work well. The logs are not proper.
What is your primary use case for HPE OneView?
HPE OneView is a management interface to manage hardware in a VMware environment. It is used for managing different servers and pushing out the firmware and operating software. I use HPE OneView fo...
What do you like most about ServiceNow IT Operations Management?
From my perspective as an asset manager, the most valuable feature of the solution is the configuration management portion, where I can actively add something to the database.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for ServiceNow IT Operations Management?
The solution is costly compared to the products offered by its competitors.
What needs improvement with ServiceNow IT Operations Management?
The licensing model of the product is a bit rigid, and it can be a bit difficult to downscale if your needs change while also being expensive. The aforementioned area can be considered for improvem...

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