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What is Automaton?

An illustrative test automation tool with a code-less approach towards end-to-end application testing. Visual flow-based approaches for test cases makes it tester-friendly.

Automaton is a test automation tool. Automaton uses a visual flowchart-based design interface. It enables end to end continuous test automation of all components in application development - Web, APIs, Logs and Database Processes/Operations.

With no-code interface, users without any coding knowledge can run the application. It comes with a rich set of APIs that helps Automaton to integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins.

Available as a SaaS offering, for On-Premise deployments and in a hybrid model.

Key Features

1. Data-Driven Testing
Upload bulk credentials through a single CSV file.

2. Regression Testing
Take a big leap from execution planning to the creation of regression plans.

3. Reusability
Access reusable test steps while executing the new test case.

4. Collaboration
Test cases and steps can be duplicated and shared with other users within the group.

5. No-Code Testing
Codeless testing automation is powered by flowchart-based UI.

6. UX & Usability
Configurable GUI and CLI enable users to handle most complex test cases easily.

7. Easy to Use
Intuitive UI and support documentation help the users to understand the tool quickly.

    Automaton Customers
    Schneider Electric, Orange, O2, IBM, JPMorgan Chase
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