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We performed a comparison between Katalon Studio and Ranorex Studio based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Regression Testing Tools solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Katalon Studio vs. Ranorex Studio Report (Updated: September 2023).
733,828 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The recording feature of this product is very valuable for our testing purposes.""The most valuable feature of Katalon Studio is the ease of use of the solution.""The ability to build all libraries with codes and use them in many situations has been most valuable.""It supports multiple easy-to-learn languages.""Our clients have requested by all types of testing, including mobile, desktop, and API testing and all of those are covered by Katalon. I find that very valuable, very complete.""I like the feature where you can define a model that represents your website and then reuse the components from the model. It makes creating more test cases easy.""User-friendly and a good solution.""The product provides ease of automation for the cloud."

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"I like the recording function and Ranorex Spy.""The solution is stable.""The solution is intuitive and pretty self-sustaining. You don't need a lot of help with it in terms of setup or assistance.""I'm from a UFT background, so Ranorex Studio has a similar feel in terms of how it handles objects. It just felt familiar even though I'd never seen it before. However, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of UFT, but it's a pretty good start, and it's cost-effective.""The solution is fast and includes built-in libraries that record and playback.""The most valuable feature of Ranorex Studio is its user-friendly interface.""Object identification is good.""The most valuable feature of Ranorex Studio is the capture and replay tool. You don't need to do script testing. When you launch any application from Ranorex Studio it automatically captures these test case steps. The next time you can replay the tool the flow automatically happens again. For example, when you do the logging and all the activity will be captured by the tool, and re-execute the same step by using automatization."

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"Katalon lacks integration with other software, including integrating other languages like .NET and PHP.""We have been seeing some error pop-ups that are difficult to understand why they were triggered.""We would like to see improved integration with various reporting tools; this would make our testing data more complete.""The integration process with Jira should be enhanced and facilitated.""The product’s regression testing time could be reduced.""What it lacks is the Selenium Grid capabilities.""Katalon Studio should improve its usability, it still needs some improvement where users can easily use it to build their automation suite. It requires some initial work to set it up. There should be more keywords in the library to limit the coding requirements, this will allow a non-technical person easily start using it, which would be better.""I've seen that our clients are not truly aware of the power behind Katalon."

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"I would like to be able to customize the data grids. They are currently written in Visual Basic and we are unable to get down to the cell level without hard-code.""There were a lot of issues we faced. One notable improvement would be better API integration within the tool itself, as we still rely on external tools like Postman.""The automation of the SAP application could perhaps be improved to make it much simpler.""The solution does not support dual or regression testing.""We are mainly working for manufacturing OEMs but the integration is not available. It would be a benefit if they built one integration tool for all the Teamcenter home servers and software as the main PLM data source. It is a simple process at this time, the integration could be made easier.""The solution's technical support team could be responsive.""When we have updated the solution in the past there have been issues with the libraries. They need to make it clear that the libraries need to be upgraded too.""Part of the challenge is that Ranorex's support is over in Europe, so we can't get responses on the same day. If we had support in the United States that was a bit more timely, that would be helpful."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Its pricing is quite reasonable. If you require their help in getting started, then there is a professional services fee on top of the product license cost."
  • "In terms of pricing, Katalon, Selenium, and Cypress all represent a similar level of investment. The software for these tools are either true open source or almost open source (because they charge a small fee), so pricing is a neutral point for me."
  • "The cost of Katalon Studio is expensive but it is less than some of the other solutions, such as Micro Focus UFT or SmartBear TestComplete. The cost is the main reason we are using Katalon Studio."
  • "Katalon Studio is less expensive than other solutions, such as Micro Focus UFT."
  • "The price of Katalon Studio is reasonable. They recently had a price increase that might impact new subscribers. We are using a business license."
  • "The tool's pricing is cheap compared to other alternatives. I would rate the tool's pricing a three out of ten."
  • "The solution is more affordable than other vendors."
  • "The product’s pricing is very, very low."
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  • "Licensing fees are paid on a yearly basis."
  • "Our company has one license per user with each costing two lakh rupees."
  • "This solution is a more expensive solution compared to some of the other competitors."
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    733,828 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The product provides ease of automation for the cloud.
    Top Answer:The product is expensive. We have purchased its monthly basis license.
    Top Answer:The product’s regression testing time could be reduced. The dashboards also take too much time to load. Additionally, its licenses are expensive. We have to purchase two licenses, including an… more »
    Top Answer:This solution is a more expensive solution compared to some of the other competitors. The price of the solution was approximately €900. The upgrades tend to be a little less expensive.
    Top Answer:Presently, the solution only supports Windows. It would be good if it also supports Ubuntu, as we have tools running on both systems.
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    Average Words per Review
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    Katalon Studio is a regression testing tool that enables you to go low-code, boost productivity, and ease scalability. It is suitable for all platforms and operating systems, regardless of application complexity. The software is built on top of the open-source automation frameworks Selenium and Appium, with a specialized IDE interface for web, API, mobile, and desktop application testing. As a robust automation tool, Katalon Studio lets you run automated tests of UI elements, including pop-ups, iFrames, and wait time. The solution is ideal for both large and small organizations.

    Katalon Studio Features

    Katalon Studio has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • Object spying
    • Record and playback
    • Content assist utilities
    • Advanced debugger
    • Reusable test artifacts
    • Fast scripting with keyword-driven testing
    • BDD convention supported
    • Flexible test listener
    • Extensive data-driven testing
    • Self-healing
    • Test scheduling and parallel execution
    • Native CI/CD integrations

    Katalon Studio Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing Katalon Studio. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Versatile abilities: The solution enables you to identify, capture, and store all on-screen objects. Additionally, you can view every single property, method, field, and event in detail. You can create tests twice as fast with low-code options, recycle recorded artifacts, and also work from any steps on active browsers.
    • Built-in project templates: Katalon Studio’s ready-made test scenarios, keywords, and object repositories allow you to get started quickly.
    • One place for end-to-end testing: With the solution, you can combine all of your activities for web UI and API testing in one single project.
    • Flexible test design options: Katalon Studio is equipped with manual and scripting modes for both beginners and advanced users.
    • Broad data support: The solution supports multiple data sources (XLS, CSV) and databases with effective parameterization to maximize test coverage.
    • Smart runtime engine: Because of its smart runtime engine, Katalon Studio can streamline test execution and lower maintenance efforts.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Katalon Studio is a solution that stands out when compared to many of its competitors. Some of its major advantages are that it has a valuable record and playback feature, is user friendly, and has fantastic integration capabilities.

    Khurram K., Head of SQA, Project Manager at Vroozi, says, "The best thing about the solution is that there is a record and playback functionality. The solution allows for specific object files [and it] has great multi-parallel languages that work in the facilities here.”

    Another PeerSpot user expresses the multiple benefits the solution provides for him exclaiming, “I'd describe it as extremely user-friendly. There's a lot of information that is readily available on the internet, and therefore it's easy to learn about the product itself. The scalability of the product is good. The solution was quite stable throughout the time I used it. We found the installation process to be quite simple. There is also very helpful online documentation that can help you if you ever get stuck during the implementation process itself,” comments a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at an educational organization.

    Tinnaphan W., Professional Services Manager at a non-profit, talks about the Katalon Studio’s advantages. He mentions, “The solution has very good integration capabilities overall. The client has an extremely stable testing framework, and therefore they rely on Katalon to get the results. The reporting is very good.”

    Ranorex is a leading software development company that offers innovative test automation software. Ranorex makes testing easy, saves time in the testing process and empowers clients to ensure the highest quality of their products. Its flexible tools and quick ROI make it the ideal choice for companies of virtually any size – and this is why thousands of clients in over 60 countries trust in its excellence.

    Learn more about Katalon Studio
    Learn more about Ranorex Studio
    Sample Customers
    Coca-Cola Tesla Black Board TaTa Consultancy Services Sony
    Siemens, TomTom, Adidas, Canon, Lufthansa, Roche, Cisco, Philipps, Dell, Motorola, Toshiba, Citrix, Ericsson, sage, Continental, IBM, Credit Suisse, Vodafone
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company28%
    Financial Services Firm17%
    Recruiting/Hr Firm6%
    Construction Company6%
    Educational Organization28%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Financial Services Firm9%
    Computer Software Company30%
    Manufacturing Company17%
    Financial Services Firm13%
    Computer Software Company24%
    Manufacturing Company10%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Company Size
    Small Business44%
    Midsize Enterprise23%
    Large Enterprise33%
    Small Business17%
    Midsize Enterprise36%
    Large Enterprise48%
    Small Business28%
    Midsize Enterprise26%
    Large Enterprise46%
    Small Business24%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise60%
    Buyer's Guide
    Katalon Studio vs. Ranorex Studio
    September 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about Katalon Studio vs. Ranorex Studio and other solutions. Updated: September 2023.
    733,828 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Katalon Studio is ranked 4th in Regression Testing Tools with 15 reviews while Ranorex Studio is ranked 7th in Regression Testing Tools with 9 reviews. Katalon Studio is rated 7.6, while Ranorex Studio is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Katalon Studio writes "Good tool for its price bracket, despite limitations and lack of support for some technologies". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Ranorex Studio writes "Good data security, allowing local installations to prevent data from going to the internet". Katalon Studio is most compared with Tricentis Tosca, Postman, OpenText UFT One, SmartBear TestComplete and Apache JMeter, whereas Ranorex Studio is most compared with Tricentis Tosca, SmartBear TestComplete, OpenText UFT One, Selenium HQ and froglogic Squish. See our Katalon Studio vs. Ranorex Studio report.

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