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Broadcom Service VirtualizationMicro Focus Service VirtualizationParasoft Service VirtualizationReadyAPI VirtualizationOrchestrated Service VirtualizationIBM Rational Test Virtualization Server
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    In the case of the virtualization of TCP/IP protocols for third-party terminal insurance, there was a device terminal, which was interacting with the application via the TCP/IP protocol. Most of the tools don't support that, but we were able to achieve it using Broadcom Service Virtualization.
  2. The most valuable feature is SAP virtualization.The feature which is most valuable in this solution is the ease of use. The product is very easy to use and very easy to implement.
  3. The initial setup is quite easy to manage.
  4. The technical support is good.Ties-in with the rest of the SoapUI platform and its ability to record traffic and create a virtual endpoint.
  5. You can push transactions through to live, and you can intercept some transactions and return them back with mocked data.
  6. It has very easy and good validation techniques used for SWIFT, XSD, and WSDL validations.As we have used most of the MQ stub, "MQ recording" is the most useful feature.

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Chris Childerhose
Lead Infrastructure Architect at ThinkON
Jul 27 2022
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