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Microsoft Intune
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Configuration Management (3rd), Remote Access (4th), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (3rd)
ManageEngine Endpoint Central
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Ranking in other categories
Client Desktop Management (1st), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (3rd)
SOTI MobiControl
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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No ranking in other categories

Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) category, the market share of Microsoft Intune is 35.8% and it decreased by 9.1% compared to the previous year. The market share of ManageEngine Endpoint Central is 6.6% and it decreased by 7.4% compared to the previous year. The market share of SOTI MobiControl is 7.0% and it increased by 35.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Configuration Management
Remote Access
Client Desktop Management
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
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Featured Reviews

Oct 12, 2021
Easy to use, highly scalable and reliable
Before using Microsoft Intune we were having trouble when people were not coming to the office and they were working from remote locations. We did not have any control over their devices. Since the introduction of Microsoft Intune, we have had the problem completely taken care of. Right after we started using Microsoft Intune we were stuck with this pandemic of COVID-19, and 100% of the users were working from home. It was a good thing we started using it at that time, we were able to do the patch management even though 100% of the workforce were sitting at home. We have a lot of on-premise server policies which we were struggling with because users get authenticated on the company network, but some elements would not take effect. However, with the implementation of Microsoft Intune, we do not have that problem anymore because the user only needs to be connected to the internet. They will get all the policies that we configure on a global scale. These are the main areas that have changed the way we do administration tasks on the devices. Additionally, we have control over the applications, such as Mobile Application Management (MAM), we can control how the user can share the company data which we did not before. They could previously install a certain email application on their phone and then they could share it with anyone, but now we have the control; we can restrict it and we can even restrict the applications that they can use. We can stop them from sharing things on WhatsApp. We can only apply limits to the Microsoft platforms, such as Teams and Outlook.
JAGMOHANSINGH - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 6, 2024
Provides visibility from a centralized dashboard and is compatible with all environments
The patch management and the vulnerability scanning features are valuable. ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a one-stop solution for our visibility needs. From a single dashboard, I can get full visibility. The product enables mobile device management and mobile access management. It is a centralized tool. It is compatible with all environments, such as Linux and Windows, for third-party patch management. The solution has software asset management, hardware asset management, and non-IT asset management. The dashboard is beautiful. We can get good information from the dashboard. The reporting tool is very good. We use ServiceDesk Plus, ADAudit Plus, ADManager, and OpManager. The product integrates different tools seamlessly and gives a comprehensive and correlated report.
CarlosRodriguez3 - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 5, 2023
A complete tool with good reliability and simple licensing
We mainly use it in transport, for example, in police and governemnt The solution allows for very good remote control. We only have to get one application and have everything we need under the license.  It's a very complete tool. We've had a good user experience overall.  The licensing is…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Remote Wipe and Autopilot is one of the best features."
"We already use a lot of Microsoft products in our company, and therefore, it made sense to also use this product."
"One of the most valuable aspects of Microsoft Intune is its seamless integration with Azure Active Directory, offering capabilities akin to Group Policy Objects."
"The solution is easy to use, simple to understand for those new to using it, and combined with the other Microsoft products it makes for an overall good package."
"We have not experienced any bugs or glitches with this solution."
"While Microsoft Intune boasts a wide range of features, its user-friendliness and bundled licensing cost are key considerations for me."
"Application deployment and keeping the devices secure no matter where they are, by having this cloud solution — that has been great."
"One of the best features is Windows Autopilot because if you change any of your devices, whatever security policies and compliance policies that applied can be easily migrated to the new devices. Windows Autopilot gives you that flexibility."
"The ability to patch my servers and endpoints is the most important for me. However, this feature is more pronounced in ManageEngine Desktop Central."
"The patch management aspect of the solution is the most valuable part for us."
"The most valuable feature of this solution is the Patch Management."
"All of Desktop Central's features are valuable, especially its simplicity."
"The solution is definitely scalable."
"The most important feature we found to be useful in the COVID situation is the secure connection, which gives the IT support staff the ability to seamlessly connect with the users remotely and in a secure way."
"The product works perfectly for patch management and software deployments."
"The solution is stable."
"One of the most valuable features is the ease of moving items from one configuration to another; it's a Windows-like setup. Also, the admin console is very easy to manage and to move through."
"The admin part, where I'm adding users, is not too bad. It's easy enough to use."
"The most valuable features are visibility and remote access."
"The most valuable feature is the remote support because there are plants here where IT staff is not present. We can use it to provide support remotely."
"I have experience with technical support. They are quite good. Also, they very quickly understand the issues and what are the requirements from my side. Response time is also good."
"All features are useful. It is useful for preventing the use of unauthorized software on corporate-owned devices. It provides an option to lock the devices for unauthorized software. The devices can only be used under the supervision of the device manager."
"The most valuable features are remote control and geo-fencing."
"One of the most valuable features is the ability to deploy apps on the fly. We're able to update and deploy new applications, directly from the cloud. That's been a huge feature for us. Instead of putting hands on each of these devices - and we're talking thousands of devices - we can manage it all from the backend."


"There should be more focus on mobile device security and integration."
"Deploying an app can be a complex process due to dependencies."
"The synchronization could be improved."
"Once it's configured it is unobtrusive, but it does take some hands-on to configure and deploy it properly."
"The configuration and pricing can be improved."
"The reports that are generated aren't so great. They don't give a lot of meaning so far, but that could be down to user knowledge than the actual reporting side of things. I'm not a big user of it, but I was a bigger user of MaaS360, and we used to be able to run weekly and monthly reports. In the case of any deviations. we'd get a warning immediately. That's not so easy to do or to get in place for Intune. This could be just a user issue, but when I compare both, that's the only thing that's lacking for me."
"Onboarding of endpoint devices is not straightforward. The onboarding process was a little heavier than I thought it would be. That's the key improvement area. Obviously, the more control you have over the devices, the better it is."
"I would like to see the ability to deploy custom packages as a Windows 64-bit package, as opposed to the Windows 32-bit, which is the only one available now."
"ManageEngine Desktop Central is very limited. When you scan your system, it will only recognize Microsoft Windows Defender and BitLocker."
"ManageEngine Desktop Central should keep up with some of the features that other major vendors are providing, such as Microsoft."
"The pricing could be a bit better."
"The support could be faster."
"The MDM feature isn't very good. It doesn't support Amazon vendors."
"The solution should be better at integrating with other solutions."
"The pricing is lower than other well-respected solutions in this category."
"The Deployment scheduler needs updating to support various methods for deployment."
"The previous version, for example, had the networking signal and that feature was great. When we were troubleshooting, we could find the level of the network I/O. If the worker was working in a corner of the warehouse where the signal was not as strong as in another part of the warehouse, we could tell, "Just move a little and you will have coverage for your device." That was great. I don't know why they removed it from the newer version."
"I would like them to improve the process of enrolling Android devices. It's much more difficult to enroll Android devices than it is Windows CE devices. There are a lot more steps required."
"The main feature that we would like to have with Soti is the ability to push an iOS update without having people come to my office. That is the main reason why we went with Soti. And that feature is not working on my version."
"SOTI MobiControl currently lacks some DLP features."
"We're deploying an application upgrade. We can't do more than three or four devices at once, and we don't know if the device actually received the upgrade. There's no indicator saying it's 100 percent complete until everything is done. Let's say I work East to West. I work on the East Coast and I want to confirm it was done with the upgrades in that region. I wouldn't know until I actually went into it. There's no indicator telling me that it's complete."
"Where they need improvement is not as much on the technical side but, rather, on their communication. In general, that has been poor. Account management and communication could be greatly improved..."
"Maybe if there were tiers, it would be better as then companies could lower the pricing by going to the lower deployment model."
"SOTI MobiControl is very good for Android and Windows, but it should add a little bit on the Apple side because it doesn't have much control on the Apple side."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"For Microsoft 365 E5 clients, cost is not an issue as this product is one of the benefits."
"The pricing is not cheap, especially with inflation. They've had to increase their prices. It's not excessive, but alright."
"Microsoft Intune is available for individual purchase at a low per-device cost."
"While Microsoft Intune boasts a wide range of features, its user-friendliness and bundled licensing cost are key considerations for me."
"There is a license needed to use the solution and we are on an annual license."
"It's affordable for the protection it gives. There are no additional costs."
"Its price is quite okay. I wish they provide certain additional features with the same license."
"Its price is in the medium range. It is acceptable because you're paying for the features. I am not aware of any additional costs."
"We had perpetual licenses. The cost was around 36,000, and then you'd have the yearly maintenance fee of 2,000 or 3,000."
"Compared to other products, ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a very cheap solution."
"The solution is very affordable."
"The product is cheap."
"The pricing of the product is not bad compared to the other similar solutions in the market."
"We pay about $250 a year for our license."
"I have been using the free version and am in the stage where I have to decide if I will proceed with the paid license, or instead choose another product."
"The licensing is very easy to understand and pricing is right for what you get."
"We have annual licenses to use this solution."
"It is an expensive product."
"I thought pricing was kind of high, but I believe that Soti is probably the best out there for this type of software, so there's not much I can do about that. The licensing is annual, per device."
"The product is less expensive than one of its competitors."
"The price of this solution is high when you compare it with Microsoft Intune. This is mainly because Microsoft Intune is included with some packages, such as Microsoft Office 365. It makes it difficult to sell SOTI MobiControl because of the pricing against Microsoft Intune."
"You need to secure a license on a per-device basis."
"The solution that we were using costs less, but it didn't offer as much as Soti. It's comparable if you look at it over the five-year term."
"There are additional costs if you want to use extra features."
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