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Ranking in Configuration Management
Ranking in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
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Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) (15th), Patch Management (3rd)
Microsoft Intune
Ranking in Configuration Management
Ranking in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
Average Rating
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Ranking in other categories
Remote Access (4th), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (3rd)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) category, the mindshare of BigFix is 8.3%, up from 4.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Intune is 40.8%, down from 44.9% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
Unique Categories:
Configuration Management
Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
Remote Access

Featured Reviews

Mar 9, 2023
Simple patching, useful patch reports, and good support
The solution is stable. The primary role of the solution is to patch the systems to the latest released security updates. We have not had any issues once we had deployed the solution correctly. During our exploration of available solutions, we found that very few in the market offer comprehensive security features. In our evaluation of BigFix, we were particularly impressed with its VMware functionality, which far exceeded that of other solutions we considered. Rather than having to configure multiple solutions, BigFix provided us with basic security information and VMware management detection and response all in one. While the effectiveness of BigFix is certainly a key consideration, its ability to consolidate security features was a major factor in our decision to choose it. I rate the stability of BigFix an eight out of ten.
May 18, 2022
Easy to manage with excellent reporting and a good UI
It's really matured and improved over the years by assimilating competing products. There are a lot of things that used to be better than Endpoint Manager or not available in Endpoint Manager that were absorbed or purchased and placed into this product. From a deficiency perspective, I can't recall coming across anything substantial. I'm trying to think of a weakness. I compared it to Ivanti. From a new user's perspective, it may be a little overwhelming because there are quite a few things to look at in the console, however, once you are sort of acclimated and are familiar with your core functions, it's fairly simple and straightforward. You can modernize the UI a little bit, however, change for a sake of change isn't always a good thing.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"We rely on BigFix as part of our consulting engagements. It's more efficient from a visibility and discovery standpoint on the initial phase, the consulting engagement. It also increases our efficiencies on the remediation phase of our engagements."
"We are able to go from patching thousands of machines by twenty to thirty people to one person."
"It has plugins development options, which are great."
"We found the implementation partner to be very supportive in terms of explaining and training the in-house resources and deploying the solution."
"The architecture for patching and the 100% correct reporting makes BigFix stand apart from other solutions."
"Ability to run custom reports and custom relevance."
"BigFix has drastically reduced the maintenance window period to patch and reboot servers."
"BigFix has always been easier to use when managing servers, especially when you deal with so many servers. We have 7,000. That's a lot of services to manage, and it's convenient to patch them all at once."
"For the price, the features included with Microsoft are appealing."
"Conditional access has helped us tailor and enforce our security policies in the mobile space."
"One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Intune is that it brings the management of Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even Linux under a single pane of glass."
"The mobile application management, MAM, is the most useful aspect of the solution."
"A great solution for anyone wanting a modern endpoint device management solution."
"The ability to wipe data from and reset devices is one of the most important and valuable features. If a device is reported stolen, we can freeze it or wipe the data from it, preventing data leakage."
"The ability to send configurations to our systems is valuable, particularly as we don't have a regular Windows AD server. Our current environment doesn't have a Windows AD, which limits our ability to push GPOs. However, this is where the solution can step in and help us push policies."
"Based on my experience, I find Intune very flexible for managing Windows devices. We can use scripting, and we can make use of the self-service portal or the company portal to publish some of the applications for Windows."


"I self-taught for this online, so the initial setup was a little difficult to pick up at first. I had to create a couple of testing environments and destroy them in order to learn how to use it. There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of reading of the manuals."
"It can be improved speed-wise. They can make it a little bit light. If you do any query for servers in bulk, it can take some time. Similarly, creating a job can take some time."
"In order to derive maximum benefit from BigFix, it is essential that we configure all of its features and implement them effectively. If the automation could be improved we would be able to mitigate the risks associated with zero-day threats."
"In-place and OS upgrades can be improved."
"I would like to see API connectivity, built-in API connectors to the standard toolsets, whether it's for your ServiceNow or your Qualys. More API connectivity to make it easier to integrate to other tools."
"I would like to see more integration with external data."
"The remote software installation could be better."
"The tool should be more friendly in terms of Web UI and should be having better vulnerability scanning mechanisms so a third-party application is not required to fulfill that aspect."
"It would be great if Intune offered better data protection controls for BYOD Windows PCs."
"I would like to see easier pushdowns. Currently, we have to package our own software and then push it. Intune can make that way easier and integrate applications, such as Zoom and Adobe Acrobat, that are used by a lot of enterprise or corporate organizations."
"There should be more focus on mobile device security and integration."
"There needs to be more support for Mac operating systems."
"Onboarding of endpoint devices is not straightforward. The onboarding process was a little heavier than I thought it would be. That's the key improvement area. Obviously, the more control you have over the devices, the better it is."
"An area for improvement is the absence of seamless integration, particularly with external dashboards."
"Data leak prevention can be integrated into it. Currently, it does not have data leak prevention."
"I would like to see the ability to deploy custom packages as a Windows 64-bit package, as opposed to the Windows 32-bit, which is the only one available now."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Compliance, inventory, and licensing are really pricey. They should lower the price. It discourages users from getting onboard."
"When purchasing, buying with other IBM tools provided us with a very good discount in pricing."
"The price of BigFix is better than the solutions. You are able to pay monthly or annually. There are not any hidden costs with BigFix. There is an additional cost for the SQL database."
"I can estimate the reduced cost of servers maintenance to approximatively $500,000."
"I would stay with the Managed Virtual Server license model, which is a 1-to-1 license per OS whether it is virtual or physical."
"You are charged per server and per workstation when using BigFix. ManageEngine is a lot cheaper than BigFix. There are some additional costs, such as support."
"The price is very fair."
"It is too costly. It is one of the best tools, but because of pricing, not all clients support it. Its licensing is on a yearly basis."
"Microsoft Intune has a user-based subscription model. You can go for a monthly or a yearly payment."
"Generally, we get favorable discounts, so it's not too bad. Obviously, we're looking at decreasing those wherever we can to bring value back to the public purse because it's all charity based. It's all publicly funded."
"The licensing is on a yearly basis."
"Microsoft offers some licensing where it's included at no extra cost when customers are already using the licenses. In such a case, it's a really good value. If you have to buy the licensing for it, it's probably on par with other solutions. It isn't substantially more or less expensive. The great thing is that it is included in some of Microsoft's licensed packages. So, some customers don't have to spend additional money for it. Typically, most providers that support Intune do charge a management fee of some sort or some fee. Certainly, we're no exception."
"The product is relatively pricey, but considering its benefits, I'd say it's fair. The benefits outweigh the expensive licensing fees, especially for large organizations, but medium-sized and smaller businesses may be unable to afford it."
"Existing E5 license holders for M365, Intune, and Azure, receive a free license."
"There is a license needed for this solution and it is either included in one of the enterprise license agreements. Microsoft licensing is a mathematical institute, it could be quite complex. We tend to ask specialized organizations to research what the most profitable way it would be for us to use licenses in the organizations."
"It's affordable. It's cheaper if you have an Office 365, E5, or E3 subscription because everything is there."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about BigFix?
The most valuable features of the solution are Windows patching and the hardware and software inventory.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for BigFix?
On a scale from one to ten, where one is expensive and ten is cheap, I rate the solution's pricing one out of ten.
What needs improvement with BigFix?
The solution’s pricing could be improved.
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