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Microsoft Intune
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Configuration Management (3rd), Remote Access (1st), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (1st), Microsoft Security Suite (2nd)
ManageEngine Endpoint Central
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Average Rating
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Ranking in other categories
Client Desktop Management (1st), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) (3rd)
ManageEngine Mobile Device ...
Ranking in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Ranking in other categories
No ranking in other categories

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) category, the mindshare of Microsoft Intune is 37.0%, down from 39.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ManageEngine Endpoint Central is 4.0%, down from 7.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is 0.6%, up from 0.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Unique Categories:
Configuration Management
Remote Access
Client Desktop Management
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
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Featured Reviews

Mar 3, 2022
Powerful, highly scalable, and good technical support
When using Microsoft Intune our main focus was on Office 365. Our Azure Active Directory was only held up for users. When we had implemented the endpoint user management in our workstations in a cloud environment, then we started to use Microsoft Intune on an everyday basis, such as remote…
Jan 26, 2024
They constantly upgrade features
ManageEngine facilitates our control of the engines. It enables us to access our endpoints remotely and manage endpoint configuration We don't use it much for software license management, but we use it for deploying some in-house software. It helps us in that way, so we don't have to do have to…
Jan 17, 2023
Great features with very good function management
Our use cases revolve around managing telephones, smart tablets, TV screens that have operating systems on them, Android, iOS, Google OS, etc. If you have Windows 10 or up, you can use the solution to manage functions.  Our customers are pretty happy with the product. It uploads files, creates a…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Among the most valuable features are the Company Portal that is built into Intune, and the update rings so that we can manage what types of future updates the devices get."
"It is user-friendly, and the performance is also good. It is a convenient product"
"By using Microsoft Intune we can control which websites the users can go to and it provides a secure environment for our employees using their laptops that are having access from home. We have installed Intune to control the user's environment minimizing the chances of any hacking."
"The dashboards, the security, and the customization capabilities work very well for us."
"The ability to (somewhat) manage full Windows 10 computers including EXE-based or MSI-based application deployments using Azure Active Directory as Identity."
"The solution is stable."
"The biggest benefits of Intune are the ability to push changes and the added security. When we moved forward with Defender, we onboarded all those machines automatically. That helps dramatically. For a while, we were left with machines that weren't protected. We could see where people had done things they shouldn't have done, and Defender saved our skins a few times. It didn't happen a lot, but it happened enough that it made us glad we made that decision."
"The Asset Management and Auto Pilot are valuable features."
"In terms of technical capability, it is doing very well. It is doing better than other industry products. It is at a place where we can compare it with Microsoft products. Its scalability is also good."
"The setup is pretty simple."
"The initial setup is pretty straightforward."
"We can scale the product."
"The reporting tool is very good."
"The most valuable in Desktop Central is the way it is tightly coupled with the rest of the modules and the entire gamut of ManageEngine."
"We use the product to know about our assets and manage remote support."
"ManageEngine Desktop Central is stable."
"Can manage a large fleet of devices without any outside interference."


"The reporting needs to be a bit more interactive."
"The product needs to upgrade itself when the server is overloaded."
"More integration with monitoring tools is needed."
"Microsoft Intune lacks the ability to provide seamless remote assistance or remote control."
"Reporting needs improvement."
"Once it's configured it is unobtrusive, but it does take some hands-on to configure and deploy it properly."
"The reporting and cost have room for improvement."
"An issue we have run into with Microsoft Endpoint Manager is that we cannot patch third-party products like Adobe and Chrome with it."
"I would like to have the option to install the agent remotely."
"The solution is expensive."
"I would like to see more click to complete actions such as - USB lockdown for Mac, the ability to check AV compliance on servers, bit locker controls, printer tracking or print page tracking, self-help for self-healing like "BMC my IT" and more options in the self-service menu other than just software - maybe add integration in ADSelfService at the self-service menu."
"The tool's security can be better."
"Tech support is mediocre at best."
"Documentation could improve so we don't need to create the support requests first."
"The team I've currently got is not using it particularly well, due to the fact that they don't know how to use it particularly well. They've not done any training and so on."
"The only problem with it is that the setup isn't very intuitive. I know that they just upgraded the product to make it a little bit easier to use, but compared to some of the other platforms, it is not easy to configure it, set it up, and get it running. However, once you have set it up and got it running, it runs great."
"Lacks a factory reset feature."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The pricing is challenging. Microsoft needs to pay some attention to it. It is good for big enterprises, but I'm not sure that small and medium-sized organizations can adopt it."
"The clients pay for a license and each can have a different type of license, such as an E3 or E5."
"While I can't provide insights from a business perspective, it's worth noting that the pricing may differ significantly, and the discount we received might not be reflective of standard business rates."
"Generally, we get favorable discounts, so it's not too bad. Obviously, we're looking at decreasing those wherever we can to bring value back to the public purse because it's all charity based. It's all publicly funded."
"The pricing is competitive, but it is not cheap."
"It's reasonable. They're not giving it away, but it's reasonable."
"The product is offered as part of a Microsoft standard bundle. The pricing can be competitive to Airwatch, and Maas360."
"The cost is somewhat on the higher side, particularly when considering certain price points, especially in markets like India."
"There is a freeware version of the solution available as long as you do not breach the number of licenses and users that are dictated."
"The pricing of the product is not bad compared to the other similar solutions in the market."
"The solution is very affordable."
"I have been using the free version and am in the stage where I have to decide if I will proceed with the paid license, or instead choose another product."
"Compared to other products, ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a very cheap solution."
"The price is moderate."
"The licensing is very easy to understand and pricing is right for what you get."
"The pricing is very low, compared to other products. Compared to Intune or SCCM, it's much less. I can say it's a good product for less of a price."
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Intune, MS Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager
ManageEngine Desktop Central, Desktop Central, ManageEngine Desktop Management MSP
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