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Dell PowerScale (Isilon)
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File and Object Storage (3rd)
IBM FlashSystem
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Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) (2nd), All-Flash Storage (6th)

Market share comparison

As of June 2024, in the NAS category, the market share of Dell PowerScale (Isilon) is 24.5% and it increased by 15.1% compared to the previous year. The market share of IBM FlashSystem is 7.0% and it decreased by 6.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Unique Categories:
File and Object Storage
Modular SAN (Storage Area Network)
All-Flash Storage

Featured Reviews

May 21, 2024
Helps reduce costs, protect data, and scale seamlessly
Dell PowerScale has helped reduce our costs. Most state agencies were using old equipment that cost a lot of money. With Dell PowerScale they can migrate their data and pay per gig pennies on the dollar compared to their old systems. Dell PowerScale has saved the state money. PowerScale allows us to get granular with users' access and protection of their data. I have not gone through all the features but everything is protected as far as the permission we give through the PowerScale app that enhances the internal audit features that we need for compliance with the state. PowerScale has helped reduce our overall risk. I review the audit reports annually and since we have been using PowerScale, the reports come back almost clean because PowerScale passes all the vulnerability and security tests.
AANKITGUPTAA - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 18, 2022
Great visualization, minimal defaults, with scalability
Our primary use case is we are required to share storage. We share and cluster the application and databases. We use the IBM Flash System as a tier of storage. We have SND, cache, SST storage system, and staff storage. When performance or database is required we provide the storage tier from the…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The most valuable feature of Dell PowerScale (Isilon) is all the capabilities together."
"The recent introduction of inline deduplication and compression has drastically improved our efficiency ratios to make it an economical product. This solution has also had a positive impact on our employees' productivity because it reduces the amount of admin that our staff needs to handle."
"Ability to scale the number of nodes without having to build additional clusters."
"The most valuable feature of Dell PowerScale (Isilon) integration with other solutions because of the standard file system protocol."
"The solution provides massive performance, scalability, efficiency, and ease of management."
"The guaranteed performance, combined with the scalability through its scale-out capability, makes it an excellent choice."
"There are also the policies that you set up on replication and purging files, and policies for something called WORM. That's a "write once, read many," where you can't overwrite certain files or certain data. It puts them in a "protected mode" where it becomes very difficult for someone to accidentally delete. We use that for certain files or certain directories, because we're dealing with video and some video has to be protected for chain-of-custody purposes. The WORM feature works great."
"PowerScale allows us to manage storage without managing RAID groups or migrating volumes between controllers. It has really simplified things. We're not having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. That takes care of itself. We just worry about the data. It's really easy for deploying and managing storage at the petabyte scale."
"The compression and deduplication features are the most valuable."
"Speed (IOPS/second) – It is most vital for applications that need low latency and high speed for transferring the data."
"It is simple to make an update."
"The performance monitoring feature is useful as it can report in 15 minute intervals by hour, day, week, month, or by a custom date range."
"High availability and enhanced security; Proven dependability; Data compression with hardware acceleration; Advanced copy services features are all in this product."
"The Flash core models offer amazing performance."
"The most valuable features are deduplication and compression, which together, enable you to have more space."
"The most valuable feature is reliability."


"The replication could lend itself to some improvement around encryption in transit and managing the racing of large volumes of data. The process of file over and file back can be tedious. Hopefully, you never end up going into a DR. If you do go into a DR, you know the data is there on the remote site. However, in terms of the process of setting up the replicates and filing them back, that is just very tedious and could definitely do with some improvement."
"The tool's support team and the way the cases are handled by the product's technical support team are both areas of concern where improvements are required."
"I'd like to see more Iceland products in the cloud so that we can port our data into different environments if needed. I would also like to see a virtual appliance or software-defined Iceland product."
"The price always has room for improvement."
"The price of the solution could be reduced."
"Because of the magic that it does 'under the hood,' it is very difficult to find out within the system where all your storage is going. That's a little bit of a ding that we have on it. It does so much magic in order to protect itself from drive failures or multiple drive failures, that it automatically handles the provisioning and storage of your data. But by doing that, finding out why a file of a certain size, or a directory of a certain size, is using more storage than is being reported in InsightIQ, is very difficult to discern."
"The solution's rate structure or rate redundancy needs to be improved."
"Some improvements to the NFS support would be of interest to us."
"With regards to the IBM V7000 storage system, where we have multiple tiers of storage, a heat map would show I/O distribution across the tiers of storage."
"I would like to see an improvement in the handling of large amounts of rights."
"We use some open-source tools for monitoring, such as Grafana and it should be bundled along with IBM FlashSystem."
"The array level RAID does not seem available."
"They don't offer subscription-based payments."
"The data reduction pool feature sucks and is not recommended for use with heavy workloads."
"This product lacks some of the options we wanted. For example, expansion was difficult and it required a lot of patching to be done."
"This solution could be improved by offering greater amounts of storage."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The pricing for this solution is reasonable."
"I always want things to be less expensive. However, I would say the pricing is fair. Their costs are in alignment with their competitors. It is a good value for the money."
"The pricing is expensive, but I think it's a fair value because it does manage itself. It definitely is much simpler than any of the other scale-out storage platforms that we've looked at in the past."
"Dell PowerScale (Isilon) is an expensive solution."
"This solution is priced slightly higher than others on the market but does offer good quality. With this solution's data reduction and compression, we were able to purchase less. Costs have dropped because of the data rate of compression and deduplication."
"We paid an additional fee to have Dell's ProDeploy Plus team implement it."
"The price of the solution can fluctuate. The price can be competitive or other times not. The price of the solution could be better."
"The general cost for a system like this is expensive. The total cost depends on your use case. You need to pay for every additional feature that you use."
"They've been much more aggressive in the last five, six years than they were before that."
"IBM V7000 has a new license and price structure which provides intuitive licensing based on the functions customers wish to enable and use the most."
"Our customers would like IMB FlashSystem to be less expensive."
"The tool is cost-efficient."
"The pricing may be a bit higher than other brands. If you compare the IBM FlashSystems in midrange with Dell EMC in midrange, IBM costs a bit more, but I prefer IBM because it has more specs that I can benefit from."
"I find the pricing of the solution to be very reasonable."
"The pricing is competitive in our country."
"The total storage capacity vs price is still quite high for the IBM Flash Array."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon)?
The solution provides massive performance, scalability, efficiency, and ease of management.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon)?
The solution's licensing cost varies based on capacity and performance requirements.
What needs improvement with Dell EMC PowerScale (Isilon)?
Dell PowerScale (Isilon) is a little bit pricey, and its pricing could be improved.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for IBM FlashSystem?
I rate the pricing a three out of ten. The tool is cost-efficient. The prices are good.
What needs improvement with IBM FlashSystem?
Customization features must be improved.

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