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Which is the best RPA solution for integration with chatbots?

Senior Software Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I work as a senior software engineer for a provider of healthcare technology services and solutions to healthcare technology companies.

We are currently evaluating RPA solutions. Which is the best tool for integration with chatbots?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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Marty Thompson - PeerSpot reviewer

If you're talking pure integration, then IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) platforms are better suited for this. In fact, we implemented a Microsoft chat bot integration with SAP and Salesforce for a health insurer in the US:

Sourav Singh - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

The DRUID chat bot platform providing native integration with UiPath. This could be the for the required integration

Arunvinodh C - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

UiPath is the best tool for Integrating with Chatbots. We have tried with AA and Uipath. Both can do but Uipath is easy to integrate.

reviewer824844 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I can’t really offer too much advice on chatbots as we don’t use them in our offshore business yet. I know that WorkFusion has them, and we did set up a pilot chatbot with machine learning when I was working in our South African business, but that’s about it. Although it worked well, the main focus at that point was process automation.

Roshan Gaonkar - PeerSpot reviewer

All major RPA tools have this capability as mentioned by others. I found Automation Anywhere easier to integrate with Chatbots. All the best

Hilal Paray - PeerSpot reviewer

All top RPA tools have chatbot integration capabilities. However, UiPath is easy to integrate and deploy with lots of chatbot apps. you can connect one of them from the below link.

Rakesh Kanojia - PeerSpot reviewer

Microfocus RPA has over 8000 inbuilt flows from the earlier tools (OO), which can be leveraged creating your automation flow.

Vikram Modgil - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

We currently use UiPath to do just that and have been able to experiment with various add on services from DeepGram and
For now, we have not tried BluePrism or AutomationAnywhere but that testing is in our roadmap... UiPath is the way we are going as of now.

AswinSasi - PeerSpot reviewer

Intelibot chatbots are a good options. if you are based in the UAE, we can help you with it. Contact for Indian enquiry

ROMIL SHAH - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Most of the major players like UiPath, AA recommend to partner with Google Dialog Flow, Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson or as they do not have their own out of the box Chatbot feature. UiPath has done a press release that they will offer Chatbot as out of the box solution but not sure about the same.

We have partnered with an open-source Startup who has RPA, BPM, and Chatbot offerings on their platform and developed the Chatbot integrated with RPA for us -

If you want to have a quick outcome with less maintenance then go for Google Dialog Flow or Microsoft Cognitive Services or else Chatbot can we developed using Python, Rasa and though API calls RPA could be triggered.

If they have a particular use case and no. of users then I would be able to help them further.

Iván Giraldo - PeerSpot reviewer

Hi Nick, you can use any cloud based chatbot service, like Botmaker, and then include a strong RPA solution as Automation Anywhere to entirely automate your process. You can check A2019 in cloud to accelerate your deployment.

Rinki  Mukherjee - PeerSpot reviewer

I have never worked with RPA before but it seems that UiPath is one of the good contenders.

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